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Admittedly, my opinion was partially tainted by the fact that Hornady Custom doesn't work in the P220. Apparently this is a well known issue that wasn't known by me and I had lots of Hornady Custom.
I am curious as to what your source(s) for this "well-known" issue is/are (other than your own experience). My SIG models 220 and 227 run reliably with everything I've shot through them-which, admittedly, does not include Hornady Custom.
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Just spoke with a friend who works part time at a local gunshop, which specializes in tactical and self defense stuff. He'd never heard of P220s choking on Hornady Custom (or anything else for that matter) but will ask around tomorrow to see if any of the other guys/customers/friends have heard of it being "a well known thing", because apparently, in my neck of the woods, it isn't a well known thing, its an unheard of thing.
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This is news to me, though admittedly I don't use Hornady custom or much other factory ammunition. I do need to ask, do you mean to say Hornady Custom doesn't work in any/all P220s, or that it didn't work in YOUR P220??
The ammo wouldn't fit into the all. Apparently the bullet profile was something that didn't mesh with the P220 magazines, and I tried more than one cartridge and different magazines. The ammo works fine in my Colt 1911.
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Old November 9, 2019, 01:50 AM   #54
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Just one guy's opinions...nothing more.

I've owned both and while lots of folks have no problem carrying a 1911, there is no way on earth I would be able to tolerate carrying the P220. I never intended it for carry, but I did shoot it with great success in IDPA. With a smoothed and lightened trigger, it was a fantastic gun.

I specifically selected the Elite because I wanted a big heavy 45. I sold it a few years later because I had no use at all for a big heavy, single stack 45. It just didn't serve any purpose for me, even as a range toy.

Between the two choices, I think I'd go with a 1911--although maybe the SAO variety of P220 in 10mm might be an option if I was okay with single-stacking 10mm, which I am not. I say the 1911 because for me it's a simpler, more-straightforward platform for choked-capacity 45 Auto, and for me, again, a gun with far more attractive options. I don't find the P220 very attractive, and it seems a bit top heavy in appearance. DA/SA isn't as big a deal as some folks make it out to be, I think my experience with it in IDPA proved it's something of a non-issue--but it solves a problem I don't have, and is a bit klutzy, IMO.

For carry, specifically, it's gotta be the gun you've actually found you can get into action quickly and shoot fast and accurately. For me, that gun is the M&P 45c, which I would choose over any other 45 I've ever fired. For carry, again, the P220 was not even remotely in the running--I think I bought 3 different holsters convinced I'd find a setup that would allow me to carry it, and no setup was a reasonable option. But that's me, not you. I think a 1911 in the 'CCO' config would be a carryable option for more folks.

Enjoy the quest--that's what counts.
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Posts: 25 I ended up getting a S.A. RO ELITE OPERATOR .45 over a p220 for my only .45 in the stable. I love sigs and used to own a p226 but I felt if I was only going to own one .45 it better be a 1911. This is my 3rd 1911 I ever bought and also my most expensive gun to date.
Field stripped and lubed and headed to range with over 250 rds of various ammo including h.p. the gun ran 100% which made me super happy because I intended for this to be an edc gun. I then hopped on-line and ordered up some nice leather for her...later the same day I was fondling her and my heart sank! The ambi- safety was not operating smoothly and actually locked-up the gun rendering it completely useless!!
Sent her back to the mother ship for warranty repairs....I really wanted to like this gun and hope she comes back to me all fixed up. I will keep everyone posted to what transpires. Thanx for reading.
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