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Old August 14, 2014, 02:48 PM   #51
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Zombie Thread!

I have the HSP Skimmer trigger in my Glock 19 and it does exactly what I needed it to do.

And whomever brought up the I just shot myself Youtube video to criticize a 1911... you need to pay better attention to the video and the aftermath of it and WHY it happened, and educate yourself. It could have happened even EASIER with a DAO striker fire gun, the problem was the operator and poor training / practices, not the firearm. He went from using a thumb break retention holster to the SERPA lock, and swept his safety off while still in the holster, and moronically put his finger in the trigger guard when not even pointing on target.

People were too quick to blame the gun, or the holster, and not the cowboy.
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Old August 14, 2014, 11:41 PM   #52
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No one thing leads to a ND in most cases. It is usually a series of cascading events.

My opinion, first bone headed thing he was trying to do is shoot a target one one billionth of a second faster than he shot it last time. Why?

In doing such quick speed draws with the equipment nessassary to shave off 1 100th of a second is asking for trouble. Hey, just my opinion.

I have watched both his videos on the incident and think he should take up sailing or badminton.
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Old August 15, 2014, 01:39 AM   #53
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So much hand wringing about making a stock 5.5 lbs trigger even lighter. $219? My god, what a waste of money on a plastic gun.

A practiced shooter is going to shoot just as well with a stock Glock trigger as an extensively modified gun. It is a very light stock trigger.

My advice - if you have to play with it, just put the cheap stock parts and a little Flitz polish and leave it at that. I you are desiring more than that, start looking at a platform that offers both better trigger and ergonomics. PPQ, Steyr, VP9, Pardini, P-09.
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Old August 15, 2014, 07:50 AM   #54
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You will need to replace the firing pin spring
You don't want to do that.

No single action trigger pull on a standard DA/SA (or revolver) is longer than the Glock.
Actually my G19 is shorter than my P239 in SA. The Glock is all factory except for a 6# trigger spring.
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Old August 16, 2014, 03:52 AM   #55
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Best trigger job on a Glock ? PRACTICE.

A "custom" trigger will NEVER make one a better shooter.....with a Glock, or anything else.
Practice, putting rounds the ONLY thing that will really do that.

Alas, that seems to be the LAST thing the "instant gratification" majority we have today will ever do. Which explains, in a nutshell, why all the purveyors of "custom" trigger parts, for various gun brands and models, are rich men.

A fool is born every minute.......
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Old August 16, 2014, 06:59 AM   #56
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I put the 3.5 trigger connector (from Glock) in my carry Glock 19, plus a Glock armourer at a Glock match, polished the moving parts a bit.

Gives me a 4lb release, but the trigger is the most important component in accuracy. A too heavy, or just non clean release will kill the accuracy shot to shot.

A good test, with a unloaded Glock, (mag out, rack it 3 times!!) take your normal two handed hold, watch the sights, press! Rack the slide, holding the trigger back, release the trigger till it resets, click!

Press again, the front sight should not flick to one side, at all! You can get a real clean release, by sitting in front of bins of Glock parts, and swapping them, till you get that.

Or a little polish on the moving parts, 3.5lb connector.

Police Officers fire guns un-intensely, rifle/handgun/shotguns, by putting fingers on triggers, when they should not do so, hence...BANG!... "It is the fault of the gun?"

One of these NGs is the result of drawing the Pistol, way before needed, running with gun in strong hand, so they can not use the strong hand for anything else.

The best 4 rounds I ever fired was in an USPSA match in Jacksonville.

Four rounds, standing, at a measured 45yds, two rounds touching, 3rd 1" away, one 2" away. Dead centre of upper part of A zone.

Glock 17, trigger good by wearing in. Still 3.5 connector.

The target patcher said he could not do that offhand with a rifle, I had to admit, neither could I! Once in a lifetime, but the gun did it.
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Old August 16, 2014, 01:09 PM   #57
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I imagine that your Glock, which probably groups 5-6" at 45 yards, cancelled out your natural accuracy range and resulted in this small group. If you had fired 10 shots the group would have been 8-10".
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Old August 16, 2014, 05:34 PM   #58
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RX, I recon, a fluke! I have done a couple of those, IPSC match in Canada, start position, hands level with shoulder.

8" plate at twenty meters, cardboard target at 10m. Course of fire, draw and drop the plate, then 6 rounds on Cardboard? I think 6.

Anyway, real quick draw, as soon as pistol was level... BANG! Plate somersaulted off it's stand, then the required shots at 10m.

The RO was a good friend of mine, "Accidental discharge, yes?" Hey said I, "I hit it right!" But he was right.
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