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Old August 13, 2001, 07:15 PM   #1
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Most efficient Mag. Caliber Cartridge?

My buddy & I were talking the other day about what is the most efficient Mag. Caliber Cartridge for a new rifle. I was thinking it would be the shorter new mag's that Win, Rem & Lazzerodi have out there. The knock I've been hearing on these is that there's problems in feeding these short stubby cartridges.

I'm curious as to what the opinions are in regards to efficiency on the Mags. I know in general a Magnum is not known for their efficiency, but if you had to choose one what would it be.

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Old August 13, 2001, 08:12 PM   #2
Mike Irwin
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An all-around magnum, for general (non dangerous) hunting would lead me right to either the 7mm or .300 Win. Mags.

If I thought I might go to heavier game, such as moose or elk, while the .300 and 7mm would handle them nicely I might splurge and go straight up to .338 Win. mag.

If I thought I might some day have a chance at bear in the North, .375 H&H.
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Old August 15, 2001, 10:40 AM   #3
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most efficient?

Just got the pettersons rifle shooter mag, Jon Sundra did a write up on the rem SAUM,(short action ultra mag). It has less powder capacity than the WSM, 7.5%. My WSM Browning uses around 10 grains less powder than a winny mag. to achive the same velocity. That is what I call efficiency! It is showing that it is also capable of fine accuracy. I'm convinced it will serve me well for it's intended purpose.
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Old August 15, 2001, 11:15 AM   #4
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The 7MM Rem Mag. is pretty efficient plus it will suffice for all North American game except perhaps the big bears. Even for those I guess it could do in a pinch, but I sure don't want to get pinched that way! As far as the efficency goes it moves the 175 grain bullets faster than the 30-06 can and does it with about 10-15 grains more powder. get right down to it the old 30-06 is good for anything except the big bears and in a pinch................
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Old August 15, 2001, 02:49 PM   #5
Chris McDermott
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I have never really considered any magnum cartridge efficient. If you look at how much velocity gain there is, and then how much extra powder it took to get it, they aren't efficient at all. Compare the new 300WSM and the 30-378 to a 308 and you aren't getting very much extra speed for all of that extra powder you are using. 300 WSM uses 50% more powder, for 12% more velocity. 30-378 uses 125% more powder, to gain 25% more velocity (this is for the 168gr Sierra Matchkings). Yes as cartridge size goes up the powder changes (gets slower), but you still use MUCH more. This isn't efficiency in my book.

What I do like about the magnum cartridges is the ability to handle much heavier bullets. 200 & 220 grain bullets are marginal in a 308, but work well in the 300 mags. Wonder what a 250gr would do in a 30-378 (yes it would need some kind of relief in the waist to reduce bore friction)?
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Old August 15, 2001, 03:32 PM   #6
Art Eatman
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If you're talking efficiency from the standpoint of powder charge vs. muzzle veelocity, the new short magnums apparently win out. Same MV, less powder. So, shorter action; a bit better accuracy potential.

Killing efficiency? This side of the Big Brown Brer Bear, most any of the .30s will work. So will the 7mm Rem Mag or the .338s.

About the only Maggie gain over a .308 or '06 for most big game is the added range. Of course, you're then getting into how good a rifleman you are, since a bad hit is still a bad hit, regardless of how big the boom.

, Art
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Old August 18, 2001, 08:08 AM   #7
Join Date: December 30, 1999
Location: Holly,Mich,USA
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As I mentioned in my original post I know that a Magnum cartridge would not be considered a efficient in regards to rate of return, but if you had to choose one which would it be.

After much consideration, when I look at rate of return in regards to versatility, velocity & inherent eficiency. I've decided to have a rifle buildt in the new Win. Short Mag. I get the velocity of a 300 Win. Mag in a short action. It burns less powder(there for more efficient) & cases will be available for reloading. I can load anything from 150-200 grn bullets which pretty covers everything that I'm going to hunt.

Now I've got to figure who to have build me a rifle. I've decided to have a light weight rifle buildt for Mtn. Hunting . I'm looking at Mel Forbes Ultralight or Prairie Gun Works Titatium Lightweight, if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate the input.

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Old August 19, 2001, 09:09 AM   #8
Jerry Stordahl
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Hitem: I suggest George Gardner of G.A Precision. In fact he recently had a newly built .300 WSM for sale on the emporium over at Contact him at [email protected] He carries an excellent reputation for craftsmanship and quality with the shooters frequenting that site.
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Old August 19, 2001, 03:49 PM   #9
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If you want a hunting rifle, you might consider the .35 Whelen. The Whelen is not considered a "magnum" cartridge, but throws a pretty heavy bullet [200 to 250 grains] at a decent clip. It is ballistically identical to the .350 Rem Mag. From the Reload Bench website:

With 3500 foot/pounds of energy, the .35 Whelen is more powerful than the .30-06, and quite capable of taking all North American big game. For deer size game, bullets weighing 200 to 250 grains are the best choices. With the possible exception the Nosler 225 grain Partition, heavier bullets are better choices for larger game. For elk, moose, and bear, the Speer and Barnes 250 grain spitzers at 2500 fps deliver a ton of energy at 300 yards. When zeroed three inches high at 100 yards, both have a point blank range of about325 yards on a bull elk's vital area.

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