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Addison Fats
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My Marlin 1895CB is a tack driver (big tacks) out to 150 yards. It is capable of similar accuracy out beyond 400 yards, but the bullet drop becomes an issue and my scope isn't set up for accurately gauging out beyond 250 or 300 yards.

Most of the shotguns I've shot slugs thru were great out to about 75 to 100 yards. With the right set-up I'm sure it can be pushed out farther, but it's not the ideal weapon for those distances.

I have a Stoeger coach gun that is very accurate with just the brass bead out to 75 yards. Plus, for those really threatening whitetails you can pull both triggers at once.

I'd take the 45-70 over a 12ga. slug for most circumstances. I can push a 350gr WFNGC hardcast lead bullet at over 2,200 fps if necessary. With the right hardness the lead bullet will cut straight thru any game in the North-East lengthwise at over 200 yards and retain most of it's mass. The same bullet will shear a clean .75 inch hole thru 3/8" plate steel. Deer slugs from a 12ga. won't accomplish either of these tasks reliably. Not that you often have to punch thru 3/8" steel plate, but the bullets will cut thru thick bone pretty cleanly and have excellent penetration even at longer distances with slower velocity. You really don't need a huge amount of velocity with a big heavy bullet, but the 12ga slug is loses a lot of velocity pretty fast and doesn't have the range potential of the 45-70 in my opinion.
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Magnum Wheel Man
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6 of one... half dozen of the other... I'd put both about equal at about 75 yards... edge to the slug under 75, or to the rifle over 75...

love my guide gun... but would hate to stare down the barrels of either of my CAS coach guns... I have some loads for my 45-70 that I found in a handloaders magazine from some famous writer / hunter who used a guide gun to hunt in Africa... the pro was mad, when the writer killed 2 buffalo in the same shot... bullet penitrated through both shoulders of the bull in front, & still had the energy to kill a cow standing behind the bull...

as far as "shooting trees"... a buddy of mine had a 444 & I had a 45-70, just out of high school... lived "up north" in pulp wood country... we used to go around shooting off small trees... 4-5" trees would fall pretty easily to a soft point bullet... lotta smack down in a rifle like that
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Personally, I don't need a heavy loaded 12 gauge slug or hot specialty 45-70 round for grizzly or tracking down a wounded lion....where I live the black bear and some moose are the biggest animals that I could encounter in the woods as far as having any potential for harm in a bad situation which is extremely rare ! I guess for me the 45-70 round is just a fun caliber to play with and even mild factory loads have plenty of power for the whitetail deer I've harvested with it ! Part of the fun & challenge is the fact that it has a rainbow trajectory that takes a bit more practice and patience to hit targets at longer ranges compared to any modern bottleneck cartridge ! I think its a niche caliber that has a certain nostalgia to it and is more for the rifleman that will spend the time to get to know his long arm well and appreciates the challenge of using an originally designed for blackpowder and straight cased 45 caliber cartridge !
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