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.45 LC

Hello Folks,

Can I reload .45 LC with black powder?
Molon Labe

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chris in va
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It was originally a BP cartridge, so I don't see why not. The other guys can give details.
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I've loaded a lot of 45 Colts with pyrodex. I got best results using a thin fiber disk between bullet and powder and I always seated the bullet right on top of the powder or maybe compressing it a bit. The real BP shooters warn against leaving any space between bullet and powder.
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Also be aware that you will not get the original 40gr of black powder into a modern solid head .45 Colt case. About 38gr is all that will fit, and that takes using all the "tricks" to get it all in. The original "balloon head" cases can hold a little more powder than modern solid head brass.

Don't load black powder "light" (reduced load), and don't leave air space between the powder and the bullet. Doing so is a poor idea, as black powder doesn't "ignite" like smokeless, it kind of "detonates".

Less than full density, or leaving air space in the case can lead to ...unpredictable results. Possibly bad ones.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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Fill it almost to the top with BP, then compress it with the bullet. If you're using commercial cast bullets (with lube intended for smokeless powder) it couldn't hurt to put a little disk of beeswax* over the powder before you seat the bullet.

*they sell sheets of the stuff for making bee hive starter combs, and at craft stores for rolling up to make candles.
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Can I reload .45 LC with black powder?
Does a fish swim? Yes, you can.... I use Triple-7 in mine. Mainly because I can load it with normal smoke-less lubed bullets and no wads. I found 23g (by weight) of 777 made a dandy smokey load under 250g RNFP. Around 900fps too for a decent velocity.
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Doc Hoy
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TTake a look.... my post over on the CAS forum "back to the shootin shack" or something like that.

Comparison of a full load of Pyrodex and a full load of Triple 7 (FFg) in .45LC also a comparison of a Winchester 73 with 30 inch barrel versus a Cattleman in 5.5inch barrel.

I made the mistake last year of loading some rounds with Triple 7 FFFg and then realized it might overpressure the firearm.

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