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Old July 8, 2001, 09:19 PM   #1
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Reloading Supplies

Where online can I find the best deals for bullet heads, powder and primers? Kinda new at this reloading thing...learning that shaving costs helps make the shooting that much more fun.
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Old July 8, 2001, 09:46 PM   #2
John Marshall
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For a start:
www.tntreloading (Not very popular lately for changing pricing/shipping policy)
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Local ranges

check with the other reloaders at the local ranges... That way you can buy local and maybe get better deals then. I know I do that way plus no shipping charges.
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Old July 9, 2001, 05:27 AM   #4
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Do a search...

there's a thread with a similar member was kind enough to list several dozen suppliers.

Can't find the link, as I'm at work. Boss gets a little upset when I play too much!
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Old July 9, 2001, 09:59 PM   #5
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those are the only other 2 i can think of. i just go to tnt because they're 5 mi. from my house so no hazmat or shipping for me...good guys to deal with.
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Old August 11, 2001, 03:13 PM   #6
Big Lou
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Beware that some mail-order dealers charge a hazardous materials charge (in addition to regular shipping charges) for primers, powder, and loaded ammo (Natchez being one).
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Old August 11, 2001, 03:19 PM   #7
Big Lou
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Join Date: August 8, 2001
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Beware that some mail-order dealers charge a hazardous materials charge (in addition to regular shipping charges) for primers, powder, and loaded ammo (Natchez being one).
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Old August 11, 2001, 05:21 PM   #8
Gary H
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I think that the extra charge of $17 is imposed by UPS. For that money you can ship a great deal of powder and primers. If you order a really large amount of "hazardous materials" you can have them shipped by other means.
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Old August 11, 2001, 05:59 PM   #9
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What John Marshall said above is most of what there is to say.

I looked at a .308 Lee deluxe collet dies set and 100 168 gr moly
bullets from both Hornady and Speer.

With shipping, Midsouth wanted $67.03

WIth shipping, Graf wanted $69.44

With shipping, Midway wanted $ 77.71

Natchez was $81.25

Nachez and Midsouth are the same company with different prices.

Graf and Midway have NRA round up programs.

Midway and Midsouth want to know my pass word.

Midway made me get out my calculator to figure shipping.

Midsouth has a $40 minimum order.

Midway has a small order fee.

Midsouth got the order

supplies for reloading
used brass
surplus powder

Bullet manufacturor
surplus powder
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Old August 11, 2001, 11:53 PM   #10
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Gun shows can also be good places to buy primer and powder at reasonable prices.
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Old August 12, 2001, 01:38 AM   #11
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Gunshows are a good way to buy. They usually have powder and primers in real quantities like 8 pound jugs of powder and cases of 5000 primers. You do pay shipping and haz mat fees on everything whether you realize it or not. Don't think that the cost of shipping and haz mat fees arn't tacked on to the retail price. I heard one of my friends make a statement like that the other day which got a chuckle out of me. I asked him, do you think they pay that out of their pocket out of the goodness of their heart ? . Now that doesn't mean that you might not find a cheaper price at a gun show or even a local dealer, but they are charging you all the fees that they have to pay just like we do. The haz mat fee is a drag, but if you do go mail order make it worthwhile. Don't pay the haz mat fee for a pound of powder or a box of 100 primers. Get a few guys together if you are ordering powder or primers to split up the haz mat fee. Another thing, I am not sure, but I am pretty sure that if you order both powder and primers, they have to be shipped in seperate boxes and thus incur two haz mat fees. I just ordered 28 pounds of powder and the haz mat fee was $19. I personally buy 90% of my reloading supplies from Midway. I have used them for years and have recieved great service from them. At least once, they bent over backwards for me. I could spend a lot of time shopping around to save a couple bucks, but I would rather be shooting. Plus I would rather have good reliable service than worrying about saving a few sheckles. It seems to me like I run into a lot of jerks when I am trying to spend my money. When someone acts like they appreciate my business, have the products in stock, deliver promptly and have competitive pricing (even though it might not be the absolute lowest), I am going to be a loyal customer. The local dealers here have a very limited inventory. They stock most of the popular powders in one pound containers, but the bullet selection is poor at best. I have a hundred boxes of bullets at my bench for every one they stock. This is the main reason I like mail order. I can get exactly what I want instead of settling for what they have. I always have my dealer order me primers in quantities of 5000. This way I don't have to go through the hassle of mail order. Of course he passes on the hidden costs, but that cost is split up over the entire order, not just my stuff. The comment about talking to the guys at the local ranges or clubs is a good one. This is the way to "go in" on big orders to save some of the costs (again, the hidden costs are split between everybody instead of just you). I used to shoot IPSC and one of the other shooters was a distributer for a cast bullet manufacturer. He would take orders and when he got enough orders to make the drive worthwhile, he would drive there and pick everything up. This was the best deal I ever got on bullets. Unfortunatly he moved away.
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