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Not gonna look up every state but

In Wisconsin:
• It is illegal to hunt deer with dogs.
• Dogs are considered private property and are protected by law. Only Conservation Wardens may kill dogs chasing deer. Owners may be held responsible for damage caused by their dogs.
• A dog that is actively engaged in a legal hunting activity, including training, is not considered to be running-at-large if the dog is monitored or supervised by a person, and the dog is on land that is open to hunting or on land on which the person has obtained permission to hunt or to train a dog.

You shoot someone's pet you're asking for trouble. In areas where small game and deer season overlap or more developed areas where the general public may be out walking their dogs it's not only illegal it's a bad idea for our sport.
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In a hunting situation yes only DNR wardens can shoot dogs running deer. In a defense of property and safety shooting dogs is not illegal. I've never actually seen dogs running deer here in WI in 20 yrs of hunting but I HAVE seen them running amok. If I see a dog running amok on my property - that is no owner in sight and no collar and tags then I'm shooting it. Not that I hate dogs - I love them actually and also train dogs for bird hunting as a side venture.

Being that I work with dogs almost every day I can also say that dogs that are allowed to run loose like that are also dogs with no obedience training. These dogs are destructive and can be dangerous. Many a time I've heard of a farmer having to shoot a dog because it was harassing their livestock. I also heard of a dog that had roamed 1.5 miles from its owner's home and 30 chicken from a farmer's property before they came home and found it doing so - then shot it. Dogs at large are also a danger to safety - I have very young children that love to play outside. A stray dog can do great harm to them and as such I'm ever vigilant.

I'm part of the group of pet owners that believe their pet should never be allowed to roam freely outside of their property. That said there are many farmers whose dogs stay on their property and do their jobs such as livestock guarding. There are also many people who believe that it is their dogs' or cats' right to just up and wander around the countryside because they like to do so. Many times they're the ones putting up signs looking for missing pets because Fido or Kitty wandered away one day and never came back.

Speaking of cats - I'm almost at a shoot on sight point with them. My second oldest (8 yrs old) was recently attacked by a cat that was sitting in a bush by our house. He was walking by it carrying garbage out of the house when the cat jumped at him clawing and biting. He wasn't badly hurt (required a few stitches because of a bite) but I was behind him with more garbage and I was able to chase the cat off him. The danged thing fled for about 30 yds then came running back at me in attack. I shot it dead with my EDC gun. The kicker is it had a collar and tags. Belonged to a guy in the next town over - and when I informed him of what happened he wanted to sue me for his cat because his cat was gentle and loving and it could never have done that. I told him he could go ahead and sue me but I'd press charges for the injuries done to my son - and as the owner he's responsible. That was the end of that but it proves that even someone's beloved pet can be a danger.

If we're willing to put a bullet in a human intruder to protect our loved ones and ourselves we should be willing to put a bullet in a non-human threat too.
This is who we are, what we do.
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I am guilty of having my stupid dog run deer. He's a husky with a bit of wolf in him so if he gets loose he'll chase the deer for miles. Luckily he doesn't get loose very often. I don't condone hybrids but having personally worked with them is why I rescued him. I hate the people that do let their dogs run free at all times and are constantly chasing the wildlife.
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There is little to no wiggle room when it comes to birds of prey... I know you cannot defend poultry from attack! They tell you that depredation is sign you need better animal housing.

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You shoot someone's pet you're asking for trouble. In areas where small game and deer season overlap or more developed areas where the general public may be out walking their dogs it's not only illegal it's a bad idea for our sport.
Agreed. It also might get your head blown off. People take their pets serious and if you start blasting pets they can make a good argument they are afraid you're a nut and trying to shoot them.
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If it's trying to eat me,,,

Any member of my family,,,
Or any of my pets,,,
I'm shooting it.

But if I can alleviate the situation without shooting,,,
Because maybe it's just passing through,,,
That would be my preference.

A long time ago in a land far away,,,
I had to stand in front of a judge and explain my actions,,,
I told him the feral dog was threatening my wife's pet basset of 14 years.

I just went out there to scare the feral animal away,,,
I didn't shoot it until it turned itself and advanced on me personally.

Why did I have the shotgun in the first place?,,,
I was a Cub & Boy Scout your Honor,,,
Our motto was "Be prepared."

He chuckled and dismissed the charges of,,,
Discharging a firearm within city limits.


Caje: The coward dies a thousand times, the brave only once.
Kirby: That's about all it takes, ain't it?
Combat: "A Silent Cry"
Aarond is good,,, Aarond is wise,,, Always trust Aarond! (most of the time)
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Kids and feral dogs

In 1965 I stepped out the back door to my folks place and saw my 2 yr old cousin playing in the grass. There was an old coon hound stalking the child and ready to attack him. I yelled at the dog and it took off. The dog ran around behind some cars in the driveway, I reached into the kitchen by the door and retrieved the loaded .22. I popped off one shot as the dog ran behind some cars, it made it to the end of the drive before it died. Rope around the tail, tied to a bumper and moved into a near by pasture.

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