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Old May 4, 2013, 07:12 PM   #1
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Scope Reccomendations for Pellet Rifle

Howdy All,
Today I picked up a Gamo Silent Cat Pellet Rifle at a yard sale for $47.00 with no scope in very good condition. I thought this was a pretty good deal for the price even with out a scope. I shot it a few times when I returned to the house and it's pretty accurate across the yard with the little fiber sights on it but I would like to put a scope on it so I thought I would ask you folks out there what would you might recommend.

Thank you for your input,,,,
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Old May 4, 2013, 07:25 PM   #2
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I don't have any manufacturers to recommend. However, I have read that one should not use a regular hi-power/centerfire scope. Only use scopes made for pellet guns.
It has to do with the way the pellet rifle "recoils". Centerfire guns push backwards where as the pellet guns have a slight jump forward. This forward motion affects the crosshairs because of the way they are mounted inside the tube.
I'm sorry I don't remember the exact details but basically if you don't use a scope made for pellet guns, the scope wont hold zero after a while.

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Old May 4, 2013, 07:33 PM   #3
Join Date: September 20, 2009
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I heard something like that a long time ago. I wasn't sure if that still applied today. I bought this pellet gun for when the grandkids come to visit. I suppose I'll have to drag out the target boards to see just how accurate this thing can be. I don't know at this point if it's worth putting a scope on it or not. Maybe tomorrow I'll put some time into it and find out.

Oh, by the way the pellets I fed it are some pointed Crossman Pointed pellets.
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Old May 5, 2013, 01:40 PM   #4
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FWIW, it's just as true today as when pellet guns first started destroying standard riflescopes - get a specialized airgun scope, especially since it's not like they're hard to find (online) or ultra-expensive.

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Old May 5, 2013, 03:37 PM   #5
Evan Thomas
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Location: Upper midwest
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You definitely need a scope that's made for air rifles. Any of the big online suppliers carries them. I'd recommend Air Gun Depot -- bought both of my airguns from them, and their service was excellent. PyramydAir has a larger selection of inexpensive scopes (starting at $10 ), but you pretty much get what you pay for, and I'd trust AGD not to be selling anything that's absolute junk -- theirs start around $35. If you don't want to spend at least that much, you might as well stick with the sights your rifle came with...
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Old May 5, 2013, 06:12 PM   #6
Join Date: September 20, 2009
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Thanks PetahW, I wouldn't have known better and would have probably killed a scope. And Vanya I appreciate the links. I noticed a Leapers 4x32 that looked pretty good. It looks like its affordable so I will do some homework on the quality and read some reviews. Thanks again folks for the support.

This pellet rifle might just get some use before the grandkids come this summer,,, ha.
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Old May 5, 2013, 08:16 PM   #7
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I've always hear that it was bad to use a standard scope on a springer. I put a 2x Tasco on my RWS 34 a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. It was a free, cheap scope but it seems to work just fine and maintains a zero. I doubt that I would have put a Leupold on it. Just for what it's worth.
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Old May 5, 2013, 08:34 PM   #8
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I've a few "Storage" scopes in the garage, but they are/were used on some older 22lrs. I am glad to hear a springer operated pellet rifle isn't where they belong. I sure would hate to kill one of em'
So I've been looking online at a Leapers 4x32 that is built for this app.

I sure do appreciate the input from everyone.
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Old May 5, 2013, 10:15 PM   #9
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Cartridge rifle scores are fine for air pumpers, but spring or nitro piston guns will kill them. If it's a break barrel get a air rifle scope.

Good score! Don't shoot your eye out kid!

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Old May 5, 2013, 10:46 PM   #10
El Bango
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I just picked up a BSA .22 Special scope at Big 5 for $25.00.It is a 4x, 1" tube, 3/8" rings , duplex reticle and says on the box "for use on air rifles or rimfire.I'll mount it on my Sheridan as soon as the mounts come in.Michael
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Old May 6, 2013, 05:40 AM   #11
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We have a Gamo "Big Cat" and up on top is a Hammers 3-9x40 I believe,, only paid 50-60 bucks for it.....
Thanks for coming!
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Old May 6, 2013, 06:05 AM   #12
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Scopes for air rifles should have AO because most are for short range shooting. Spring powered air guns need scopes made for the extra recoil from the spring expanding. I have two Beeman spring powered and Benjiman, Sheridan, and Crosman pump up air rifles. Look at scopes with AO in the $ 100 range that is if you wont one that will last the life of the air rifle.
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Old May 6, 2013, 06:23 AM   #13
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Kids are better off without a scope.
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Old May 6, 2013, 06:58 PM   #14
Join Date: September 20, 2009
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Just came in from chasing a golf ball around the back yard with this Gamo pellet rifle. I forgot just how much fun these can be. It's pretty accurate even though the rear sight seems to move around a bit. I just push it down after each shot and it seems to be pretty close.
Managed to chase two golf balls out through the fence, about 25 to 30 yards out. I'll have to figure out what's up with the rear sight before long.

Brain just shifted into gear so I disassembled the rear sight and found the Torx mount screw was loose. Tightened it up and eliminated the rear sight play. I'll have to shoot it some more tomorrow " Wife says dinner is ready.

Priorities, Priorities, priorities,,,,,
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Old May 7, 2013, 07:01 PM   #15
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Get a Leupold air rifle scope. I have a VX-2 air rifle scope on my .308. Don't laugh, has double springs & it works great and no more crosshair recoil turbulation problems.
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Old May 7, 2013, 07:13 PM   #16
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I have Leupolds on both of mine.
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