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I never said they aren't as good as the old Bushmaster, but many people who have owned both say the quality has gone down since the change.
Do you own a Bushmaster? Have you ever owned a Bushmaster?
I know you are right about what many people say but, many people repeat what they read on the internet as if it is the gospel when most of them have never even held a Bushmaster. I have two in my possession right now. One was made in Windham and one was made in Ilion and the only difference I can see in the two is the name of the city stamped on the side of the receiver. My Brother in law bought a Windham Weaponry rifle last week and it is a very nice looking rifle. When you field strip it to clean it, you can just barely force the bolt back into the carrier because the gas rings fit so tight and the firing pin retaining pin is almost impossible to install unless you have it positioned just perfectly. The chamber won't close on rounds that feed flawlessly in my Bushmaster and then when you try and extract the round you have to really pull hard on the charging handle to get it to come out. I was first issued an M16 in 1976 and have used many M16s and AR15s of just about every configuration and have never had those kind of problems before.

I don't think it is fair to say that Bushmaster fired all their employees. I think they just didn't want to transfer in order to keep their jobs. This is one of those things that happen in business quite often. I have been through that myself. I had every opportunity to transfer if i wanted to keep my job I chose not too.
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Do you own a Bushmaster? Have you ever owned a Bushmaster?
I know you are right about what many people say but, many people repeat what they read on the internet as if it is the gospel when most of them have never even held a Bushmaster.
I never once said the quality has gone down. I only said that the new Bushmaster is completely different than the old Bushmaster.

That said, I work in one of the highest-volume gun shops in this region of the country. (Heck, we're one of the only shops in this part of the country who even have any AR-15s left, and we have a whole lot of them.) I've talked to many people who feel the quality has gone down since the overhaul happened. Do I take their word as gospel? No, I don't; but I do listen to advice from good sources and take it into consideration.

All I've been saying this entire time is that when a company changes everything completely like Bushmaster did, it's really not the same company as it was before. Whether that new company makes a product that is better or worse is up to the actual owners to decide.
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Hey ffs1942, this $750 Bushmaster - would it happen to be the Carbon-15 model? I'd pass on that. I kinda doubt you can find many $750 ARs right now with milspec 7075-T6 alloy receivers so I'm betting it's actually a C-15.

And honestly unless you get a screaming deal I'd pass on Bushmaster itself as you can get a higher quality PSA for about the same price. In normal times their KISS model was around $750.
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Old March 24, 2013, 04:21 AM   #29
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Bushmaster Carbon 15 AR

I just recently purchased the Bushmaster Carbon 15 AR and I must say so far I really like this rifle. I will be testing it out Monday at the range and am looking forward to it.

I know from looking at the threads it appears not to many people like these rifles and was just wondering with the rifles being produced today (carbon 15's) has anyone had any issues with them (the versions being produced currently)?

I am adding the ATG quad rails, the MOPAR CTR stock, a Hogue grip and a different scope to it. With these rails it looks like the barrel will have plenty of air circulation around it not that I am going to go to the gravel pit and just blow through the rounds or anything but I think they will help keeping the barrel cool.

Please let me know if there are any recommendations on what to keep a watch out for since I am new to the AR platform.

Thanks and have a great day.
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Old March 24, 2013, 08:32 AM   #30
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There's nothing he's adding that will "get in the way" to the point of "jacking up the cost of repairs"... In addition, if that's how he wants it configured, all of his parts can be just as easily transferred to his next rifle if the situation/performance calls for it.
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Old March 24, 2013, 09:23 AM   #31
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I have no issues with my Bushmaster. I added a few accessories like a Wilson TTU-MIL trigger and staked the gas key though.
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Old March 24, 2013, 12:09 PM   #32
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I own an older bushmaster, I like it. I looked at a new one a few months ago, I had some issues with it.

1- the rear sight would not flip back to the smaller peep size.

2- the rear take down pin would not come out by hand, the LGS employee couldn't get it open.

3- there was too much wiggle between the upper and lower receiver for my taste.

For a rifle with a $1K price tag, I was not impressed, I bought a S&W instead.
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Quality of Bushmaster .223?

I love my older one time they were the cats meow, not sure about now. They used to be close to Colt as far as fit and finish.
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Originally Posted by PawPaw
I've got a Bushmaster that I've used as a patrol rifle for the past several years. It lives in a soft case and gets carried from cruiser to cruiser. Mine is the XM15E2S, almost a clone of the A2 I carried for many years in the Army.

I don't have any gripes about the little rifle. I use iron sights, run factory ammo through it, and have good magazines. It's accurate, dependable, and handy.
I think Dennis nailed it, accurate and dependable. I have a old A1 BM and a M4gery BM when they first came out. Both run great, I use M193 mostly, made some changes on both but still using the original BCG's and barrels.

Think MEAL
Take care of these four items and your AR should run like a Swiss watch.

This BM is almost a antique.

This BM well be due for a new BCG in another few thousand rounds.
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