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.32 H&R revolver?

I've recently been given an old revolver. All I know is what the markings on the gun have told me. It's an H&R 632 Revolver. The only thing is, I don't know if the ammo it uses is still around, and if it is, what kind is it? I also don't know if it's fit to fire. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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Should be .32S&W long and ammo is available. I know magtech makes it and I am sure there are others. The caliber should be marked somewhere on the gun.

Best bet is to have a gunsmith check it out but they usually hold up pretty well if not abused. As always be 100% sure of the proper ammunition before using it. If it is, as I believe, a .32 S&WL then do not by any means try to use .32 H&R magnum. It shouldn't fit but it would not be the first time that a cartridge that is "too long to fit" actually fit.


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This is a rimfire gun so is the .32 S&WL rimfire?
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This is a rimfire gun so is the .32 S&WL rimfire?
No, the .32 S&W Long is a centerfire cartridge.

Are you quite sure it's rimfire? Every H&R 632 I've ever examined has been .32 S&W Long, and I was under the impression that the only other caliber H&R offered was .32 S&W, which is also centerfire. However, I'm far from being an H&R expert, so YMMV.

FWIW for some years, H&R marked many of their .32 S&W (not Long) guns with a non-standard ".32 H&R" caliber rollmark. This refers to a slightly lengthened version of .32 S&W produced in the 19th century for Merwin-Hulbert twist-open revolvers; H&R chambered their guns for this round because MH-branded ammo was still on store shelves at the time, but they renamed it to avoid putting their rival's name on their guns, a common practice at the time. .32MH / .32 H&R subsequently went obsolete and was dropped from commercial production, but it reportedly took H&R quite a few years to stop using the designation. However, I'm not sure if this marking was ever used on the 632.

Two important notes:
  • Do NOT confuse .32 H&R with .32 H&R Magnum. As stated in earlier posts, this gun is NOT chambered in .32 H&R Magnum; the Magnum rounds shouldn't fit in it, but if they do, THEY SHOULD NOT BE FIRED. This may result in a gun-destroying and shooter-injuring kB!
  • The common .32ACP (aka .32 Auto or 7.65 Browning) round probably WILL fit in this gun, but I strongly recommend against using it. First, .32ACP is loaded to higher pressures than .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long, which may damage this gun. Second, the bullets are much lighter than those typically used for .32 S&W Long, which usually results in poor accuracy. Third, the undersize rims used on the .32ACP case may cause ejection problems that could damage parts on your revolver.
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The H&R 632 left the factory chambered in 32 S&W center fire long cartridge. The 32 rim fire is obsolete and has been unavailable for years. A short run was made a few years ago but other wise 32 rim fire is a collectors item and not available.
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The gun ain't that old and it's not a rimfire. Take what the others have said, it's a centerfire. .32 rimfires were pretty much obsolete by the turn of the 20th century and that gun isn't that old buy at least half. Decent gun though and if you were in Iowa I'd try to buy it off of you.


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