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Old March 24, 2013, 03:12 PM   #26
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In my humble opinion, Arsenal Inc offers the best AK 47 for the money. If you can afford to get one with a milled receiver, that is the direction I would go. I own one and of all the firearms I own, it is my favorite. The only drawback right now is the availability of 7.62X39 ammo.

Of course you can get an SKS for about half to one third the cost of an Arsenal, and as a first gun (and possessing limited funds), the SKS is hard to beat. But again, the problem right now is the availability of 7.62x39 ammo.

Now, might be the time to get a good bolt action rifle, in a more traditional hunting round of .243, 22-250 or .270. Lots of rounds, in these three calibers, are available at all of my local sporting goods scores.
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Old March 27, 2013, 01:48 AM   #27
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I'm also turning 18 in August. I see many kids my age who want to get into guns because of video games and movies. I also see many kids who have a legitimate interest but outside of these media nobody has ever taken the time to educate them. Plus, what is America if we can't enjoy the decision to indiscriminately buy an AK when we turn of legal age? haha

For the reference, dboy, as the mods around here are fond of saying, we must be ambassadors. This means being educated and well-spoken. Simply buying a rifle because it's got a "stronger round" and fires from an assault weapon type rifle may not present a good image to anti-gunners. Instead, figure out what you want. Do you want a range toy? An accurate AK that won't jam in any caliber should do that. Do you want something intimidating to whip out if somebody breaks into your house? If so, a shotgun would be a cheaper option, but if an assault weapon type is what you want you will ultimately buy one regardless.

As far as picking a rifle: Go to a gun store and ask to handle a few rifles. Tell them you are about to turn 18 and want to get a feel for different rifles so you know what to save up for. Get their FFL info while there so you can have the rifle shipped to them when you want to buy (this will probably make them more amenable). Try The AK-47 and 74 if they have it. Also try different AR-15's. Learn about your different ammo types. Ask them for their experiences. 5.56 mm is standard for an AR-15. Light recoil and easy to manage. AKs use 7.62 X39mm ammo or 5.45 X 39mm ammo. A 7.62 will kick more and could cause you to have bad shooting habits. There are also other rounds like .308 (7.62X51mm) which is used in hunting and "sniper rifles". It has a lot of kick but can shoot over 1000 yards in the right hand. There's Remington 6.8, 6.5, even a .50 Beowulf if that's what you want to get into.

Why don't you let us know what you're planning to use it for and maybe we can help a little more.
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Old March 27, 2013, 09:19 PM   #28
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very good advice dakota.potts.
however a word of warning, a lot of FFLs are leery about floating too many copies of their license so they will either only give their information to other FFLs or will only give it out once a deal is already being negotiated. letting them know you want to work with them as much as possible is a good thing that can carry over into personal friendships and a good educational education.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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Old March 27, 2013, 10:20 PM   #29
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My first gun was a Walther P22.
Although the tone may not be the best, the above advice that you get some time on the range before buying might not be too bad. I know from experience.
Ok Ok, the P22 wasn't really all that bad.

If you want an "AK" style rifle to shoot at the range, look at one of the 22lr versions. WASR22, GSG, etc. Probably cheaper, especially right now, and even if it ends up not being exactly what you wanted it will still be fun to go to the range and shoot cheap 22LR out of.

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Old March 28, 2013, 10:10 AM   #30
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You're "young" in gun-ownership, so are looking at the glitzy guns that shoot a lot of ammo in a short time. They're also very pricey these days and ammo is pretty scarce and may be for a while.

If I were starting over, I'd strongly consider a bolt-action in .22-250 with a medium-powered variable scope (3-9X). You'll love shooting the low-recoiling, but quite impressive, flat-shooting and accurate cartridge and ammo is more readily available than for primarily semi-auto calibers.

I've had .22-250s and used them for target shooting, varmint and deer hunting. It's really amazing to take one to the range and make 5/8" groups at 200 yards, then go out woodchuck hunting and shoot them at impressive distances from different positions, including offhand, prone with bipod, and sitting. A 55 grain bullet leaving the muzzle at 3,650 is quite impressive on all kinds of targets!!! Mine won many paper-target turkey shoots too.
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Demetrius - An AK/AKM 47's accuracy is "good enough for government work." The cinder block breaking capabilities of the 7.62X39 round, is superior to that of the 5.56X45 round.

