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Old March 29, 2011, 06:51 AM   #51
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I've been considering one for the wife's coffee table gun when I travel. Simpler to her to reload than a normal side opening DA.
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Foto Joe
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It's my understanding from the reading I've done about it that the Schofield got dropped simply because of supply problems. It's hard to use 'em when there ain't no bullets left.

Smith & Wessons attitude was similar to Colt's in that we don't need to do what that other company did, we're S&W!! Therefore the 45 S&W cartridge. I think that it also had to do with the fact that S&W and Colt's were not buddies. Sam Colt was the type of business owner that would protect his patent rights with a vengence and even after his death the company continued to frown on anyone who they perceived as a threat. It's possible that introducing the Model 3 chambered in the competitors cartridge could have led to a law suit thus slowing its introduction. This is purely speculation on my part, but I know from my reading that those two companies were brutally competitive with each other on research and development.

Personally, I think that Uberti blew it when they made the decision to not chamber their gun in 45 Schofield but that's just my opinion and I like historic cartridges, even though there are much better rounds out there than that one.

I agree with you whole heartedly that the Model 3 is a superior weapon when it comes to unloading and loading. That and it feels right in the hand. As far as being a "Fight Stopper", the 45 Schofield was a distant second to the 45 Colt round though. I don't know if you've ever gotten the chance, but if you do, stuff 40gr of 3f into a modern 45 Colt brass and top it off with a 235-250gr RNFP bullet. Depending on the gun, it might not be very accurate, but what a whollop those babies make when the firing pin hits the primer. The downside of course is that with that much powder the gun will be so hot after two or three cylinders you'll have to let it cool off before you can even unload it.
Foto Joe
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SAA GunSlinger
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That is extremely interesting Fotojoe. We could only wish that the companies back then could of put there differences aside and produce a fantastic firearm. Unfortunately that was not to be. I am saving up all my brass, i do not reload but im slowly but surely buying my equipment to do so. I need your advice, what would be a good powder to reload with? Something really good and safe i dont want my schofields to get damaged lol there my babies. Also do you think that the 44-40 out performs the 45 colt? I was thinking about getting another schofield chambered in it or a nice marlin 1894 chambered in it. Thanks agian Oh and one last thing, have you ever had the privilege to shoot 45.S&W if yes, Whats your take on the cartridge?

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Old March 29, 2011, 04:12 PM   #54
Foto Joe
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Originally Posted by SAA GunSlinger
I need your advice, what would be a good powder to reload with?
I am by no means ANY type of authority on smokeless powders or reloading. I don't think that you've ever mentioned what caliber your guns are but I'll make the assumption that they are 45 Colt. What I would suggest is that you hit the Reloading Section of THR for information regarding powders. Personally, I use Universal simply because that was a powder that Lee loading dies had information for in their data sheets. It works well for me on 44-40, 38 Special and 9mm, but from what I understand it's not as well suited to the low pressure loads associated with original Black Powder cartridges like 45 Colt and 38 Special, I could be wrong though.

As far as which cartridge out performs the other, I don't have any personal data on that, because all my 45 Colt loads are Black Powder and my 44-40 loads are smokeless right now.

I will say that 45 Colt is a pistol cartridge that some manufacturers are chambering rifles for. The 45 Colt cartridge is a straight wall that back in the day wasn't as popular for rifle as the tapered 44-40 round. The straight wall brass doesn't eject as easily after firing as a tapered cartridge. Of course if my facts are incorrect on this somebody will most probably take me to task on it.

In my opinion, the 44-40 is probably ballistically more potent, especially when fired from a rifle. I know that loading a 44 Special with 26gr 3f and sending it down the barrel of a '94 Marlin produces a just barely sub-sonic round. Adding another 14gr to get to the 40gr load of a 44-40 would probably be VERY impressive in a rifle. Of course if you're going to mash 40gr of 3f into a 45 Colt brass and do the same, the bullet will be 235-255gr instead of 200-210 so the range won't be as good, but the impact energy at the muzzle will undoubtedly be pretty huge. I know that a 235gr with 40gr 3f behind it fired out of my SAA with a 12" barrel produces an average MV of 1,065 fps at 592, so it's probably higher with a longer barrel. Whereas the 44 Special with 26gr 3f and a 200gr RNFP gets 1,079 fps and 517 out of the Marlin. My money would be on the 44-40!!

