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Lee Classic Turret Press Powder Measure


I've just joined The Firing Line forum and wanted to ask for some advice. I am new to reloading and I plan to purchase the Lee Classic Turret Press and the Lee Safety Prime. My questions are:

1. What type of powder measure works well with the Classic Turret Press? Lee makes a Auto-Disk Powder Measure and a Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure, and wondered which one is better for the Classic.
2. Do I need anything else to go with the powder measure so I have everything I need to start reloading?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially from anyone that owns a Lee Classic Turret Press and any other suggested items to buy to make reloading easier.

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Don P
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The Auto-disk is for the turret press and the pro auto-disk is for the loadmaster and pro.
You will need the auto-disk riser(part # 90041) for the auto-disk so it does not hit the auot prime.
I am currently using the very same set up
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I use the Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure with my Turret. You just need the cheap extender riser.

Works great but like Don said for some reason wasn't intended. It was more expensive so I thought it was better.

Anyone explain the difference?
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Lost Sheep
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Standard and Pro are completely interchangeable with each other.

Originally Posted by Don P
The Auto-disk is for the turret press and the pro auto-disk is for the loadmaster and pro.
You will need the auto-disk riser(part # 90041) for the auto-disk so it does not hit the auot prime.
I am currently using the very same set up
Sorry, Don. Factory Sales made the same mistake when they filled my order last year. The Pro Auto-Disk and the Standard Auto-Disk are 100% interchangeable in all applications and installations. The bases of the units are virtually identical.

In fact, you can convert a Standard to a Pro by swapping the hopper and a couple of parts. The only difference in the base unit is that the Pro has teflon coating and the Standard does not. They mount and operate exactly the same way.

The "T" lever and "F" lever do make a difference. One operates the return function with a spring and can be used on the Turret, Pro-1000, Loadmaster or any single-stage press. The one using a chain cannot be used on a turret (unless you leave the turret stationary, like a single stage), because the chain would try to wrap around the press and you can't do that. So, the Turret has no provision to anchor the chain to the ram or carrier (which the turret press doesn't have anyway).

You are right about the riser, and the Swivel adapter is right handy, too. The ability to swivel the measure around helps to keep the measure turned so it is centered over the turret. Cuts down on centrifugal forces and keeps the measure further away from the primer dispenser.

Lost Sheep

Originally Posted by praetorian97

Anyone explain the difference?
P.S. praetorian97, aside from the teflon coating on the base of the Pro, the Pro has a "wiper" part that is supposed to be kinder to powder granules and reduce powder leakage.

The powder hopper for the Pro Auto-Disk is held on with knurled nuts that screw onto little studs cast into the powder hopper. The Standard has little screws that engage right into the plastic hopper. The knurled nuts are much more durable. The threads in the plastic hopper on the Standard may strip out if you handle them roughly when removing and replacing the hopper. Many users never remove the hopper, though, making it a non-issue for them.

The Pro Auto-Disk hopper also has a valve that allows you to shut off the powder flow by twisting the hopper a quarter turn. The standard does not.

The Pro Auto-Disk powder hopper is round and larger than the rectangular one on the standard Auto-Disk. Maybe twice or more, but I haven't measured it.

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If you're looking to buy your first one, go with the Pro Auto Disc right off the bat. You can get longer studs and use double discs to get enough powder for rifle charge weights. I have not upgraded to this yet but most likely will at some point.

When I make mild .38 Special target loads for my daughter to shoot I use the AD on the LCT press and pick the disc that gives me the closest charge weight to what I'm after. I can live with a charge weight within a tenth or two of desired charge as long as it's not over max. The discs have fixed orifices or if you have a denser powder you may be able to use the adjustable charge bar instead of a disc. Trail Boss is low density so it takes the largest disc orifices to give me the charge weights I'm after for the .44 mag.

I got the Auto Disc when I ordered my LCT press and a friend gave me the Pro AD and Pro 1000 press. Now I need to get shell plates and more die sets, he has some spare turrets for the Pro 1000 when I do get them.

Right now I'm using the LCT for load development of 200 and 240 grain cast bullets in the .44 mag. For this process I hand weigh the charges on a RCBS 505 scale using a Lee Perfect Powder Measure to throw the charge. Once I settle on a load I will set the Pro 1000 press up for it and just run them by the hundreds. Right now the 240 SWC and 6.7 grains of Trail Boss looks promising, see this post:

I have not yet tested the loads made with the 200 grain bullets. When I do it will be the same deal, settle on a good load and set the Pro 1000 press up with the Pro AD powder measure and crank them out.

As you can see, each unit has its place and use depending on what you're looking to do with it. Were I to start afresh I would just get the Pro AD with the double disc kit right from the get-go.
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I also

have the Lee turret press with the auto powder,The disks work very well I use a lot of accurate powders and I have problems with AA#7 leaking around the drop chamber.#7 is the only powder I have had problems with. I also use the meter, this works better for larger powder drops. Fine grain powder may leak some. I have tried all of lees fixes but I still get powder on the bench. Lee products are well made and have a fair price tag. I load for .380, 9 MM, .38 cal/357, 44SPL/44MAg, 45 ACP and colt 45. M1 Carbine and 223 Rem. after I get the press tuned in I can load 100-125 rounds in a hour. A word about the disks they will not give you the exact load It will get you very close. I was loading 9 mm today with AA#5 load data stated start load 5.5 g the disk dropped between 5.4 & 5.3 g. So you can expect a + or- .1-.3 grain difference. in drops. to minimize the differences is to develop a constant level pull. it does help. there are a lot of videos on the lee press on u tube. good luck have fun. I have been working with may press 5 years and have enjoyed it.
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The Pro -Auto Disk holds twice the amount of powder and will work with the progressive presses. If you load rifle rounds, you want the Pro-Auto-Disk but you will also need the Double Disk set to throw enough powder with it. Also you will need to purchase the "Rifle Universal Powder Through Die" as well, pistol dies come with the powder through dies, rifle dies do not.


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