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Old February 21, 2013, 11:10 PM   #51
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why else would the government buy up sooooo much ammunition when the demand is so great?
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Old February 21, 2013, 11:56 PM   #52
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Re: Where Has All the Ammo Gone?

Originally Posted by Newton24b View Post
well if your dealing about walmart, dont expect ammunition to come in for another 7 weeks. were now told its due to the latest government contract for 16-20 million rounds of ammunition from the civilian factories.
And who exactly is telling us this?
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Old February 21, 2013, 11:59 PM   #53
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Re: Where Has All the Ammo Gone?

This is a dumb question but are any of the major ammo makers publicly traded? Perhaps a quarterly report would shed some light on how much is being produced.
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Old February 22, 2013, 12:29 AM   #54
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Just to make this perfectly clear, while the government agencies are buying ammo in bulk amounts, this is a perfectly normal thing. They aren't receiving the large number of rounds all at once, it is a contract that spans over time so that they can guarantee a certain price, consistency, and a steady stream of munitions. Its simply being noticed more because of people panicking.

They also buy almost everything else in bulk, like weapons, food, toilet paper, medical supplies, etc.

The current shortage is because a large amount of people are scared about the potential bans and control laws. Hoarding and/or prepping is definitely a problem as well. New gun owners are likely a contributing factor here too.
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Old February 23, 2013, 03:54 PM   #55
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Thought I would jump in here and post my findings. I am a programmer and have a 35 min drive to my office. There are 3 walmarts on my way to work so if I leave the house 30 minute early I can hit all 3 and still be in the office @8. I have found one gets ammo on Tues. night and the other 2 get it on wednesday night so if I am there @ a little before 7 on those next days you can find what you need. This week all had 100 round target FMJ 9mm Win so 3 stops x 3 boxes each = 900. Tried call it a even 1000 day I went back about 9am to the closest one and 30 boxes were all gone. Week before it was SKS food hunt with good results. Week before that it was 22lr and yes there is Hording around here too and a lot of re-selling I am out of the game with 1000 of each cal. A big 0 at BassPros and Sportmans wharehouse constantly. I did not stock up before the election but should have I was busy programming all of the new regs. and taxes into our systems this guy wants to know where every penny is going.
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Old February 23, 2013, 09:56 PM   #56
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For the most part, you need to be lucky

My wife and I are staying in a hotel a few mile down the road from Cabelas so I went there around noon and the place was mobbed. Super crowded around the the handgun display cases so I checked out the ammo section and really not much, a little 9mm, 38s, .357mag and lots of shotgun and rifle calibers (no .223/5.56) so I just browsed a bit and did find a 35 capacity magazine for my S&W 15-22.
After dinner I felt like going back and looking at the handgun selection. they close at 9:00 and it was around 7:40 so I figured there would not be many customer crowding around the display cases like earlier in the day.
I walked by the ammo section on the way to the gun section and I noticed they were stocking the shelves in the rifle caliber section and lo and behold, there were dozens and dozens of 20 count boxes of PMC bronze .223 and 5.56! The price was not marked so I asked the associate how much they were per box and he told me they were $9.99. I grabbed 4 boxes and went to the gun section to see about a .22 revolver.
When I checked out, they only charged me $8.99 per box, not $9.99! I guess they must not have changed the price in the system yet.
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Old February 25, 2013, 12:11 AM   #57
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I stopped at the Wal-Mart in the booming metropolis of Hazelhurst on my way home from drill today, and low and behold, they had a fair assortment of ammo, including .45 and .380, the .380 being Tula, but that being said, I was glad to see some, because I had bought all the .380 my local wal-mart had shortly after Christmas.

My thinking is that since I'm out of pistol primers, my sister, who has decided she likes to shoot "her" gun, can burn through that Tula stuff for as long as I can find it.

Good deal.
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