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Something a little different.......

I'm a lot of stuff at garage sales and second hand shops......especially clothing I'll be trashing by wearing in the woods during the summer, preseason and in the stand. And I say trashing because after a few wearings it's invariably stained and ripped.

This being the case it's almost never that I buy anything new. A exception was a couple of months ago while wandering through Bass Pro when Louann found one of these...........

on the Clarence rack.

It had a couple of stains on it, almost as if someone had brushed up against it with a marking pen. Initially I said no but after she chased down the floor manager and got them to knock some more off ( She's REALLY cheap! ) I relented.

I relented because we'd been out trimming fire-lanes not a week before and the bugs and the heat had eaten my old self about up. Seemed if this would do a better job of keeping the bugs off and if it really did hasten evaporation and therefor cooling I'd like it........and it's make cutting trails and hanging stands later in the season that much less a chore.

So here is what I found:

1. They told the wicks the sweat and you do feel cooler......and the white color is a obvious good thing when in the sun.

2. It stops the bugs. Really.....I was surprised. Should not have been as we've used Permanone for years on our clothes to good effect but the idea of not having to retreat is nice. And with a can of Permanone costing $5-$ might actually save a few dollars if it lasts 70 or more washing as they say.

It's on about 10 washings now and still worked the other day.

Now the bad........

1. The material catches on EVERYTHING! I point this out mostly because they make this stuff in camo, something I'm going to buy one of, but that catching while stalking or moving about in a stand or drawing a bow could cause some problems.

2. It melts!! I found this out when a ember from the stick I had stuck in the flex exaust on the tractor so that the pipe will stay upright and not blow diesel fumes in my face flew out and landed in my shoulder!

And it melts FAST!!

And sticks to your skin when it melts.......

Now I know you are thinking that the melting, and the resultant burn, would never have happened if I was not to cheap to get a longer piece of flex and affix it to the roof of the tractor.......which means it would never happen to a sane person. But keep in mind that while standing around the campfire or while having a celebratory cigar after a successful hunt it could happen.

Even with the down sides I'm going to buy one in camo for early in the season when it's hot and the bugs are still ugly. It's make hunting a little more fun..........maybe.

So there you have it.......a product review
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Like you I buy most of my clothing on the cheap. But I don't seem to go through it as fast as you do. But it is nice to have a good review of a product from a person who is hard on stuff. Lets you know that it really is quality stuff
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" Clarence Rack " ? In NY we call it a clearance rack !
They do all kinds of things with fabric these days .The high tech insecticide they now have for fabrics actually bonds to the fiber [cotton at least that I know of ] and will certainly survive at least 10 washings .For those who are sensitive to insecticides , watch out !
Silver is often used to inhibit bacteria .
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I shop the Big Man's clearance sales online when I am looking for something specific...but I need a size 5 x or 6 x so the selections are scarce, and usually not too cheap.
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For hunting clothes, I like Dickie's work clothes in grey. They seem to last about 10 years. They are also great for doing things around the garage and outside. Just about as tough as Levi's. Upside is that you can get both pants and shirt.
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You know at one point in time if you wore polyester and went outdoors in hot/humid weather you were asking for trouble since those fabrics didn't breathe. Apparently they finally figured out how to weave polyester that it'll not only breathe but wick away moisture from your skin.

As for melting well it IS polyester. Polyester melts and it melts easily - it is also very combustible. Thats commonly known. Personally I wouldn't wear anything polyester while sitting by a fire...

About catching on things - you know how they managed to make polyester breathable and be able to wick moisture away from your skin? They wove it in a loose weave. Polyester fibers are extremely fine and when woven loosely they tend to catch on EVERYTHING! I wouldn't wear that as an outer garment. Maybe as an undergarment but not for outerwear.

All in all it seems like a nice piece and thanks for the review but I'll stick to my cotton under shirts, camo long sleeve hunting shirts and a few sprays of bug spray for early season hunting.
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