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Old January 30, 2013, 08:47 PM   #26
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If you want a 300 H & H.......

Slamfire just gave the best answer. Way to go.
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Old January 30, 2013, 09:35 PM   #27
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3.4 is the longest COAL you will commonly run into with the 06. 3.65 is the absolute longest for the H&H. That is 1/4". Not a big deal.
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Old January 30, 2013, 11:23 PM   #28
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I would say yes it is doable. I would also say if you are set on the performance rechamber for 300 win mag. If you are dead set on the cartridge either do as you earlier suggested or buy a 300 h&h.

I personally would not be able to alter a perfectly good 30-06. Instead I would find an excuse to buy the second rifle and all the while I am saving the money. Be awful nice to the significant other. Jmo.
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Old January 31, 2013, 12:58 AM   #29
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What is the gate width (receiver cutout length) on the 300H&H you posted?

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Old January 31, 2013, 09:58 AM   #30
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I personally would not be able to alter a perfectly good 30-06. Instead I would find an excuse to buy the second rifle
That don't always work, at least for me. You just end up with a ton of Model 70s.

I've been looking for a Model 70 to build a 260 Rem. Found the perfect candidate, a target model Model 70 from the CMP Auctions. Everything I need already set up............the problem is its in 308. Too good of a rifle to re-barrel (even though I don't need another 308.......but who wants to screw up a good target Model 70.

So I'm getting a 308 Model 70 and still have to find a Model 70 to make a 260.
Kraig Stuart
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Old January 31, 2013, 10:37 AM   #31
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I am not an M-70 expert,but on my modern M-70 Laredo in 7mm Rem,there is a stop ,I think its attached to the extractor collar,on the left side.It shortens the rearward travel on the bolt.It hits the bolt stop by the ejector.
The Laredo also has a spacer block in the rear of the mag box.

I have considered taking advantage of changing this,as a 162 gr A-max jumps about .150 to the rifling at max mag box length,and I have a box of long skinny Bergers to play with.Long seating VLDs to the lands sounds appealing

Its one of those things that looks easy.Probably is,if you know exactly what to do,but screw up,spare parts for that intermediate "Classic" are not so easy.

My understanding has been they are both the same length action,just setup different.

While I ,myself,might choose something besides the H=H,one thing about this gun stuff is we need to be able to pursue our preferences.They don't have to make sense to anyone else.

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Old January 31, 2013, 10:44 AM   #32
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Kraig,I do not know what you have to give for a M-70 rifle these days,but here is an option:
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Old February 2, 2013, 09:51 AM   #33
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If you really don't like the 30-06 why not re barrel for the .338-06. You get a heavier bullet without the sinus clearing recoil and more thump on the target, win win. Personally I would just up it to 8MM-06 for the accuracy advantage but that's just my druthers.

Or you could go WSM or WSSM with less work involved in the rebuild and still get your magnum load.
The 338-06 would be my first choice in this case as well. It would only mean a barrel change and at closer ranges it would out perform the 300 magnums and certainly be something unique. But the 338-06 actually has about the same recoil, or slightly more than the 300 mags. You will not only get equal or better peformance on game, but retain 5+1 mag capacity vs 3+1 with the magnums.

Changing to a WSM would be no easier than 300 H&H, probably harder.


As mentioned above, I already possess a .300 Winchester Magnum.
This is why I see no NEED for the 300 H&H. You really gain nothing over the 30-06 or 300 win mag you already own.. This, as well as the simpler conversion leads me to believe the 338-06, 280, 9.3X62, or 35 Whelen would be a better choice. Of course if you really want a 300 H&H, it can be done. It just seems like going around the world for something that offers you no advantages. When you look at the much greater expense and trouble of a 300 H&H conversion vs the ones I metioned above you reach the point where it makes more sense to just trade for the chambering you want.
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Old February 4, 2013, 07:57 PM   #34
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What is the gate width (receiver cutout length) on the 300H&H you posted?

The 300 H&H measures 3.210"

My 257 Roberts was 3.142", not much smaller.

Best of luck.
If I'm not shooting, I'm reloading.
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Old February 4, 2013, 09:52 PM   #35
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I had a 300 WinMag 70 XTR USRAC "Push Feed" that had a magazine box that wouldn't allow seating to the rifling grooves. Called "Gun Parts" and got a mag box without the rear filler plate ( like my .270 has) and a bolt stop for..................................a 300H&H/375H&H. Let me increase my O.A.L. about .200" and cured the long throat on my WinMag. The 300 H&H is sexy though.

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Old February 5, 2013, 11:53 PM   #36
edward hogan
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Want comparable power to the .300 H&H?

Look at going .30-06 Ackley Improved... Delivers about 100fps gain in velocity over the standard 06 IF (big if), if you are shooting Heavy bullets.

Look at the Sierra manual and compare. Performance about the same as the H&H. Close enough to call it a day. 5 rds in your magazine rather than 3, maybe 6 if you do a Wyatt's mag extension.

If you are set on converting to a magnum boltface ctg .533", I have a spare magnum bolt that is complete which I can swap for your complete .473 bolt. This is a CRF bolt all factory original.

Think I would look at the short-magnums like the SAUM and WSM. Barrels are pretty readily available for CRF hartford guns. Swap bolt with me and buy a .300 WSM barrel off gunbroker or Ebay and you'd be set.

The .300 WSM will be in the same league as the H&H. If want something more Nostalgic and Exotic there's always the .308 Norma aka .30/338.
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Old February 7, 2013, 09:39 AM   #37
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I get it that you just want a 300 H+H.Your preference is justification enough.And you may order your eggs cooked the way you want them,be attracted to whatever sort of woman appeals to you,etc.

If a man wants to build a gun,he can do it his way.I just bought a Krag that was sporterized in a fashion inspired by the NRA sporter.How much sense does that make?

Just general info,no push intended,my 30-06 AI would chrono 2900 fps with a 180 gr Accubond.My 30-338 would get 2900 fps with a 200 gr Accubond.

But I understand our OP is not looking for numbers.

A guy just might want a 7x57,or a .405 Win,or a .250 savage,or a Willys Overland station wagon.

Have fun!
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Old February 7, 2013, 02:33 PM   #38
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winchester model 70

I too, own a Winchester Model 70 Sporter XTR 3006 and just bought extra magazines as they are removable and holds 4 cartiges. The new magazines seem to be tighter than the original and cannot be loaded directly from top. The ammo has to be worked in at an angle. Winchester parts salesman claims that the newly purchased magazines are correct and this type of loading is correct.
Is there anyone familiar with this rifle and the detachable magazine?
I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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