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At one time, maybe even today they were using EC3 Hawkeye ( navy) aircraft to track aircraft smuggling into the states ( and Cuba) They may have been "loaned" to the CG but I wasn't part of that.
I've done that mission a few times (1999 and again in 2001). It's the E-2C Hawkeye, but close enough

We would work with the Coast Guard, coordinating through the Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF), but we weren't officially assigned to the Coast Guard. We'd detect and track the suspicious boats (and sometimes aircraft) heading North, and vector an Air Force fighter aircraft or a Navy P-3 Orion down to get a visual look and/or take pictures. If needed, the Coast Guard did the actual boarding and searching.

It was also fairly common to have a Coast Guard sniper flying in a Navy helicopter. The sniper could disable the boat's engine(s) under Title 14 of the US Code, something that the active-duty military couldn't do in that region under our Title 10 authorities.
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I've done that mission a few times (1999 and again in 2001). It's the E-2C Hawkeye, but close enough
Your right It's been a long time. Back in the 70s when I worked with them but mostly worked with the S2F pilots

I would note that out in CA they have a check point on I-5 right in the middle of Camp Pendelton Marines are always catching illegals trying to sneak up the beach. One time they got the hell scared out of them The. Marines were holding a game with Miles gear when the marines saw people sneaking along the beach they opened up on them.
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This is what caught my eye in reading that article.

Most of the criticism of the deployment focuses on its costs and benefits. The 1,200 National Guard troops have helped Border Patrol agents apprehend 25,514 illegal immigrants at a cost of $160 million — or $6,271 for each person caught.
Of course it's expensive to deploy the guard, by the way, this was the guard coming from half way across the country. New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas all have their own guard so why use these Northerners unless cost isn't an issue?

But the real deal, 25,514 illegal immigrants.

The real problem isn't catching them, it's what we do with them after we catch them.
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Mainly because the American and Mexican border is friggin' huge.

And even if the Texas Guard has X amount many Soldiers in it, not every one of those guys and girls can go patrol the border.

Same goes for Arizona and New Mexico. That whole tooth to tail ratio for one thing, and another thing is not all Guard units are combat units. Or even combat support.

A really good friend of mine is a SSgt in the Georgia Guard. Super smart girl. Pretty, too boot. And she writes and reviews press releases at the Brigade PAO office. And she's got a campaign medal or too. But that doesn't mean she can be dropped in my squad, given an M-4A1 in lieu of her M-16A2 and told to ride around with me and my guys.
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The real problem isn't catching them, it's what we do with them after we catch them.
Well, we spend a bunch of money processing and warehousing them for a while, then another bunch of money deporting them just so they can try to get across yet again.

I happen to know of one illegal (currently north of the border) near where I live who has been over and back more than a dozen times. It's just a game, since there's no real penalty imposed on them when they're caught.

If I were running things, I'd be sending the Republic of Mexico (as well as every other country sending us their undesired populations) a largish bill every month, capturing the cost of processing illegals, all of the public services they consume, as well as the costs associated with imprisoning those who have committed crimes here. I have a funny feeling the flow would ebb quite quickly if the Mexican government was receiving a $10 billion invoice every month.
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JAG; U of Virginia...

For more details, I would see: or & learn about the US Army Judge Advocate General(JAG). These JAG lawyers & staff deal with legal issues like PCA.
The US armed forces use the UCMJ or Uniform Code of Military Justice. Troops also have SOFA or Status of Forces Agreements with host nations(Iraq, Japan, UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea).
US or federal laws apply too.

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