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OP, good post, lot of good info there. I also live in Va, and it is not a must disclose state. However, the county I got my CHP in, "strongly" advised the holder declares themself when pulled over by a county sheriff unit.

Since carrying, I've been pulled over twice, once for speeding and once for not quite making the yellow in time. Both times I declared I had a permit but was not CC at the time. Both officers seemed to appreciate the information. The officer that got me for speeding could have gotten me for wreckless (20 over), but cut me some slack and didnt. The office that got me for running a red, gave me a warning. I like to think my actions (pretty much listed by the OP), helped me out in both cases.

Regardless, until I have a reason to believe otherwise, I will continue to treat an officer like I would like to be treated. They have a dangerous job, and the more I can put them at ease, the better the encounter will be for both of us.

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You need a permit for.....

other than CC ? Place I don't wanna live.:barf:
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Originally Posted by Brandy
You need a permit for.....
other than CC ? Place I don't wanna live.
And yet Florida is acceptable to you?!?
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Old April 22, 2010, 10:52 AM   #29
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Yeah Key West is very nice for

five months every winter when it's a bit cooler in NW WY where we spend the rest of the year.
If you are still active duty, you might want to get a tour here, great fishing and diving, it doesn't rain 300 days per year and the state is not run by Democraps..
FL is also a "shall issue" CC state and the violent crime rate has gone down every year since it was enacted.
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Do not use a voice monitor without the other party's consent in Maryland. It is a felony.

+1 for keeping your hands in sight, interior lights on when it's dark. Only move/act upon direction and verbally convey your intentions. He asks for your registration, then say, "it's in the glovebox" before you reach. Regarding license, I'll pull that out of my back pocket while I'm pulling over and have it on my lap once stopped so I don't have to reach back and take my hands out of sight.

I WISH there was some standard regarding which side of a vehicle police/troopers like to approach from. Especially on the highway. In another thread I mentioned how I pulled over once, it was a busy highway so as I pulled onto the right shoulder, I left more room on the passenger side, thinking he would go over there. Sure enough he came to the driver side, closer to traffic because I didn't leave as much room. At the conclusion of the stop which resulted in no citation/warning being issued I apologized and explained I thought it would be safer to pull over the way I did, but he didn't respond.
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I was stupid, but EXTREMELY lucky...

I'm not going to beat around the bush, I messed up bad... But I was not CC..

After a long day at work one Friday, I drove up to NC for the weekend. Now I got out of work at 10pm and got pulled over around 3:45 that following morning... decided to pull an all nighter and drive straight through. After driving through a construction zone (I ALWAYS do under construction speed limit, not in enough rush to risk someone's life) but after I got out, I started accelerating, and since there was no one on the road I started to speed, while playing with the nav system, I got pulled over by a NC State Trooper.

I pulled all the way over, windows down, lights on, hands on the steering wheel. He comes up and tells me I was doing 94 in a 65! I was absolutely shocked! I had no idea I was doing that! After some small talk about how I slowed down after I passed him, etc etc he asked for my license. Before I reached into my center console, I told him that I had numerous knives in there. He said fine and told me to go ahead into it. Again to my surprise, I COULD NOT FIND MY LICENSE! He asked me out of my car and into his cruiser, so I head to the back seat, and he laughs and says "no get in the front" He ran my name and the car, and started small talk, he saw USMC license plate frame on the back of my car and started asking questions, told I was back from deployment 6 months earlier... he saw that everything was clean and in shape, he shook my hand and said "you have 20 minutes until you get to Clayton, no need to speed. Thanks for your service, that is your warning." and left me with that...

Lets just say I dont play with gadgets while driving anymore, and I monitor my speed much more closely now. Nice LEO I have ever met, hands down.

EDIT: my license was in my work pants that I changed out of and threw in my trunk
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First, let me suggest something. Go to your local LEO HQ and ASK them what they expect when you've got a gun in your car loaded and ready to go with the flip of the safety and you get pulled over.

