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"best" powder for .357 Mag 125 Gr in DILLON meters.

Seriously, whats a good powder for the 357 125 gr that will behave well in a Dillon-type sliding powder meter

I just did the RL550 upgrade & I have to admit I'm unimpressed with the repeatability of the charges dropped by the meter with Accurate #9 & H 110.

I usually load a mid-range charge of 13.6 gr of AA #9, or 19 gr of H110, but when I ran a small test batch with a theoretical load of middle density I got 2 loads out of 10 that were definite overloads!

I dumped 15 test lots before reloading, averaged 3 weights for the charge adjustment & did al the usual good manufacturing practices stuff, but I admit I'm concerned that I can get charges this off.
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You'd better call Dillon and ask them what you're doing wrong. I have two Dillons and they both drop a charge within .1 grains every time. I use a lot of 296 (same as 110) and have zero problems. I've loaded several hundred thousand rounds on my Dillons over the last twenty (?) years or so. No problems what-so-ever. NONE. Seriously, call Dillon. They can, and will, help you out.
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so I mebbe kinda understand

I have one Dillon measure (XL650) dedicated to AA9, and one to H110.

Not sure what your intended 'goal' is for that 125g, but I might suggest N350 and N110. Both have slightly larger grains than either talc-AA9 or wee-ball-H10.
Both are sufficient for actual defense ammo.

Alternatives include:
-Power Pistol
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Old June 6, 2014, 06:37 PM   #4
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Powder drop variations like that .... are an indication you did something wrong on the setup --- or maybe there is something loose on the powder measure --- or you have a static elec problem in the powder hopper ( if any powder particles are sticking to the inside of the measure - its a static problem) ---- or your procedures in terms of how you are cycling the handle or not correct....
Dillon 650 ....all the powders I've tried are plus or minus 0.1 grain...
In .357 Mag....I like Hodgdon TiteGroup or Hodgdon Universal are my primary powders....( Longshot is a little too hot for my taste )...and H110 is an option but it calls for a lot of I've never tested it.

Another option is Unique...its similar to Hodgdon Universal...
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Old June 6, 2014, 06:52 PM   #5
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I was having problems with inconsistent powder dispensing. I wasn't using the same measure or powder that you are using. In fact I was using a Lee Powder measure with Unique. I read on one of the forums that using a baffle would help. I tried it and now I get much more consistent powder measures. The best $7 I have spent. The baffle I used was one made by Hornady and I got it from MidwayUSA.
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I meter H110 accurately all day long on a Dillon slide measure, in fact I can meter it so closely that I can weigh out 10 charges and expect it to be pretty darn close.

14 grains X 10 = 140 grains, I always do this as one of the final steps in my setup.

I got tired of changing powder measure setups so I started buying the Dillon powder measure for all my caliber setups and just leave it there. The one I measure H110 in is a pretty new powder measure, but I don't recall any problems with the old one I used for everything either.
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