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"Striderteen, hitting moving headsized objects at 15 yards are not as easy as it may seem. If you've never been there, you never know what you will acually do.

Army and tactical training manuals are meant as supplemental sources of information, don't think that you'll learn everything from out of a book."

True. But they're a good place to start. Also, I don't think most stairways are 45 feet long. A quick aimed kill technique (line up iron sights, but don't worry about establishing sight picture) is good for up to about 12 meters.
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looks like most have not been there yet. The adrenilin rush is incredable, and it really messes with your ability to think straight. I did not shoot the guy trying to get into my place, but I think if I had encountered him already inside, I would have just shot him. I cannnot picture any reason to ask questions, and give away the only element of surprise you have. The open cylinder choke with #4 is hard to miss with.
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Since under stress most people (especialy without lots of training) will tend to hit a little high anyway, if you aim at center mass and you may get that headshot .

Seriously though, the reason to aim for center mass is because it's a bigger target. A single shot 6 inches to the right of the guy's navel will stop him much quicker then a shot 6 inches to the right of his nose (which, unless he has a real fat head is about 1-2 inches away from his head).

Also I don't plan on sending him only 1 shot, so if I aim for the head my followup shots are more likely to be high (especialy under stress) so a double tap will tend to be one in the chest, one in the face (at least based on my targets at the range).

BTW, striderteen ... good so see one of my INF buddies out here in TFL land
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Kirk Keller
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To this scenario

... I would respond with the "BooDaDow" approach.

"FREEZE, GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR" Strategic pause, perp advances telling me it's allright, just wanna use the phone.. "BooDaDow BooDaDow" to center mass. Evaluate.
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