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Old October 30, 2012, 01:05 PM   #26
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Browning 40

I love the HP-I have three of them-a Mark IIIC and a Capitan,both in 9mm and another HP in 30 Luger.I have never held or seen the 40,but it seems to me like it was attempt to stuff too much into a small container-the HP is a great pistol design and a pleasure to shoot and it has the best natural balance of any auto I've handled.It's the only true hi-cap that is no problem for smaller hands.I hesitate to criticize the 40 HP since I never tried it out,but I just think there are probably better platforms out there.BTW I've owned 2 40's and didn't care for the round.I also own a 10mm and like it just fine.
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Have had one of the .40's for several years and it is one of the smoothest shooting and most accurite pistols I own. There is a problem with getting a holster for it though, apparently it was only made for a short time and there are not a lot of fitted holsters out there for it, espesally IWB. But over all a fine piece.
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Old October 31, 2012, 12:58 AM   #28
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I think overall that interest in classic steel and walnut pistols like the HP and 1911 is not as high as interest in the hi cap striker fired polymers. Not to say the 1911 is not popular (100yrs later and EVERYBODY is making one) but there are skads of polymers too. Glock has about captured the LE market , and new poly's like the XD have provided shooters another options as well.

Cocked and locked/SA only has always been a sort of small niche. Many folks are not comfortable w/ it. Many LE depts forbid it, (LA gets special 1911's, the SIS, and FBI too, huh?) the military has moved away from it, (though I hear what....some marines are getting Kimbers?) It is not a newbie technique and cocked and locked carry serves a slim market. I betting the vast bulk of CC handguns are NOT SA autos.

The striker fired polymers have taken over the role that the revolver used to fill as far as arming the public and the rank and file. Load the handgun, shoot until its empty, reload and repeat. No safety, no decock....load and shoot.

All that said, I own a .40 HP and held off buying one until the bigger caliber became available. I was never a fan of the 9mm as a caliber. I hear the forged 9mm are sleeker, but do not have a history w/ the 9mm so it does not bother me. The mag safety is a burden and loosing it is said to improve the heavy trigger, but there are arguements pro and con on disabling a safety mechanism. Not to mention it is not as easily done on the new HP's .

I can't remember if it was Chuck Taylor or Ross Seifried (?) both avowed 1911 .45 fans, who once wrote that he liked the HP but wished it was available in a lager caliber. That was before the .40 had surfaced.

To me a .40 HP was the best meld of two worlds...the speed and accuracy of a SA auto, with heavier punch than a 9mm, and more ammo in hand than a 1911.
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I think overall that interest in classic steel and walnut pistols like the HP and 1911 is not as high as interest in the hi cap striker fired polymers. Not to say the 1911 is not popular (100yrs later and EVERYBODY is making one) but there are skads of polymers too
+1 to the first part - "classic steel"...
Not real sure about the hi cap poly part though....I guess I agree w/it more than disagree.

Given that - the "classic" part, I believe your right on.
I hate to use the term "purist" because it sounds like it's some sort of snob thing.
However - I am fond of the "classic" appeal of the Hi Power and in that light, the 9mm just seems right.
The .40, while it may be great, just ain't right in a HP.

Now the BDM,,,,,,different story there.
I'd have jumped all over a BDM in .40S&W had there been one.
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Old May 2, 2014, 10:00 AM   #30
Kevin Rohrer
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Message deemed unfit for publication by the PC Thought Police. Deleted.
Member: Orange Gunsite Family, NRA--Life, ARTCA, and American Legion.

Caveat Emptor: Cavery Grips from Clayton, NC. He is a scammer

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Originally Posted by Kevin Rohrer
Never been a fan of the Wonder 9 and never owned a BHP due to its puny cartridge
You revived an old thread from 2012 in order to make a ridiculous statement that's sure to start a caliber war. I don't see this going anywhere positive...
0331: "Accuracy by volume."
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