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Old January 21, 2001, 05:56 AM   #1
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Join Date: January 20, 2001
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I will be picking up my Browning Buckmark in 9 days, and would appreciate any ammo suggestions for it.


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Old January 21, 2001, 08:51 AM   #2
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I've had my Buckmark for a little over a year and have fired nearly 6,000 rounds thru it. Here's what I've found:

The best for accuracy and reliability is Thunderbolt.

Real close second is Federal 550 bulk pack.

Real close third is CCI Blazer.

Sometimes I can't tell the difference shooting at 15 yds,
offhand, but with a rest the T-Bolt really shows its the one.

Definitely stay away from Wildcat, and American Eagle, you wouldn't believe the "strays" and "flyers"!!
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Old January 21, 2001, 09:10 AM   #3
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Join Date: November 20, 2000
Location: Ohio
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I've had my Buckmark Camper for a couple of months...maybe put 1000 rounds through it.

I tried the bulk pack stuff - Remington, Federal - with mixed results. Thunderbolts the same.

Tried the MiniMags from CCI, and....EUREKA....a marriage made in heaven. They're accurate, consistent, feel good in the gun.

I'm paying $3.00/100.

Keep those slide bolts tight...mine would loosen up every 50 rounds or so. I cured the problem with blue Locktite.

Here's a site for an inexpensive scope mount adaptor:

Are you the Bowser from GT?

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Old January 21, 2001, 09:31 AM   #4
Swamp Yankee
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The current inventory includes 2 Buckmarks. A standard 5.5 and a Target 5.5. The only ammo issue I ever experienced with either was FTF with about a dozen rounds from 1 brick of Winchester in the Standard. I usually shoot CCI MiniMags or Remington hollow points whichever is on sale at the time.
Buckmarks are great pistols, I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.
Take Care
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Old January 21, 2001, 09:38 AM   #5
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Location: Northeast OH
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Great Fun

I put a Tasco Pro Point red dot on my Buckmark and it's just a blast to shoot. I use CCI Blazer almost exclusively (cheap and accurate).

For a quick pic, go to:

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Old January 21, 2001, 11:36 AM   #6
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Another vote for CCI Blazer, or Stingers. Both are accurate in my Buckmark and Blazers are cheap.

Hmm... I'm sensing a trend here.
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Old January 21, 2001, 12:33 PM   #7
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Location: IL
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I have two Buckmark pistols, and both are high on my favorites list. I shoot Winchester super x solids and Win. powerpoints. The super x loads are very accurate and consistent, and the powerpoint loads border on the accuracy level of the lower end match ammo, and a whole lot cheaper.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. " Ben Franklin
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Old January 21, 2001, 12:40 PM   #8
Oleg Volk
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Location: Nashville, TN
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Mom's 5.5" standard feeds ANYTHING

$9/550rds Walmart Remington Golden Bullets is likely the cleanest choice. CCI Mini Mag +V (HOT semi-wadcutter) works well as a defense load (Mom is limited to .22 for a vareity of reasons). Stingers, Mini Mags, Winchester Super X also work. Blasers, Wildcats function but are dirty. I have yet to find a round that wouldn't work.
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Old January 21, 2001, 12:59 PM   #9
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Join Date: October 5, 2000
Location: Madison, WI
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First of all, after extensive testing with my rifle (Anschuetz 1416D), I found that only CCI ammo is clean and consistent enough for me to consider.

For my new Buckmark, I found that CCI MiniMag FMJ (non-HP) is pretty accurate, getting a couple to three inch(*) group off a bench at 25 yard.

Also, CCI Stingers are surprisingly acurate. a 3 shot group of about 1 inch(*) at 25 yds.

CCI Minimag Sihouette's make a group about twice the size of the regular MiniMags, which surprised me sicne they work well in my rifle.

By the way, I would suggest NOT to use Blazers.. I've found them to be VERY DIRTY. I prefer MiniMags, since they're still quite cheap, and a LOT cleaner. (of course, I was firing these when it was about 10'F outside, so all dirt problems seemed compounded)

(*) These measurements are only based on my memory, so aren't very precise. The 10 shots of Minimags were all inside the black on a 75 ft NRA small bore rifle target.
the 3 shots of Stingers were in 8/9/10 rings.

Abe Smith,
President of UW-Madison's
Student Alliance for Firearm Education and Responsibility
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Old January 21, 2001, 01:36 PM   #10
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Location: Sherman, TX USA
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I have three BuckMarks.

A 4" Micro with adjustable sights.

A 5.5" Standard with Tasco Accu-Dot

A 5.5" Target with Simmons 2x scope.

The Micro and Standard both like the Federal Bulk Pack Hollow Points from Wal-Mart, while the Target prefers the CCI Mini-Mags.

Good luck.

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Old January 21, 2001, 02:49 PM   #11
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Join Date: January 14, 2001
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I've had great luck with CCI mini-mags, but they are a little pricy. Best bang for the buck I've found is the bulk federal from wal-mart, 550 rounds for $9, I have only had 1 falure ro fire in over 10 boxes. I can shoot 1 box of 550 rounds without problems from a dirty gun, so I clean after each box is fired. CCi stingers work great on the rabbits, and also run well, but have been less accurate than the mini-mags or the bulk federal.

Good day

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Old January 21, 2001, 09:16 PM   #12
Charlie D
Senior Member
Join Date: October 28, 2000
Location: Newark, DE USA
Posts: 166
Here's my Bucky with Excalibur Rosewood grips. They fit me better than the stock grips and I think they look better too.

