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Handloaded ammo issues

I'm a newbie to reloading and today fired my first rounds of 45 acp 185gr using the Hornady XTP bullet and 8.7 gns of SR 4756. A couple of observations.

1. My son's brand new Glock 30 only ejected 3 of 15 rounds. My Colt 1911 ejected all rounds.

2. Found traces of unburned powder on the range table on the ejection (right) side of the guns.

Rounds had a COL of 1.150

I would appreciate any input offered.
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Low pressure didn't create enough force to work the slide or burn all the powder.

Smokeless powder's burn rate is controlled by pressure. If you don't create enough, the powder won't burn consistently.

Short answer: Add more powder.

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Strafer Gott
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I've had great results with that bullet using AA#5. That powder you used always gave me fits. Sounds like you have a low pressure load. Is the new Glock a gen4? The new springs seem to require more pressure to cycle properly, hopefully just new gun syndrome.
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Handload ammo issues

Thanks for the quick replies. I had suspected low pressure, since I had great difficulty finding a the correct load data for the XTP/SR4756 combination. I therefore used the low end just to be safe. I'll try bumping up the load and see what happens.
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You might also consider a heavier bullet.
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Old August 30, 2012, 05:25 PM   #6
Misssissippi Dave
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I prefer 5.2 grains of WST and OAL of 1.200" with that bullet. You probably are going to need to increase the pressure if you continue to use that powder.

You probably should be using a little faster burning powder.

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Failure to eject and unburnt powder are sure signs of low pressure and or wrong powder. I go with low pressure, unless your data says otherwise.

You know, this is proof of the superiority of 1911's, or your recoil spring is wore out!

Last, what is that powder. . .Not one of the 45 ACP staples for sure!

Also, just looking at your OAL, I'm guessing it is too short. Just thinking 1.200 - 1.275" is ideal, depending on what feeds in your guns.
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With your 185gr XTP and SR 4756, hornadys manual says 8.2-9.1gr...... COAL is 1.225

So your load wasn't super low, more mid range, but apparently not enough to cycle the glock.... more powder or a lighter recoil spring are in order perhaps....

I dont know if your too short OAL had anything to do with it.... You might try the same charge with the correct COAL and see what happens....
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Lost Sheep
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1) More powder, 2) heavier bullet and 3) lighter recoil spring have all been mentioned. One other thing can cause (or cure) your symptom.

4) How firmly you hold the gun.

I have a load (don't remember now what it was) that would RELIABLY cycle or fail to cycle my 45 Colt 1911, depending on how firmly I held the gun. It made it vey convenient to practice clearance drills, as I could induce a FTE at will.

And then, of course, there is 5) how much lubrication there is. Some guns like to run "dry". (Not completely without lube, of course, but drier than you might suppose.)

Unburned powder is not unusual, but is something you want to minimize, as it often indicates too-low of pressure and sometimes can require a sudden field-strip and cleaning. When under fire or even just in competition, this is not a good thing.

Lost Sheep
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Originally Posted by flashhole View Post
You might also consider a heavier bullet.
Exactly. Slow powders and light bullets don't play nice.

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