The downside to 44-40 is finding the brass. Starline now has it, but the stuff isn't easy to come by in a hurry, but it is available. From a historical standpoint, I'd prefer the 44-40 simply for the WOW factor when you let one fly.

As far as shooting 45 S&W (Schofield), no. But I used to load 44 Russian which is slightly longer brass. If I recall the 45 S&W only held 23gr of powder and didn't really have the poop that the 45 Colt had even after it was downloaded to 30gr.
Foto Joe
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SAA GunSlinger
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Thanks for all the info it really helped when i was maken purchases. Another question for you guys. I got my schofield back and i went out and shot it. It worked great but it shoots to the left!!! How do i fix this? Is there someway that i can possibly adjust the sights on it?
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Old April 2, 2011, 12:25 AM   #56
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For reference, here's a photo of the Uberti's rear sight:


Here's the Uberti parts diagram showing the replacement sight part:

That's always a potential problem with fixed sights and sometimes even with an adjustable rear sight if it does not have enough range for adjustment.

There's only so many options for making windage adjustments. Either the rear sight notch needs to be opened up on the same side as the impact is needed to be moved to. Or the front sight needs to be moved in the opposite direct of where the impact is needed to be moved to.

For the rear, that involves filing or milling the existing notch, or installing a replacement rear sight with an improved notch.
I suppose that someone could fill in the original notch entirely, either with molten metal or an insert, and then recreate a better notch that way.
For the front, that involves either making a dovetail for a new front sight so that the new sight can be drifted into alignment. But that entails removing the original front sight.
Or sometimes it's possible to bend the front sight enough to obtain the correct alignment.

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SAA GunSlinger
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Thanks for the tip, i bent the front sight a little and tinkered a little with the back sight and what do you know! TA DA!!! I was shooting soda cans from 35 yards away!!! Finally I HAVE SCHOFIELDS THAT FUNCTION PROPERLY!!! I bought them in February and finally in April i have finally got them working right. After 3 returns, shipping cost, and tinkering and a whole lot of cussing i finally have 2 working schofields. Thank you all for your help i greatly appreciate it! Lets hope they hold up when i begin shooting in the SASS. I wish the best of luck to the rest of everyone and there schofield issues as well and feel free to ask me any questions. Ive gained a little knowledge since i had to tinker with so many of them. Thanks agian all and keep your powder dry
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Thank God I came across this thread before I wasted my money on a No 3....
They look great.. the concept is awesome.... I guess the manufacturer just doesnt have the build down..
Maybe its too complicated for them..
As everyone seems to testify that their other offerings are solid...
The Schofield must have too many working parts that they cant get synchronized.

You guys saved me a bunch of money and some precious hair.. Not that I have any to loose... I would have been trying to pull out what little I have left if I had to deal with a brand NEW broken pistol.
Thanks again!!
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Old October 29, 2015, 09:05 PM   #59
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I've got an Uberti #3 New Model Frontier/45 Colt from Taylors.
750+ rounds through it. Not even a breath of a problem.
- Ultramax 250gr LRNFP
- Lyman 452424(30-1)/Unique/8.0gr/1.605"/crimped mid cleaning band
- Lyman 452424(30-1)/W231/7.2gr/1.605"/crimped mid cleaning band
- Lyman 452190(30-1)/Unique/8.0gr/1.615"/crimp on ogive (Go2 Load)
- Lyman 452190(30-1)/700X/5.5gr/1.615"/crimp on ogive
- RCBS 45-270(30-1)/Trailboss/5.2gr/1.575"/crimped mid cleaning band

Smooth as silk
Windage adjustable rear sight
Accurate as all heck (5 rnds/1.3" at 25/benched)
Same 25yd POI for all loads/bullets/powders above

My fun let's-just-out-in-the-evening-and-shoot-the-gong gun.
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4V50 Gary
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