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Norfolk Navel Station used to have a couple of ships doing open houses every weekend. When I first lived here, 20+ years ago, you just drove on base up to the pier. Later they made you get a vehicle pass, license, registration and insurance card, delayed things a bit as you had to remember to go to the visitors office first.

I haven't been in years and they may have stopped after 9/11.

Sometimes they were restricted to the deck and bridge, but some tours took you into the battle command center and other interior spaces. My son went on a JrROTC sponsored tour and they did the whole ship including engine rooms.

I remember one trip, I had just watched a newscast were they were explaining one of the new missile systems and said that how many shots a minute the system could do was classified. On the tour the proud sailor in charge of the system told us all the specs of the system, even the supposady classified ones

Back on topic. Weapons can only be brought on a base for official purposes. If you are hunting or shooting at a range you can bring them, but not just store them in the vehicle. In the case of shooting or hunting, find out in advanced the particular procedures used on the base first.
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He could pull the charging handle all he wants.... if the airforce is like the army the only ammo you are likely to ever see is on the practice range because we sure dont want to hurt our enemies with things like real ammo...

Three days after the 9/11 attacks myself and a small squad guarded a military school with M16A2s, magazines and NO ammo.... Great idea, great leadership...
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These were guys on a secure flight line so I am sure they were not carrying empty magazines... They were arming some of the plane with ordinance.

I am retired from the Army and still work for the Army. You don't have to preach to the choir.
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I was on an Air Force base for a refresher course in loading aircraft. There was a snack bar right across from the C 141 we were loading stuff on. One of the aircrew decided to make a dash for the snack bar. Next thing out of nowhere a vehicle with flashing lights pulled up the SP had him in the front leaning rest with a loaded M16 pointed at him. I saw him grab the charging handle and pull it back.

The flightline we were on also had F-15s and A-10s....we were told to not go wandering off. I saw why.
He's lucky the SPs stopped him, and not a mechanic. A handful of bases used to have mechanics go through specialized threat training. Since we were generally closer to the aircraft than the SPs, we were considered the first line of defense (on the flight line). BFWs (Big "Freaking" Wrenches) and telescopic breaker bars were the preferred Aircraft Defense weapons. Use of deadly force authorized.

We took our responsibilities so seriously, that even the SPs stopped running unannounced exercises on our side of the flight line. The SPs were a little scared. They had too many people get sent to the hospital, after they got tackled. Oops... Don't intentionally look like a threat, next time.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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