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Old November 13, 2001, 01:58 AM   #26
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A little story from here in Southern California. Couple years ago, while living with my family, my father hears a noise in the house, and wakes me up, yelling at me to get the shotgun. I told him to go to sleep and let them take the $50 stereo, but he was unrelenting. We cleared all 3 stories of the house, and i walked up stairs, and was locking my shotgun away, (loaded, with a side saddle and a pistol grip), when our Ford Explorers alarm goes off. I grab the shotgun and run outside, not bothering with my shoes or anything else (including clothes). I bust open the door, looking for the "target", but not seeing anything but an empty street. While looking around i manage to slip on a large patch of mud, and end up on my backend, muddy, with my shotgun next to me. My father said the sight reminded him of something out of looney tunes with Bugs and Elmer Fudd.
I can only imagine the fear my neighbors would have had if they had seen me run out of the house in just a pair of boxers, shotgun in hand.

By the way, the noise in the house was a towel rack falling on the hard wood floor, (family is paranoid), and the alarm went off because i accidently hit the panic alarm on the key ring.

Hope this bit of comedy and humiliation makes you think twice about being unrational when it comes to protecting your cars.
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Old November 13, 2001, 02:12 AM   #27
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I would immediatly run out to the car and offer them $100 cash to just drive away with the whole thing. And another $150 if they split up and take the jeep too.

I have been through this before. The worst mistake I made was notifiying the police. They recovered my motorcycle that was ruined in every way. Made me pay for "towing" it ($100), made me pay the impound lot, made me take off work to go to court. I got nothing, absolutely nothing (this was a dirt bike, not insured because I never drove it on the road. My home owners insurance company told me to go to hell also). I have had most any kind of theft/break in there is in the last 10 years. I never got a single penny back by calling the police. As mentioned earlier, they instead cost me an additional $200. Never call the police unless you need to make an insurance claim. The only satisfaction I ever got from a situation like this is when my cute liitle Rottweiler tore some jerk limb from limb when he broke into my house. The blood was incredible. Cutsie pie then went in and took a nap, he tuckered himself out. And no, I didn't call the police then either. If I did, the guy could have then sued me for injuries that occured while burglerizing my house. As it was, I could just say I didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

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Old November 13, 2001, 09:16 AM   #28
Double Naught Spy
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If my car is parked on the street, then my job is to be a good witness, call 911, and wait for the insurance check.

If my car is parked in the garage (which stays closed), then the situation is completely different and I will treat it as a home invasion. I consider a home invasion to be a life threatening situation. Just because the goblin stopped at my car for some reason does not mean that I should just consider him as a pacifist or that he has no intent on harming my family. I don't know his motivations or intent, but I do know that as long as he is inside the walls of my home, then we are in mortal danger. To consider otherwise may result in completely underestimating the goblin.

When the car is being burgled on the street, then it is a property issue. I don't perceive that as any sort of life threatening situation. Inside the home, then I am no longer interested in being a good witness.
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Old November 14, 2001, 08:01 AM   #29
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Interesting question. Many good points in the various replies. I believe that I'd start by having my wife call the police (small town, good force, I'd anticipate a quick response). We would move the baby and my older daughter into our room (aka the safe room). My wife would stay on the phone and lock the door to the safe room (while being cuddled up to her Sig .380) and I would cover the open areas leading to that room AS LONG AS I FELT CERTAIN THAT THERE WERE NO THREATS IN THE HOUSE. Nothing is more important than my wife or my daughters. Nothing. Not my truck. Certainly not my ego. Protecting my family is my first order of business. Any threat entering the house will have a real problem coming (and wouldn't hold water too well). I wouldn't go outside and play cowboy, however. I live in one goofy liberal state and if things got interesting outside it would be me (you know, the family guy with the big umbrella insurance policy and assets to attach) standing up when the judge says, "Will the defendant please rise...". Sad, but true. I'd eat the deductible for any vehicle damage and go on. Am I a wuss? I don't think so. I feel I'm focused on my priorities and realistic about how my little area of the world operates.
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Old November 14, 2001, 08:04 AM   #30
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BTW, as Double Naught Spy stated, our cars are parked outside, not in the garage. The garage is for my Mustang!
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Old November 15, 2001, 10:34 AM   #31
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Interesting stuff

I am quite interested in the number of people who would confront the BGs. In NC, you cannot use deadly force in defense of property. I am not going to be the vigilante lawyer made into a test case by a career minded ADA. I guess I don't really trust my brethren, even though the DA is a law school classmate.

Pictures, floodlights and insurance. Keep my family in the safe room and secure. Now if I only had those two dobies.... my labs are big, black and make a lot of noise but aren't exactly attack dogs..
"When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come?
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Old November 17, 2001, 02:31 PM   #32
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Anyone caught stealing on my property will be shot. Period. I have worked very hard to obtain the things I have. I have no sympathy for someone who decides to steal my property rather than work as hard as I have. I came from poverty. Poverty most BG's couldn't imagine. I now own a multi-state business and have been very successful. I do not recognize any law of man that says I cannot kill someone who steals from me.

Fortunately, Indiana is much like Texas in its' love of gun ownership and rights. Just to keep LE happy, I assure you the BG would have threatened me with the screwdriver that would be found next to his body.

Anyone who threatens me, or attempts to steal my property, dies. Period.
I refuse to be a willing victim.
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Old November 20, 2001, 01:01 AM   #33
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Im with you 444. My 100 lb male rottie would love to have a late night snack at my blessing. He has ran kids off in the back yard late at night before. Best theft deterent I've ever owned. Not to mention the best pet I could ask for.
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Old November 20, 2001, 01:18 AM   #34
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Man, you said it. When I am on vacation or something where he isn't there, I immediatly feel naked. I now have to take over guard duty, and am less equiped to handle it. I don't have to pay attention to noises at night, if someone is there, he will let me know. And, he will take care of it himself if I let him. A finer dog, I have not seen.
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Old November 24, 2001, 08:30 AM   #35
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First, call 911. You're not the government. You can't legally punish the offenders or recover your own stolen property. While you're doing this, assess the situation. Are they armed? How many are there?

If the situation proves promising, grab your handy-dandy Paul Chen practical kitana ($175 plus tax) and charge the car. Slash your own tire, and then see to the perps. Even if they get away, I promise you they'll never bother you again.

If the situation does not prove promising, grab a good long range sniper rifle and fire a single shot into your own tire. Intent is obviously not deadly force, but property damage. Besides, anyone who would want to sue you would have to reveal themselves as the car thief. After that, depending on what state you live in, you might be entitled to shoot the thieves.
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