I live in a small town of about 30,000. I've become friends with the county Sheriff and with some of the local PD guys. So here in my home town, if I get pulled over for something, and I have twice due to my heavy foot, I tell the officer right away. Of course, I always turn off the car, open my tinted windows, keep my hands on the wheel and I DO NOT reach around for anything until the officer tells me to. This thing of getting your license ready and all of that just conveys a sense of worry to the officer and may influence his reaction to finding out you have a weapon in the car. Especially since he/she will already see by your record that you have a CCW.

"Sir, are you aware of why I pulled you over?"

"No officer, I'm not. But I would like to mention to you that I have a CCW license and I do have a loaded weapon in my center console in a black holster."

"That's fine. Do you need to open that console to obtain your license, insurance and registration?"

"Yes sir, I do need to open it. If you would prefer, I can unload the weapon and place it on the passenger seat."

"No, that's fine. Just place it on the passenger seat in the holster and then let me get your documents please."

And that's how it went. In my local area and the other towns and cities around here, I inform right up front. I don't have too, but I know it will place the officer at ease and it immediately establishes some trust with him/her.

Now that's not to say all officers are created equally. The next time I was pulled over, a relatively young officer came to my window.

"Sir, are you aware that you were just doing 74 in a 50 zone?"

"No, I sure wasn't. I apologize for not paying better attention to my speedometer. Stupid radio controls are messing up on me. By the way sir, I do have a CCW and I also have a loaded weapon there, nodding my head in its direction, in my center console."


This dude jumps back from the window, pulls his weapon and tells dispatch with his shoulder mic that he needs back up for a Hispanic male who is stating he has a loaded weapon in his car!

I said, "Officer, I DO have a valid CCW permit signed by Sheriff Sutton and I am NOT Hispanic, but of American Indian descent."

It made no difference. This kid has his weapon out, pointed at the ground in a ready type stance to bring it up if needed. He tells me to exit the vehicle. I do so. He asks me if I have any guns, knives, grenades or nuclear weapons on me. I chuckle and tell him only the gun in the car and the pocket knife attached to my right hand pocket.

About this time, another officer arrives and walks up.

"Sir, where is the weapon located?"

"In my center console."

He gets it, clears it....letting the damned round hit the street!!!! He tehn remarks on how clean and nice my weapon is. I thank him. He then asks me if I'm expecting any trouble. I say, "No sir, I'm not." He then asks me why in the world I'm riding around with a loaded weapon and one in the chamber. I ask him if his weapon is locked and loaded like mine. He replies it is. I ask him if he's expecting any trouble today. Not catching on, he says no, but that as a LEO, he has to be prepared at all times and of course, as a policeman, he can't take the time to rack a round in if things go badly. I reply that even though I'm not a LEO, I am retired military with years and years of experience with weapons and that I also do not wish to take the time to rack a round.

After that, it all went very quickly and smoothly. I got a warning and was on my way.

If I leave my State, I will not say anything unless required by that States law. I know enough people in Law Enforcement here to keep things civil. But outside my bubble of friends, I don't say anything unless asked or unless I have to go in my center console. But now, I keep those documents in my sun visor.
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I've been pulled over with a loaded weapon on the seat beside me, and after I told the officer it was there, business as usual. Treat him with respect and he'll most likely do the same.

MS, my home state, is not a "must tell" state, so I'm not required to tell the officer if I'm carrying. If he asks, I'll tell, but I don't plan on volunteering the information. With all respect to LEOs, a badge isn't a license to harass citizens. Not long ago I was pulled over here in NW LA by a county unit. He said he pulled me over because I have a modified exhaust on my truck (I have flowmasters). That was after he followed me for several miles, while he ran my tags. He asked me twice where I was coming from, where I was going, and what I was doing in this county, all the while shining his light in my vehicle looking. That was one of the only bad experiences I've ever had with a cop, but unfortunately its common practice here in the south to stop vehicles with out-of-state tags for no other reason than they're not local. I digress. Like another poster said, A cop isn't your friend. Just be polite, respectful, and say no more than necessary. Anything you say can be used against you.
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I just wanted to add that I don't think recording an officer pulling you over is illegal anywhere in the USA. That right is protected by the 1st amendment. I'm assuming you are on public property and the officer has no reasonable expectation of privacy. You can take take pictures, record audio, record video, and transcribe the events. After all, I'm sure he is doing the same thing, and two can play at that game.

Here is a recent event is Maryland
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