You can jam the AK47/AK74's...since I've jammed both of mine twice, by double shortstroking the charging handle twice --- which leaves a live round stuck in the receiver behind the trigger group --- that causes the charging handle/bolt carrier to freeze up --- the only remedy is to field strip the gun, and remove the stuck live round.

I would not buy a Polish Tantal AK74, because Century's barrel metal is known to be rather soft that is easily worn out. Green Mountain...has proposed to make new barrels for the Tantal.

I traded my Tantal...and bought a Saiga AKM74, that comes with a modified forearm and a modified bolt hold open button on the upper right rear side of the trigger guard. It is a very fast shooter.

If the UN gun ban goes into effect {I'm assuming that it won't} might nix your chance of getting an AK --- so I would advise you to buy an AK at all costs --- while you still have the time.



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welcome aboard. If you are asking about an AK-47, forget what some are telling you about AR-15's. If it is an AK, then get an AK.
As to those telling you that now is not the time to buy military type semi-automatic rifles & carbines, they are correct. Prices are outrageous. Wait for things to calm down (may take awhile).
Here is my small contribution: I have an AKM. Most of what people refer to as an AK-47 are actually AKM's. This makes a difference to me because if I were looking for and asking for an AK-47 I would not settle for an AKM. Do they operate the same? Yes. Are they the same? Yes and no. Make sure you research the history and design of the Kalashnikov rifle so that you gain a better understanding about what you are shopping for.
It is more than just semantics for me. When I spoke to the seller on the telephone about the rifle he was advertising on the trading post (five years ago, about), I specifically told him I wanted an AKM (most people do not care). He backtracked and owned to me that his was not an AK-47, but an AKM. I bought it at his asking price of $350 (the good ole days).
I say this because to my way of thinking an actual AK-47 would be worth more than an AKM because they are fewer in number. By the way, my AKM is of Polish manufacture.
DBoy007, there are people here who know much more about this firearm than I do (I hardly fire mine; will not sell it). It is a fine weapon and you will like it alot, especially when the ammunition prices for it get back to normal. I just want you to be aware of the real differences in the two models of the same rifle and you get what you really want. The AR-15 is a fine rifle, but you sound like you really want a Kalashnikov.
Listen to the guys on these forums who know their stuff and do your homework.
Good luck.
- JKHolman
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Old March 31, 2013, 01:22 PM   #33
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JK Holman,
I'm afraid that you are offering two conflicting pieces of advice.
1. don't listen to the guys telling you to buy an AR15.
2. listen the the members here that know more about the subject than I do.

many of the members suggesting other models have a fairly acceptable level of experience with both models to offer an educated referral. those that are suggesting other models like 22lrs, SKS, and AR15s are doing so because of personal experience and are making suggestions based on what they see as the necessities of a first time gun buyer.

these models are all easier to maintain and aside from the SKS all have lighter recoil which helps keep the new owner from developing a flinch. buying a gun just because you want it is a horrible idea so several reasons. educating yourself on what features you like and then picking a design that best fits those aesthetics is how you buy a gun that you love.

I wanted an AK more than anything a few years back, there was no deterring me so I bought one. a AKM for $800 just after the 09 election, didn't matter to me, I was in the military and had guaranteed paychecks it was no biggy. but once I actually held it, shot it, and having to clean it ever month regardless of shooting because of rust buildup I started to seriously regret buying it. I spent 3 years trying to get it to a point where I was happy with it aesthetically and practically and finally sold it at a loss, I have never once suffered sellers remorse and it is the only gun I've sold or traded away that I haven't had remorse over losing. I can seriously say that keeping your options open is a wise decision for a new gun buyer that wants to be satisfied with his first purchase. the last thing you want is to get stuck with a POS just because it's what you thought you wanted.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
I never said half the stuff people said I did-Albert Einstein
You can't believe everything you read on the internet-Benjamin Franklin
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