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Old January 21, 2001, 10:22 PM   #13
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Location: Kansas City
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My "Standard" Buckmark loves Winchester Super-X.
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Old January 21, 2001, 11:35 PM   #14
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Join Date: January 20, 2001
Posts: 257
Thanks everyone for all the replies. Looks like I'll be buying small boxes of different types.

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Old January 22, 2001, 12:05 AM   #15
Dave R
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Join Date: January 7, 2000
Location: Idaho
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A guy I saw at the range, printing tiny groups with his Buckmark, said it liked the Remington subsonic best. Only slightly more expensive than the cheap stuff.

His theory was that, going supersonic out of a small barrel destabilized the little bullets. Subsonic is "steady state" the whole way.

I don't know, but he was making tiny groups. Worth a try. Quieter when hunting, too...
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Old January 22, 2001, 01:22 PM   #16
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Location: California USA
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Beautiful guns, all.


I have a Ruger MkII Slabside with a Weaver rail and have mounted every sort of sight (Trijicon Reflex holo-dot, Beamshot laser, Tasco 2x scope) on it.

I still prefer my perfectly stock Buck Mark Plus 5.5"

for most shooting. Even with open sights, it's a tack driver. It likes Mini Mags best, and Winchester High-velocity solid points almost as much. Also, Peters ammo works pretty good.

Subsonic ammo is good if there's no wind. The transition to supersonic flight cause a small sonic boom ("crack") which has a destabilizing effect on the bullet. On the other hand, the longer the bullet is in flight, the more effect the wind will have on it.
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Old February 15, 2001, 09:54 PM   #17
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How often do you clean your Buckmarks? I have a Buckmark camper and am starting to feel guilty for not cleaning it after every shooting session. I shot it twice within the last month and both times I only wiped down the outside with an oily rag. I love this gun but I don't have the time to clean it after every time I shoot, I am considering trading it in on another Buckmark but in stainless. Do you guys abuse your weapons like I do?

Oh ya, mine prefers federal 550 bulk packs over Winchester powerpoints, and Remington golden tips.
Criminals prefer unarmed victims
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Old February 16, 2001, 12:16 AM   #18
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Location: Northern Indiana
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My Buckmark just loves Remmington Thunderbolts
and they are $9.00 for 500 rounds.
I also use them for my rifle matches.
They are more consistant than target ammo I've used.
Happy Plinking.............
Always identify your target before you shoot.
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Old February 16, 2001, 06:04 AM   #19
Blue Heeler
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Brownings are very forgiving with all types of ammo.I have a Medallist which goes reliably with almost any kind of load.Mostly tho' I shoot CCI which gives good accuracy as well as reliable function.They are designed to be target guns as most European weapons are,if you start shooting hot stuff through them they might start to give bother.If you want to shoot rough stuff then something like a Ruger is the way to go.
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Old February 16, 2001, 06:18 AM   #20
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Location: Reno, Nevada
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The only problem I've had with my Buckmark Standard was:

When the magazine was loaded with a 40 grain (I think that was the size) bullet, it would not seat into the mag well.

I had to take out the larger size and drop back down to the 36 grain. I don't remember which brand for sure, but I believe it was Winchester.

Anyway, other than that, it eats damn near anything. Only other problems I've had were due to the ammo...failure to feed, failure to eject, misfires, squibs, etc. The pistol functions perfectly as long as the ammo does.

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Old February 16, 2001, 06:54 AM   #21
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To the best of my knowledge, Buckmarks don't come in stainless. I believe they are only offered in regular steel, blued or the *whatever you call the finish on the camper, either the dull or camo*, and nickel.

On topic: All three of my Buckmarks (yes, I have a *whatever Camper too. Luv it to pieces, dull finish and all) consistantly prefer Thunderbolts for function and Winchester X-Pert for accuracy. Functionality with the X-Perts is pretty much non existant though. None of them will reliably feed and cycle using X-Perts.
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Old February 17, 2001, 09:47 AM   #22
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Location: Atlanta
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Mine likes Thunderbolts the best also. Golden Bullets from Remington works pretty well also. Federal Lightning was absolutely worthless, one light strike per magazine. Blazer wasn't that hot either.

I spray mine out GunScrubber or Brakleen periodically and relubricate. Not into gun cleaning like some folks are, but then I shoot a lot, so I don't have time for it.
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Old February 17, 2001, 02:40 PM   #23
Keith Rogan
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Join Date: March 11, 1999
Location: Kodiak, Alaska
Posts: 1,014
I bought a Buckmark some years ago and found it quite finicky about which ammo it liked - it would start jamming up after a hundred or two hundred rounds. At the time I was shooting several thousand rounds a month - using the Buckmark as trainer for a 1911. I'd have to clean the gun out throughly before it would shoot well again.

My solution was found by accident, I bought a brick of CCI Blazers and discovered it would just shoot and shoot and shoot with those. I could shoot up an entire brick in an afternoon and my gun could just be brushed off and have a dab or two of oil applied to the slide and be ready to go again.
I know someone else above complained of the excess residue left by these but that has not been a problem for me. Whatever propellant they use leaves a fine powder - almost like talc, that blows away as you shoot. If someone is finding this "gummy", I think you're using too much oil in your gun.

Blazers are not the most accurate .22 rounds, but they are so cheap and dependable that I now use them exclusively in all my .22 semi rifles and pistols.

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Old February 18, 2001, 03:39 PM   #24
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Location: WA
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If accuracy is your quest, try some Remington .22 Target(green and turquoise box). It's just shy of $2/box so it's a tad more expensive, but I think you'll be pleased with the results.

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Old February 21, 2001, 11:10 AM   #25
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I picked up a new Buckmark Monday..

got a brick of CCI Blazer ammo for $9.00..

good stuff, fired 200 rounds without a hiccup..pretty clean too..

Mike M.
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