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Am I the only one who likes the Ribs there?
Too dry. I was spoiled by Texan MiL's barbeque

How common is the no CCW thing in Ohio?
Not terribly common in my area (NE Ohio), but depends where you go. Only places off limits in here that are not legally required to be so are places I never go anyways.

With more people than ever getting their CHLs, there are fewer places restricting them. Heck, I just helped a guy pick out a holster for his CCW tonight at work...and I'm a librarian

Edit: By the way, I can't carry at work due to signage.
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Tom Servo
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Do I have your legal department to thank? If Applebee's intends to rest on the fact that private business has the right to enact such a policy, it will do it at the peril of it's margins.
In reality, the financial hit they might take will be so small as to be unnoticeable. It's an empty threat.

How do I know? I had the same situation with a chain in my hometown that banned carry about two years ago. It was fairly well publicized. As far as I can tell, they're still in business, and not hurting enough to reconsider.

I tried talking to someone at the corporate office at the time, but the chest-beaters had gotten to them first, and the litany of verbal and written abuse had worn them down to the point that they were uninterested in any dialogue on the matter.

If the opportunity still exists in Ohio, it might be worth sitting down in person with someone from Applebee's and talking to them.

Otherwise, their business, their call.
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Originally Posted by ohioleadslinger
People have the right to protest their policy.

If that protest makes for a financial hardship on the business then perhaps they should make a financial decision to end that policy.

To me this situation is analogous to going to a restaurant for years that serves alcohol. Suddenly they have a sign that says no children. They say it is because they feel that children and alcohol don't mix. When the children are not going to come into contact with the alcohol. On top that they are in contradiction to corporate policy.

If someone had children with them and had to leave, wouldn't you think they would complain about the stupid policy?
I gotta be honest here... I don't see an issue here. Applebee's, like all other business establishments, are private property to one extent or another. The owner/renter/etc of the property can choose to allow or disallow any number of activities on their property. After all, it's theirs.

There's a fine line between having our rights recognized and respecting the rights of property owners and their establishments, both business and private.

I'm all about protesting and voting with your wallet when you feel there's an agregious policy in place, but keep in mind that at the end of the day; it's their private property, and they can restrict just about any activities they wish. Just as you may restrict activities that occur in your home/on your property.
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Pistolero; true.

I really don't have a dog in this fight, as I live in Florida, and there's way too many alternative places to eat to fight with Applebees on this one.....
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To me it is about using all tools to effect a change in policy. No different than me calling my Political reps and getting on their case.

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