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Old June 14, 2001, 12:26 PM   #1
Matt VDW
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Knife Versus Nunchaku

A sad but true story from the local paper (Columbus Dispatch):

A man is grilling food outside the home of his girlfriend. The girlfriend's violent (convicted of assault and under a restraining order) estranged husband shows up armed with a large hunting knife. The boyfriend, apparently aware of this fellow's intent, shouts an alarm and retreats into the house. He re-emerges with a nunchaku and starts a verbal exchange with the husband. The husband advances, slashing with the knife, as the boyfriend retreats, vainly trying to knock the knife away with the nunchaku. The bloodied boyfriend stumbles and the husband stabs him to death. Then, as the wife stands in the doorway talking to the 911 operator, the husband stabs her to death, too. The police arrive a few minutes later and find the killer hiding in the bushes.

The lessons to be learned that jump out at me here are:

1) If you know that some nutball might show up and try to kill you, carry a weapon on your person so you'll have it when you need it.

2) If you don't practice #1, then at least have enough sense to lock the door behind you if you manage to retreat into the house. Then stay inside!

3) If you neglect both #1 and #2, then at least let the bad guy make the mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight. Use a firearm instead of playing Bruce Lee.

Several neighbors witnessed this incident but were too afraid to intervene (and if they were unarmed it's probably just as well).
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Old June 14, 2001, 01:56 PM   #2
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The big mistake once he determined his plan of action (get nuncaku) was to use bad strategy.

A knife in a hand is a small, quickley moving target. Nunchaku can generate great force, but they rely on speed from momentum for that force.

If you're going to use them, aim for a large, slow moving target, like an upper arm, shins, kneecaps, or head.

A quick sidestep from an attacker coupled with a hit on the upper arm will either disable the attacking arm or slow it down where you can continue your attack further.
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Old June 14, 2001, 04:24 PM   #3
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Those of us who know how to use nunchaku, know that it can also be used as a grappling weapon. Obviously this guy did not know how to use the weapon he chose, which in so many cases like this winds up doing more harm than good.

If the guy had enough time to get into his house and back out, he should have just locked all the doors and windows and called the police. If the attacker forced entry into the residence, then you take the intruder out.

We should never let our machizmo get in the way of common sense.
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Old June 14, 2001, 06:49 PM   #4
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I'm really interested in hearing some real-life accounts of persons employing nunchaku against various threats.

I would take them as second-choice non-firearm weapons, a distant second from a staff/bo. That's because I personally am a bit inept at coordinating the 'chucks with my other four personal weapons (two feet, one hand and the blockhead ).

The observation about hitting the opponent's weapon vs. the opponent's weapon platform are quite well taken. Seems like a bit of practice is in order to prevent the "weapons effect" from distracting you from better target options.

In a match I very neatly center-punched the target's "weapon" with the first shot, IIRC. The other tap of the double was a nice A-zone hit. But the way I sometimes flinch, it could have been the second shot. Can't remember...
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Old June 18, 2001, 02:47 AM   #5
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2. Handgun
3. Spear
4. Sword
5. Knife

For all the rest, you need extreme practice and knowldge how and when to employ. ( Helps with rifle and handgun as well, but not critical at extreemly short ranges).

For a determined attacker, a blow-even to the head- may not stop you from a knife wound from a Maniac.

Gravity wepons suck in close quarters. Welcome to the real world... Whaaaa ( obligatory Bruce lee war whine/cry)
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