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Old October 26, 2012, 03:17 AM   #1
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6mm PPC Bolt action rifle wanted

Im not planing on using it for benchrest contests, i want to use it as a long range (400yards) varmint rifle.. Price should be in the 1200$ area.
i prefer made in the usa or at least made in the eu products.
any suggestions?
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I've had my Sako .22 PPC since the early 90's. The most accurate rifle I own. Wonderful trigger, beautiful little action, even some decent wood. I know that rifle was made in 6mm PPC as well. Don't know whether they are still being made as well. 24" blue barrel, wood stock, single shot bolt.

Every rifle I own that says "Made in Finland" on the barrel is a keeper. Sako or Tikka. Whenever I end up with another one, I find myself wondering why I even waste my time buying anything else.

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not familiar with what rifles are currently chambered in that cartridge, but the cartridge is definately interesting... my retired machinist buddy just built a single shot from scratch, & his 1st load recipe he tried, put 3 shots touching at 100 yards, after he got the scope dialed in...

IMO, 400 yards might be pushing the limit of the cartridge... but that's based on my general observations of the cartridge, not by any practical exprience... with the right bullet, & a barrel with the proper twist rate for those super slick bullets, it might suprise me & be pretty good at 400 ???
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6mm PPC Bolt action rifle wanted Reply to Thread
Here is just what you are looking for, Built and used by the Army Marksmanship Unit on a Remingtion Action. Cant get any more "made in America" then this gun.

It's on the CMP Auction. Right now below $800. You have 7 days to get your bid in.

Just sign up on the CMP auction site to be able to bid on the rifle. Its the CMP so if you win they send it right to your door (No FFL). They don't charge shipping on auction sales.

Deffentally worth a Look See.
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I've never killed varmints with my ppc, but i know my 6ppc .262 tight neck will stay accurate out to 500 yrds. I've never loaded .223 but this ppc is 29.0 gr of h322 w/ 65gr bullet, i,ve killed ground hogs out to 700 yrds with .223 and my manuel says 23gr h322 max load on .223. Just a thought, hope it was a little clearer than mud
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Old October 26, 2012, 10:19 AM   #6
old roper
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Since the right to the 6ppc have been sold to Dakota Arm and that has been sold to Remington you won't see anymore license to make rifles factory rifle chamber for the ppc like Sako/Ruger had.

I'm not sure who has the right to the ppc case.

Most match(BR) ppc rifles have tight necks and throated for certain bullets and brass is formed from the 220 Laupa case so neck turning is required plus bushing dies and depending on how rifle is throated (bullets) could be a problem getting. this is if your looking at a used BR rifle.

I have 2 6ppc both tight neck that I use as varmint rifles and I do get some small groups but again lot depends on conditions (wind) when you get past that 300yd mark. I'm shooting the Gentner bullets.

Here is place to look at used BR rifles
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My LGS has one on the used rifle rack, absolutely pristine.
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Old October 28, 2012, 07:45 AM   #8
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Have you thought of trying a different cartridge all together?

There was a great write up in Hogdon's annual magazine on a 6-204 Ruger. The 6mm PPC and 6-204 share very similar case capacities and it the 6-204 will work in a repeating action better. I decided on the 6X47 which is a 6mm-.222 Rem Mag the parent case of the .204 Ruger.

The problem with the 6x47 is brass availability, Remington is the only one who makes it. You don't have the problem with .204 brass, several companies make it. RCBS and Redding make the dies IIRC from the article I don't currently have the magazine as I've loaned it out. The author of the article stuck to pretty much the 70-80 grain bullets as he felt this was the best weight range suited for the cartridge.

I made a few mistakes with my build of the 6x47 that I'd change if I could. First I'd use a 1:10 or faster twist barrel than the 1:12 I used. I would have made the barrel at least 24" instead of the 20" I did. I don't know if it would have gave me another 100 fps or not but I'd like to think it would help. I guess I shouldn't complain I'm getting nearly 3100 fps with a 70 grain Nosler BT and just over 2900 with 80 grain bullets.

Anyway just food for thought, if you already own a .223 or .204 bolt action you are just a rebarrel away from having the rifle built.
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