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Best powder for reloading 41 Mag

I've reloaded 41 Mag for over 25 years using 296 with regular primers, I have 500 new cases primed with regular primers. I've NEVER had a problem with 20 grs of 296, Jacketed hollow and soft point 210 gr bullets. Now, I read that I should be using large pistol MAGNUM primers with this load! My question is what powder should I be using with regular large pistol primers? I want to be able to load BOTH hunting loads and reduced target loads with a more versatile powder. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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try 2400
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Unique Is Good, I like it crimped moderately with a stout
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I am going to give two powders that I use for .41 Mag. Both work great, and shoot cleanly at reduced loads, and at high pressure. More than I can say for 2400, and Unique. I have used 2400 once. Never again.

AA#9 is great for higher velocity loads with cast lead, or jacketed bullets. It is my go to. I have used H-110 it meters well though I do not gas check my cast so it is not able to be used for cast. It has quite a bit of flash as well. IMR 4227 it works ok. 2400 was dity at low pressure, and with cast bullets.

For light shooting loads Trail Boss will do it well. Great case fill, low recoil, and it is the cleanest burning powder you will ever use.
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I've had good luck with HP38 or it's twin, Winchester 231 for light to medium loads...say up to 1100 fps with most any bullet. Either is particularly good with LSWC's. For jacketed high speed hunting loads suitable for use on deer, I like both 2400 or Accurate #9. Both can give you 1300 fps with 210 gr JHP's, and neither needs "Magnum" primers. I use Winchester Lg Pistol Primers for all the above listed powders with great accuracy...My S&W M57 and two Ruger New Model Blackhawks with 6-1/2" bbls will all do sub-2" gps at 25 yds with any of the above. Unique will work as well for the light to medium loads, but is a royal PITA to meter through most any powder measure. HP38 or Win 231 meter extremely well and give better accuracy in my guns. Good luck, Rod
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Mike Irwin
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"Now, I read that I should be using large pistol MAGNUM primers with this load!"

I've read the same thing.

I've ignored it for over a decade.

Have you had any ignition problems?

If not, then why are you worried about it.

Just make sure you have a good, solid crimp.
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Mike / Tx
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For my 41's I have used H-110, 296, 2400, AA-5,7,& 9, Blue Dot, Red Dot, Unique, and probably a few more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

I have for the most part used Winchester LP primers for around 85% of all the loads and CCI LP for the rest. Well maybe a Remington thrown in somewhere along the line.

My main stay load for the past 20'ish years has been the Remington 200gr SJHP, loaded over 20.5grs of 296, yes the REAL 296 before it became the same as H-110, and lit with the Win WLP.

I haven't ever had any issues with any ignition even when the charges were compressed. I have made sure that I DO have great neck tension and a decent crimp. The crimp however is only there to prevent movement, the case tension will do more for consistent velocities and a sure light off than anything.

That said, DO NOT REDUCE the charges of 296/H110 more than 3% as mentioned by the manufacturer.
Mike / TX
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