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Old November 5, 2019, 04:09 AM   #26
Ignition Override
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Russian SKS.

A few of you know about Tech Sights for SKS, AKs, Marlin 60s etc?
This can make a decent SKS’ accuracy much better than some aperture sight AR guys might want to see happen.
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Old November 5, 2019, 06:10 AM   #27
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I remember the first time I saw an SKS. It was in a Coast to Coast store and was priced at around $70.00, or three for $185.00 if I recall somewhat correctly. I thought, wow what a deal. Then I picked one up and thought, what a piece of junk and put it back. Of course, that was a bad decision. Now I hear how people just love these things, so I get tempted. Then I pick one up, but I put them back and at current prices just can't justify buying one. Probably another bad decision but that's how I see it. I have two nice Henry lever actions and no SKS's in my safe and that's the way it will stay. Love the lever's.
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Old November 5, 2019, 04:39 PM   #28
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A few of you know about Tech Sights for SKS, AKs, Marlin 60s etc?
This can make a decent SKS’ accuracy much better than some aperture sight AR guys might want to see happen.
Yes - the Tech Sights are good, but when considering a Russian SKS as a collectible rifle (and it is that at this point), it makes more sense to me to enjoy it in its original military-issued form.

And while Tech Sights may make it easier to shoot accurately for some folks, they will never make it as ultimately accurate as a quality AR-15. There are just too many other mechanical factors at play, not to mention the limitations of the 7.62x39mm cartridge.

But that's OK. Let the SKS be what it is and it enjoy it as the piece of history it is. If you want an accurate self-loading rifle, go get an AR-15 and save some money (who ever thought we'd be saying that!).
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Old November 5, 2019, 06:05 PM   #29
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I would go with the JM Marlin for sure. .44 mag in a lever action makes a nice hunting cartridge.
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Old November 5, 2019, 09:53 PM   #30
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44 AMP
How do you figure there are lots of fakes?

Going back to the original question i guess it comes down to what you really want. You want a milsurp collectable or a civi collectable? Milsurp the SKS is easily the answer hands down. I still cant get used to the price though id much rather have a 100 yr old mosin nagant if eastern block weapons are your thing. Im on a N.E.W./Remington m/n91 kick myself. That being said lever gun SA revolvers are really fun combos. If youll shoot the levergun more id go with that. Currently all i have is a mis matched chinese SKS. Its surprisinlgy accurat.
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Old November 6, 2019, 01:20 AM   #31
44 AMP
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Perhaps "a lot" of fakes was overstating it a bit, but anytime there's money to be made, some people will cheat to get it.

What makes a rare variant valuable is its scarcity, and if the distinguishing feature of the variant is a certain marking, some one will create a forgery if possible.

Though not the SKS, some guns become more valuable because they are matching numbers, so "Force matches" become profitable and a forgery if claimed to be original.

Think there isn't some genoowine original Rusky SKS being sold with a Soviet receiver and Hungarian or even Egyptian parts?

IF you're collecting and even if expert the rule is "buy the gun, not the story".
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Old November 8, 2019, 10:11 PM   #32
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I had a Russian SKS once. Loved that gun.
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Old November 14, 2019, 01:38 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by Fishbed77 View Post
I have to agree. While Russian SKS rifles were made in far greater numbers than the Marlin Cowboy Edition, they have an intrinsic historical value for many that a commercial Marlin just doesn't have, and history has shown that there has been a pretty significant increase in value since imports of these surplus rifles have dried up.

I don't see it being unreasonable to think that newer generations may have less interest/nostalgia for old lever-actions than older generations did (though the Red Dead Redemption & Battlefield 1 factors is a real, if temporary factors to take into account that can affect the value of firearms from certain historical eras - just as Western movies & TV drove interest in cowboy-style firearms). That said, the real cowboy era is long gone, but most of us here were alive during the Cold War, and that is continuing to drive interest in military firearms of that era. And unlike most AKs, ARs, and other self-loading military rifle designs since WW2, a Russian SKS is a real as-issued weapon of war, as opposed to a clone or parts-kit build.

That said, get what you want, or save up and get both. As 44AMP said, they both have value to someone. JM-marked rifles are nicely made and fun to own.

Also agree with this. The history would do it for me ... SKS all the way.
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Old November 15, 2019, 12:07 AM   #34
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must be weird. I have had several sks guns. would not care to have any of them back again regardless of origin.
...any version of a marlin, wether a cowboy, waffle top, 39, etc would be preferable. it would take a mint 30 cal carbine before I would roll over. jmho.

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Old November 15, 2019, 01:47 AM   #35
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No question at all. I'm not a fan of the SKS in any way shape or form. I like the 7.62x39 cartridge a great deal, but the SKS is not the launcher for me.
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