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Old May 28, 2013, 07:13 PM   #1
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Join Date: October 11, 2012
Location: Florida
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.40S&W Federal Guard Dog or Hornady Critical Deffense?

Looking for advice from someone who has used either of these loads. How did they function? What was the results? Which would you use?
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Old May 28, 2013, 07:18 PM   #2
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I don't use either, but I do know whether they function depends on your gun.

Might work in yours while it might not work in mine.

That goes for ALL ammo in ALL guns.
Kraig Stuart
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Old May 28, 2013, 07:45 PM   #3
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Join Date: October 11, 2012
Location: Florida
Posts: 134
I do understand that. I was just asking if anyone has used them so I don't
go waste money junk ammo suck as Mag tech Guardian or something haha. Thanks for your prompt response tho!
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Old May 28, 2013, 08:07 PM   #4
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Location: Arizona
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I use Critical Defense in .38, .357, & .45 - all work great.
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Old May 28, 2013, 09:39 PM   #5
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Join Date: May 1, 2010
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hornady Critical Duty .40S&W....

For a .40 Id suggest these place; DPX Critical Duty 175gr Speer Gold Dot 165gr JHP, Ranger T/T series 155gr, PowerRball, Golden Saber 165gr JHP.
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Old May 29, 2013, 01:55 AM   #6
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Join Date: February 8, 2010
Location: Norfolk, Va
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I use the Hornady Critical Defense in .380, .38special, and 40S&W. Been very reliable for me. I do use my carry ammo after about a year of carry. Probably don't need to, I feel more comfortable we fresh ammo every so often.
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Old May 29, 2013, 12:19 PM   #7
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Location: The ATL (OTP)
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I’ve used the Critical Defense and they worked fine. Now, I was only shooting paper targets and didn’t do any penetration test or anything like that. I personally prefer either the Winchester PDX1 or Speer Gold Dots, but right now we kind of have to take what we can get as far as ammo goes.
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Old May 29, 2013, 12:37 PM   #8
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Critical Defense has a outstanding load in 40s&w. Their 165 grain has 506ftlbs of energy. It has performed very well in all the test I have seen. In FBI testing, 15" of penetration, .715 expansion with 506ftlbs of energy is impressive. I have taken deer very effectively with my 10mm loaded about the same power. Bullets have gotten so good over the last few years that it is getting hard to find a bad premium defense load. Premium bullets that every one swore by 10 years ago are now old news and are a 2nd tier choice of ammo.

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Old May 29, 2013, 12:50 PM   #9
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I've used the Hornedy in .45 ACP. I've never had an issue with any line of Hornedy ammo, but I've shot up a lot more of the TAP then the Critcal Defense.
I've got Gold Dot in my XD right now.

I've never used the Federal Guard Dog. I've had good experiance with Federal Premium in .38 special, and we've got two boxes of the HST in .40 S&W that I should probably see what's what, but I havn't shot any yet.
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Old May 29, 2013, 02:49 PM   #10
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Join Date: October 11, 2012
Location: Florida
Posts: 134
Thanks everyone for your replies. I did a little side work today an picked up a box of each. I plan to do some range testing tomorrow on some water jugs if I can get back to the property (middle of a swamp + rainy season= slick even in 4x4 LOL)
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Old May 30, 2013, 03:54 PM   #11
Ben Dover
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Realistically, the differences in performance between most types of premium ammunition are so small as to be insignificant "on the street".

if load "A" has an 89 percent rating and load "B" only has an 86 percent rating, does anyone believe that difference will have a practical effect on a critical "situation?"
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Old June 7, 2013, 11:30 PM   #12
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For a home defense choice, did you consider adding a 18.5" 12g shotty? If not, why not? No incorrect answer here, different reasons for different folks and I learn from others reasoning.
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Old June 8, 2013, 12:13 AM   #13
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Either one is designed to do serious damage. Pick whichever functions best in your pistol, minimum 50 rounds without a hiccup.

When I carried a Glock 23, I loaded it with Corbon 165 gr. JHP's. Now, in my carry .45, it's loaded with those big 230 gr. Federal LE JHP's.
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Old June 8, 2013, 06:08 AM   #14
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The guard dog ammo may be the best home defense ammo do to the design. High velocity and light bullet design offer quality expansion with enough penetration but tend to wall apart when sheet is hit and only pass's thru a couple layers before stopping. The CD ammo is a ok defence ammo better than some not as good as other.

I prefer gold dot , xtp and the best most costly dpx bullet from corbon or BB

You can watch all the videos on expansion in different media and make as good a judgement call is we can
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Old June 8, 2013, 02:41 PM   #15
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I've long contended that the best self defense ammo is one that DOESN'T use marketing phrases like "Wound Channel" "Maximum Expansion" "Maximum/Extreme [anything]" and doesn't contain model names like "Terminal" "Critical" "Tactical" or be named after any animal like bull dogs, eagles, snakes, wolves or other animals who are traditionally thought of as aggressive or "cold blooded killers".

Ammo with the terms "Safety" or "Target" in the title, and endorsed by famous target shooters would seem litigant safer than "Red Dawn Battle Proven Maximum Velocity Extreme Expansion Cartiridges".

That and a record of you having regularly practiced with THAT round would be a good idea.

"No I target shoot with reduced load round nosed lead but for self defense I load up the higher pressure expanding jacketed hollow points"

""And those are the bullets you killed my client with? Shot out of your Python revolver? With combat grips?""

Sgt Lumpy
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Old June 9, 2013, 07:28 PM   #16
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.40S&W Federal Guard Dog or Hornady Critical Deffense?

Definitely Hornady Critical Defense! I use them in my 9mm carry, my PX4 40, and my Beretta 90-TWO
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Old June 10, 2013, 12:19 PM   #17
Spats McGee
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Location: Arkansas
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FWIW, the latest Guns & Ammo had a write-up on Federal Guard Dog.
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Old June 14, 2013, 04:32 PM   #18
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I navigate towards the selfdefense rounds that one can find in 50 round LE boxes vs. 20 round consumer boxes. They can usually be 30% or more cheaper.
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Old June 14, 2013, 04:59 PM   #19
Old Stony
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Location: East Texas
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I'll second the option of 50 round boxes of LE ammo. I have had very good results from Speer Golden Sabres and keep them in a favorite .45 I carry often. I once shot a hog in the head with one. I actually saw the head in a field weeks later where the critters drug it. Looking into the head I thought maybe the hog had a golden tooth, but instead found the Golden Sabre lying in it's mouth. It had mushroomed to about 3/4 inch in a beautiful symettrical pattern. Made a believer out of me.
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