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4V50 Gary
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Question about Eastwood's Pale Rider

Watched it again tonight. There was a store in the background that said, Drug Store. When was "drug store" used instead of apothecary?

Also paid closer attention to his reloading practice. That was a nice three cylinder rig he had.
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I checked a local town directory from 1872 in which were listed residents and businesses, and there were no "drug stores" listed as a business, but there were apothecaries, pharmacists, and one listing for "Drugs, medicines and chemicals."

I also checked an 1892 directory and again, no drug stores (apothecaries, pharmacists, patent drug manufacturers).
So, in that 20 yr span, no "drug stores" were listed in eastern Massachusetts. Not sure about the Wild West in that period.

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drug store

Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store (home of Dr. Pepper) 1885 Waco Texas.
Walgreen's dates back to 1901. And a link to a story of a Civil War draft riot in New York City with a line drawing of a riot in front of a drug store 1863,
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Great Movie

This movie was suppose to be sometime at the end, or just after the California Gold Rush (1848–1855). Perhaps that can help pin down the date better. At one time the drug store title was more of a general store title. The apothecary did not only supply drugs & medical supplies but the owner may have been a dentist or pseudo-doctor.

The guns in the film say something about the date too. If you watch close, during the raid of the tin-panner's camp at the beginning of the film, 1 member of the gang is shown shooting a 1872 Colt SA Army revolver at a steer. The film is set prior to that gun's availability & all other revolvers shown throughout the film are Colt cartridge conversions of the 1860 Army model, or Eastwood's cartridge converted Remington.



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Doc Hoy
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Well then there is:

This is from the Internet so it is probably a lie.

Origin: 1810

Apothecary had been used in England since the Middle Ages as a name for a purveyor of medication, and pharmacy was coined there too, but it took American marketing savvy to invent such a potent term as drugstore. This new compound combined American Store (1721), rather than British shop, with a down-to-earth bluntness about what was sold using the simple word drug that has always fascinated Americans.

Early evidence of the appeal of our new term is an 1810 newspaper ad from Washington, D.C., that prefixed another effective four-letter word: "Cash Drug Store." Not long after that, drug stores were everywhere. In 1819 the book Sketches of Louisville and Its Environs stated, "There are at this moment, in Louisville...three printing offices, three drug stores."

These early drugstores were just apothecaries or pharmacies by another name. But thanks to soda water, they expanded their wares beyond medication to all things necessary for health and welfare. Naturally or artificially carbonated, the bubbly water was a health drink of the 1820s and 1830s, and by the 1840s it was dispensed at a soda counter in many drugstores. It was soon discovered that this "medicine" tasted better with flavoring from ginger and other roots. And so the soda fountain became a social center, not just a medical destination. It was at a soda fountain in Atlanta in 1887 that Coca-Cola got its start, and it was through soda fountains that this most famous of American beverages began its worldwide spread.

Retrieved from:, 25 August 2013.

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As I finish a Caffeine Free Diet Coke... They took ALL the good stuff out dammit!!!
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Merriam-Webster agrees with Doc as 1810 being the first known use.
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Gaucho Gringo
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I won't drink the diet caffeine free stuff, it tastes like poison to me. I want to experience life, not tiptoe around it. It may take a few years off my life but I have been living on borrowed time since I was born(almost died at birth). The movie in my opinion was set more in the 1870's time frame. Hydraulic mining, railroads, cartridge and conversion revolvers, Trapdoors, Henry rifles and Sharps buffalo guns are not of the California Gold Rush era. Eastwood's choice of guns for his Westerns was influenced by his "spaghetti westerns". He is not a gun guy but Tom Selleck is. He has the most correct firearms for his western movies of any actor. He is an NRA member and has written the introduction for a book on revolver cartridge conversions. His Quigley Down Under movie has my favorite line in regards to revolvers " I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it".
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According to Wikipedia (I know) the movie is set in the 1880s.
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