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Old May 30, 2011, 10:09 AM   #26
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Bench Mark 25.5 gr. with Sierra 52 gr. HPBT, Rem cases, Rem bench rest primers I have several sub 1/2 " 5 shot groups. 100 yds. (700 Rem VLS).
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Old May 30, 2011, 10:49 AM   #27
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I tried a few powders. For 55 and 62 grain bullets I stick with H335 and W748.
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Old May 31, 2011, 10:04 PM   #28
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I have always had very good results using IMR3031 on bullets ranging from 40 to 55 grain. The best load to date is 22.5 grains of 3031 under 53 grain Hornady A-Max bullets.
Glad to hear that. When I started reloading about a year & a half ago powder was scarce. I was able to get some 3031 and there was a load for it in my Speer manual so I tried it. Worked great.
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Old June 1, 2011, 09:59 AM   #29
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Dang you guys. The recommendations are all over the place

I just went through 450 rounds give or take with Varget. I decided it goes to fast with 25.5 grains per round so I need to buy it in bulk. Looks like H335 seems to be a common choice across the board.

Torn between either Varget or H335. Im only running 55 FMJ target rounds so I know I will be fine with either or.
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Old June 1, 2011, 12:52 PM   #30
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Varget is great, and is what I have been using. The only thing is that I don't get best accuracy until it is like 120% filling the case (seriously compressed). For 55 gr bullets I use 26.3 gr of Varget. Groups tighten up noticeably beyond 25.5 gr.

I would like to find a powder as accurate as Varget but does not require as much compression and gives accuracy over broader range of loadings. So I am planning to try BL-C2, TAC, and H4895 since I load for 55 gr - 75 gr bullets.

I may find that to be a pipe dream and stay with the accuracy of Varget, but I want to at least try a few others before closing the door.
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Below is from QuickLOAD showing the maximum velocity performance ranking for a couple of different bullet weights from some commonly used powders. The criteria I gave it was to load to 100% fill (no compressing) or to 55,000 PSI, whichever was reached first. Both are seated to 2.260" COL. The barrel is 20" for the AR, but the velocity ranking from fastest to slowest doesn't change for barrels 16" and longer. The case capacity is 30.5 grains of water, which is just a typical number coming out of one of my chambers.

Note that some popular powders, like Varget, need compressed loads to match some of the others, which the table below does not allow it to do. Note also that the 55,000 psi limit is SAAMI's. The CIP in Europe allows 430MPa (62,366 psi). They measure it with their pressure sampling points differently located.

Accuracy often depends on ignition characteristics as well as case fill or pressure, so it does not automatically follow that you can discern accuracy from this kind of table. It does, however, give you some sense of how burning rate and bulk density may combine to affect rank of a powder or its potential performance. In the example below, 748 is dense so it is able to be loaded to full pressure in both cases, while, at the other extreme, Varget has more bulk, so it fills the case before reaching the pressure limit.

77 grain SMK 2.26" COL, 24" barrel
case 100% full or pressure 55,000 psi, whichever comes first.

   77 gr. SMK  53 gr. SMK      77 gr. fps         53 gr. fps

          748   748               2776               3283
      BL-C(2)   H335              2771               3248
        H4895   H322              2751               3245
          TAC   X-terminator      2737               3243
         H335   REL 10X           2735               3241
         H322   TAC               2733               3237
     IMR 4895   Accurate 2015     2727               3217
 X-terminator   IMR 4198          2722               3207
     IMR 3031   Accurate 2230     2715               3202
Accurate 2230   BL-C(2)           2701               3194
      REL 10X   H4198             2698               3162
Accurate 2015   Benchmark         2686               3162
    Benchmark   H4895             2679               3122
     IMR 4198   IMR 3031          2657               3045
        H4198   IMR 4895          2643               3033
       Varget   Varget            2600               2902
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Old June 1, 2011, 06:42 PM   #32
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Thanks for the comparative table unclenick. I just git QuickLOAD last week and have not gotten down to doing such a comparison. This make me think better candidates to try are W748, H335 and TAC.

Is there any way to display/print a burn rate chart out of QL? Every chart I find elsewhere is significantly different. None from the manufactures agree on how TAC compares to Varget or even where BL-C2 fits in the scale. Some show H4895 faster then H335 and others show it slower or near the same.
"The ultimate authority ... resides in the people alone. ... The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition."
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Old June 1, 2011, 07:04 PM   #33
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I'm partial to Reloader 7
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Old June 2, 2011, 08:59 PM   #34
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VV N133 is ideal in 223. It gives top velocity and accuracy, and being single base it is super clean.
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Old June 3, 2011, 12:14 AM   #35
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Reduced Blue Dot for up to 100 shots per hour at Ground squirrels to 200 yards.
For more than 100 shots per hour, switch to rimfire.

Full strength H335 for few shots per hour, but longer range.
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