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1x/No Magnification preferred
3x magnification max
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because I thought everyone could visualize the type of stance I meant if I called it such (and because I don't know of a better name for it).
Actually.I don't really know what you mean by "hunting stance"

If I have to shoot offhand,I prefer a balanced,upright standing position with my bones stacked naturally and my head erect.My balance/equilibrium is in my inner ears.Tilting my head to some "stance" makes me wobble.

Since I'm already looking at my target and my rifle and scope fit me,I just keep looking at the target as I bring the rifle to my eye.

For myself,I don't shoot at spooked/running game.

I my hunting has mostly been in Colorado. I'm not into big,heavy scopes.

For shooting at targets,I'm happy to use 10X to 14X.but my hunting rifles don't have those.
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To HiBC...

I see what you mean... maybe my third try will be clearer.

If you shoot with bone on bone support in a hunting situation, then I guess that's your "hunting stance," but I was envisioning a stance in which the weak hand is extended farther out on the forend and that arm is not supported by the body.

The reason I started this post to begin with is that I've recently been trying to extend my offhand shooting accuracy. I've been shooting at a 4.5" diameter steel plate with six different .22 rifles. I start around 35 yards, then progressively back up in 5-yard increments if I can hit consistently at each distance. Some of the rifles wear iron sights (2 receiver sights; 1 barrel-mounted sight); some are scoped (a fixed 4x, a 1-4x, and a 2-7x).

I've experimented a little with dialing my variable scopes up or down, and it just made my curious as to what worked best for other people.
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I'm a geezer and eyes are pretty bad--if what you mean by freehand shooting is walking around and shooting from a standing or kneeling position...a good red dot is best IMO. I don't do it often--but if speed of acquisition was important, that's the way I would go. Anything magnified is a good option--but I find takes extra time to get the "dance" out of the sight picture.
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