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Old Grump
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Set to far into the case over a regular load and crimped in place I would worry about pressure spike. Pushed into the case so that the bullet is in there loose but the powder is still in place I would not lose any sleep over shooting it. Just don't expect any accuracy from it. Personally I would pull the bullet and reload it but if you don't have a reloading set up give it to somebody that does. Not because I am worried about blowing up the gun but because I like for all of my bullets to go where they are supposed to go.
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Rainbow Demon
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Aguila Blanca wrote
You can't bring back something that never was. Cannelures are not used to form a "shelf" anywhere on a bullet, and neither the 9mm Parabellum round or the .45 Colt Automatic Pistol round originally had a cannelure.
Speaking of the case not the bullet, both .45 ACP and 9mm Luger ammo wwere available with the cannelure, its even mentioned in the manuals for the 1911.

(Plate VI.)

The components of the ball cartridge consist of cartridge case, primer, powder, and bullet.


The cartridge case is cylindrical and is made of brass. It is provided with a cannelure to prevent the bullet being forced down on the powder.

I have a partial box of vintage 9mm ammo with the cannelured case, and I think I still have some vintage .45 ACP cartridges with the cannelure.

The cannelure rolled deeply into the case body serves no other purpose than to form a internal shelf.
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Aguila Blanca
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My apologies, Rainbow -- your post did say "case" cannelure, but my brain nonetheless was thinking bullet.
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You said that was a Federal round. I'm betting it was a Federal Champion. I had the exact same thing happen at my last range trip with a Fed. Champion 115 gr. round from my Kahr CM9. After firing my mag full of Gold Dots, I loaded the Champions and used the "slingshot" method to charge the pistol. Kahr recommends charging with the slide locked back and using the slide stop. Anyway, I placed the round back in the mag (didn't notice anything wrong) and charged the pistol as recommended but it still failed to feed. I ejected the round and it had bullet setback just like in the OP's photo.

I don't ever recall having that much setback before. Makes me wonder what Federal is doing (or not doing).
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Rainbow Demon
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Seems like Federal has had an un common number of ammunition recalls in the last decade or more.
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