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I find that enough practice with this becomes habitual. Just like holding your breath before shooting a rifle-same concept-I actually took a day to refresh my rifle skills and noticed I didn't need to force myself to hold my breath, as it came completely natural because of much practice.

The same applies to cross dominant shooter; I have the same issue-left handed and right eye dominant-and I overcome this by just closing my right eye when shooting pistols or rifles. Works well for me.
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I had to deal with this problem for years until one day I had enough. I decided that I either had to learn to shoot primarily off handed or close one eye. No matter what all the tactical dudes say about closing one eye, I decided to do that. I shoot left handed but have a right dominant eye. I began to close the right eye and force the left eye to do its job. My shooting was leaps and bounds better the first try.

Later I discovered I could shoot at close range with both eyes open (using the right eye). It does cause a slightly head tilt/arm angled shooting style but its fine at close ranges. At longer ranges (beyond) 10yards, I would need to close the dominant eye and use a traditional shooting stance.

I do not use the cowboy looking stance.( feet spread side by side and legs slightly bent)

I use more of the weak side foot forward, strong side foot slightly back pointed at a 45deg angle away from body, leaning only slightly forward.
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cross dominant

Being cross-dominant is not a big problem in shooting, but it is hard for anyone who is NOT cross-dominant to understand, since there is no practical way to duplicate the phenomenon.

I am right handed and have a left master eye. I shoot handguns with the right hand and long guns off the right shoulder. With handguns, I use the left eye to sight with. (Out to 10 or 12 yards I have trained myself to shoot with both eyes open -- farther out than that and I have to close the weak eye.)

I use a Chapman stance (modified Weaver) that better brings the front sight of the handgun into alignment with my left master eye. I slightly shift my head to line my left eye up with the sights.

When shooting long guns, I close the left eye. This does cut down on peripheral vision to some extent, but I find it works a lot better for me than trying to shoot off the left shoulder, although I do practice bilateral shooting out to about 25 yards with both handguns and long guns because one never knows the precise nature of any situation one might find themselves in.

I do know some shooters with a cross dominant master eye who have learned to switch hands successfully.

I've taught police recruits at the local regional police academy off and on since 1988 and I have observecd that it was fairly common to have a left handed shooter who had a right master eye who also shot right handed, even though they used the left hand to write with. I suspect that circumstance forces left handed people to develop a greater degree of ambidextrous skills, simply because almost all firearms and many other implements are designed for use by right handed operators.

With my particular vision circumstance, I cannot use occluded eye gunsights with both eyes open.

I have found a number of people who cannot close a single eye independently. This condition pretty much requires that all weapons be fired using the hand/shoulder that corresponds to their dominant eye, regardless of which hand has greater dexterity.

Being cross dominant is not a big problem in most circumstances, but everybody's vision and level of physical skill varies. Experimentation will usually find the best option to select.
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Not much to add as there was lots of good info in the posts.

I do want to mention that I am legally blind in my right eye (20/200) but shoot all my handguns right handed. Using my left eye, of course. I've had no problem at all shooting fast & tight groups.

On the other hand, I shoot all my long arms left handed. And I prefer right handed models instead of left hand specific models. I just grew up shooting bolt actions by using my right hand to work the action while my left hand stayed on the grip / trigger area. I tried shooting a left handed model a few times and it was a really odd feeling!
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I'm the same way. When I bring the gun up from low ready to aiming, I instinctively turn my head a little to the right and line up the sights with my left eye. I don't close my right eye, but I don't focus with it. I guess I've always been this way.
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