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Old March 24, 2001, 03:05 PM   #1
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With my Midway 1292, I have noticed that the media action is better without the lid attached. I have read the instructions and they don't say anything about operating the tumbler this way. Am I doing any harm or wearing the mechanisms faster operating it without the lid? It sure seems to work better.

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Old March 24, 2001, 03:11 PM   #2
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and I thought this was gonna be a thread about a boob getting caught in the tumbler....
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Old March 24, 2001, 04:02 PM   #3
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Rats!! I thought it was a combination of Playboy and reloading. What a combination!
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Old March 24, 2001, 04:51 PM   #4
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I knew the title was too good to be true.

There isn't a reason I can think of why the media action would be better with the lid off, but the only downside I can think of to tumbling "topless" would be spreading dust around the room where you do your tumbling.

Off to do a search on "tumbling topless" to see what sort of pictures really exist.

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Old March 24, 2001, 07:18 PM   #5
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Could be changing the resonant frequency of the assembly enough to alter the action. If the lid doesn't snap on firmly it can act as a damper and inhibit the motion. Never thought about it being enough to be noticable. New book comin out, "Tumbler Tuning".

Sam....not Yosimite, he have longer arms.
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Old March 24, 2001, 07:29 PM   #6
Hot Core
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Hey Sub, Running the Tumbler Topless won't hurt it, but it might toss some media out. If that gets to be a problem, you can put the lid on and hold it "lightly" against the bowl by using what I've always called an "Aircraft Nut". It has a small piece of nylon incorporated into it that is "slightly" smaller than the center-stud and thus acts as a "Lock Nut" to keep the vibration from tossing it off. You can get them at any Hardware Store.

If you have a see-through lid, and get the Tumbler going, I agree that you can adjust the "wave" a bit depending on the amount of tension you place on the center-stud. You have to allow the cases to tumble for a bit until they fill with media and then do the adjusting while it is tumbling, or it is just a guess.

You can also adjust it a bit by how much media is in the bowl vs. the type and number of cases. But, as you mentioned, there is a difference in the performance of the movement, or the wave.

The larger round-sided bowls (doughnut shaped for the LEOs) seem to toss out less media than the bowls that have tapered, straight walls (wider at the top than at the bottom). In the doughnut shaped bowls, you can just use the regular rubber coated jam-nut to adjust the tension (without a lid) and you won't get the media tossed out nearly as bad, if at all.

Must admit that having read the previous posts, I can see where having a well endowed, nubile "Topless Tumbler" in the Reloading Room while the Tumbler is running Topless would make the time waiting for the cases to finish be a good bit more "enjoyable". Seems like another good idea who's time has come to me!

Let me go get a PBR while you all line up the Topless Tumblers!

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core
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Old March 24, 2001, 09:01 PM   #7
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I run my 1292 without its lid all the time. With treated cc media, I don't notice any dust flying about. The media does move faster without the lid, than with the lid.
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Old March 24, 2001, 09:46 PM   #8
dick w. holliday
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i generally have so much in my little dillon that without the top it spills out...Dick
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Old March 25, 2001, 12:29 AM   #9
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Don't know if there's any health risks from airborne priming compound residue (lead styphinate and or other lead compounds such as lead tri-nitro- resorcinate, lead peroxide)? Probably prudent to keep it covered.

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Old March 28, 2001, 11:18 AM   #10
Joe Portale
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I once asked a girl to tumble my brass topless and got slapped.

Joe Portale
Tucson, Arizona Territory

"Even now in heaven there are angles carrying savage weapons".
- St Paul
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Old March 30, 2001, 11:59 AM   #11
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You hit the nail on the head.

One should be careful with the dust created by the tumbling media. If you can smell the media when you are handling it, dumping it, and sifting it, you are breathing the dust.

This media in time can become loaded with the lead styphnate compounds you speak of. Wear a dust mask when handling media. Don't forget. This is the primary reason that alot of indoor ranges have been closed due to air quality issues. Primer and bullet lead VAPORS. A chunk of lead is fairly inert but, put lead vapors into the air and it's a whole 'nother story.

We have a lot of younger guys here so, it's cheap insurance to at least where a dust mask when sifting.

Don't mean to be an alarmist with this "book" but what does a pack of dust masks cost to be on the safe side.

Now, back to some Topless Tumblers

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Old March 30, 2001, 03:41 PM   #12
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I have the Lyman "Turbo Twin" and the lid on the large bowl is slotted to use as a sifter. Can't lose that one at all .
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Old March 30, 2001, 03:57 PM   #13
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I thought y'all were talking about naked gymnasts.
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Old March 31, 2001, 01:15 PM   #14
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Pity it ain't . That would be guarenteed to get high TV ratings! Specially them 18-20 year old female types .
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