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Re: How much scope power

Originally Posted by EFMAN2K3 View Post
Chipchip-Sorry for changing gears on your post!
Metal God- How many rounds do you shoot during a range trip on the same rifle? What would be considered damaging or too much? Thanks
Shoot as much as you want. If you let the barrel cool between strings then you won't be doing anymore damage than you would by shooting 3 strings, going home, and then shooting 3 more strings a week later. Once the barrel gets overheated and you continue to push it is when you are unnecessarily decreasing barrel life.
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Thanks !!
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If purely a high end target rifle, maybe a 24x or 36x would be a good choice. If you will be taking game shots, I would rather give up some aiming precision for field of view. I would like to have 10 - 12x at 300, but have taken shots at that range with 4x and not been overly troubled with that.
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at the varmit shoots,you must shoot five shots in six minutes,as many sighter shots as you want,but at six minutes your done for that relay. not than many shots over the three relays,maybe a hour and a half to two hours to shoot the 15 total shots plus and sighter shots to check the wind. eastbank.
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Been awhile since I'v done it, usually just happy shooting my rifles at 100 yd targets. But, my 6.5-20x44 Weaver Super Slam was more than adequate for 400 to 600 yd shooting with my rifle. 300 yds would probably be a lark with it.
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maestro pistolero
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Some of the answers here convey a distinct gap in the poster's familiarity with O.F.V.S. (Old Fart Vision Syndrome).
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How much scope power is need to shoot small groups at 300 yards. Bought a 6.5 Creedmoor Target rifle and need a scope. The range were I shoot has a 100, 200 and 300 yard range. Thanks
OK, you don't give a lot of information here... so let's go with the basics... you refer to "small groups at 300 yards" which leads me to believe "target shooting" at that range. So, the basics: "You can't have too much glass on the bench"!! Let me put that into perspective... I use a 12X42X56 NightHawk Benchrest scope at 25 and 50 yards on a 22 LR! The better you can see the target detail, the better opportunity you will have to shoot well! I like being able to "look into" the previous round hole in the target. In my opinion, purchase as much glass as you can afford... and remember... if you have multiple rifles, buy ONE EXPENSIVE scope and move it between rifles!!
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Lucas McCain
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My target rifle scope is a 36x Leupold with target crosshairs. and I will offer this advice. "You can't expect to hit what you can't see". What ever scope you chose for target or long range you will want it equipped with the AO (adjustable Objective) feature.
I use this scope for bench rest and when I'm working up loads for my other rifles. When I am shooting for groups I use square bulls eye targets, black on white. When I sight the rifle I put the square corner of the bulls eye in the upper right quadrant of the cross hair. the vertical part of the cross hair is lined up beside the verticle side of the square bulls eye and the horizontal cross hair is lined up with the lower horizontal side of the square bulls eye. You don;t want to see any white between the cross hairs and the bulls eye. I dont care where the point of impact is, I am only concerned about the size of the group. Only after I'm satisfied with my group size, do I then get concerned with with point of impact and get concerned about the X-ring. I also shoot 5 rounds to get a good idea of group size.
You may ned a bubble level to get your target set Plumb. And using scopes of this power requires good bags and a good rest because it will wiggle an awful lot and at that power it shows up very good.
One other thing I would advise is to , go watch a benchrest match if you can find one. You'll learn a lot just by watching and most of those guys are always willing to talk after they have shot and are done cleaning and reloading.
If you have time to do it twice, then you have time to do it once right and put your name on it
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Thank you guys very much for all your knowledge. It will help me make a better decision on my scope purchase. Will probably end up with a Luepold
6x20x50 or 8.5x25x50 with a fine duplex. I say this because they are a good scope and I can get a substantial discount because we sell them where I work.
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