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Originally Posted by aarondhgraham
In new DA/SA .22 revolvers there are:
Taurus 94,,,
Ruger SP-101,,,
Rossi R-98 Plinker,,,
Charter Arms Pathfinder,,,
S&W Models 317, 317 Kit Gun, 617, & 63.
There is an import made by Czechpoint,,,
But I have heard nothing good about their guns.

In DA only there are:
Ruger LCR,,,
S&W 43C.
Are there any others out there that I have missed?

TaurusĀ® Mdl 992
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No experience with the Charter Arms Pathfinder so I can't speak for or against.

My experience is there is no substitute for a Smith 317 or 617. I have both and they are far more accurate than I. Superb craftsmanship (both pre-lock) and I grin like an idiot whenever I shoot them. 317 is 8-shot 3" and 617 is 10-shot 6".

I've owned several Ruger Single-Sixes, currently have 2 and a Single-Nine(22WMR), also a Bearcat. I own these mainly for the nostalgia and cowboy feel. Accuracy is decent, but the sights aren't even in the same area code as the Smiths.

The Ruger SP101 in a 3-5" barrel would be interesting.

My 2 cents, worth about as much.
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Thanks badge851,,,

Thanks badge851,,,
I hadn't heard of the 992,,,
And it reminded me of the 970 and 990 Trackers.


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Old January 22, 2014, 06:15 PM   #29
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I always liked the S&W K-22, great little revolver if you can find one.
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.22 revolver recommendations?

Originally Posted by bbqbob51 View Post
This is a generalization but for my money I think the gold standard in double action are Smith and Wesson but you WILL pay for it. I think Ruger is the choice for single action revolvers and you can get a Single Six in your price range. Ruger's DA SP101 in 22lr can be had for just a bit north of $500.

As already suggested, in the more budget price range and still American made is the Charter Arms Pathfinder. I was in the market for a 22lr double action revolver this past year and decided not to settle and saved my money for a beautiful S&W 10 shot 6" barreled model 617.

I know that Taurus has their detractors but the model 992 convertible has gotten good reviews (I know that most gun rag reviewers never saw a gun they didn't like) here is G&A magazine's review:

The advantage of the 992 is you can shoot both 22lr/2mag out of it.

I'm sort of a Revolver Snob, and after shooting a Colt Python it was tough to go to anything else. Now I have a Ruger GP100, a few Smith and Wessons (2 Performance centers), and I recently acquired the 992, myself.

After trying the double action trigger, I liked it enough to buy it. Then the salesman said it was convertible between LR/WMR. I don't like the original Ribber Grips so I replaced them. I don't like the sights but I may mount a red dot like a Burris on it, anyways.

I have a Taurus 605 from their now defunct, Taurus Custom Shop. I bought it in 1994 and I love it. I still have it, and it's never given me any issues. I'm no fan of their Semiautos except for their PT-92, but I like their revolvers.
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Old February 8, 2014, 10:08 AM   #31
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Had a Taurus M94. Sold it. It was very accurate, but the DA trigger pull was heavy. SA was good.

As most have said, in your price range, I would look at the Charter Arms Pathfinder, the Rossi R98 Plinker, the Taurus 990 Tracker, or look for a used Ruger SP101-22lr. I bought mine for $480 (used).
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Old February 8, 2014, 03:22 PM   #32
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I got this 1951 Colt Official Police for $550 3 weeks ago.
It is heavy duty, but I like it.

link below same as pic above.
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I'd have kept the High Standard Sentinel if it didn't shoot high. They're made with a 6:00 sight picture, and the rear sight is tap adjusted for windage only. So you have to shorten the rear sight or raise the front sight for POA to = POI. Nice and light with an alloy frame, and about the best natural point I've ever experienced.

H&R also made some cool .22s.

I can't recommend the Taurus M94 because I had one.
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