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Playing Card Drill

Using a deck of playing cards, the standard 54 card deck including Jokers, draw one card at a time. Using the given instructions for each suit/ type of card, complete the drill. (Example: You draw a 10 of Clubs. You will fire 10 single shots using a flash picture.) All drills will be conducted from either the holster, or punching out from the chest (Position 3 to 4). If the drill requires a speed reload or a tactical reload, fire the drill, conduct the prescribed reload technique, then fire the drill one more time. (Example: You draw the King of Diamonds, you must fire a hammer pair followed by a tactical reload and fire another hammer pair.) For Jacks, start firing the drill. Once you recieve the malfunction, conduct the proper immediate or remedial action, and follow it up by either a new mag or finishing the remaining mag. Have a friend load the mag (typically the first one), or setup the weapon, for the malfunction (ie, stovepipe, unseated mag, round not in chamber, double feed, etc.) You don't have to fire the full deck, but if you were to, it would be a total of 433 rounds. You can do this with any weapon. Here is the instructions for the suit and type.

Spade: Failure-to-Stop (hammer pair to the chest, one shot to the head)
Club: Single Shot (Flash Sight Picture)
Diamond: Hammer Pair
Heart: Controlled Pair
2-10: Indicated how many times to repeat the drill
Jack: Malfunction Drill
Queen: Off Hand
King: Tactical Reload
Ace: Speed Reload
Joker: Hip Shot (3yd-5yd)

I don't know if anyone in the shooting world has ever come up with this drill, but I have seen many MMA fighters use this drill with fighting techniques. I adapted this "game" to shooting using practical drills that we use all the time. This just allows a shooter to go over several drills while not keeping it stagnant. You can vary this drill to suit your needs, but this should be a pretty all inclusive drill.
Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.

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very cool drill! Would love to shoot it the way you described but i think we would have to tailor it a bit to suite these recent ammo prices!
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I used to run a fun match where I would pin up a whole deck of 52 cards face in at 25 yards. Everybody would toss a dollar in the pot and fire 7 shots then go find his target cards and bring them back not showing them. Best 5 cards won. The reason I lost a lot of gamers was a lot of people couldn't hit a playing cared at 25 yards and having only 1 or 2 or 3 cards to show for their effort made us guys with 7 cards the winners 90% of the time. A preacher buddy managed to get 3 9's so he won that one but mostly it was a marksman's game. I quit running that game at the monthly fun matches because the last 2 times only 3 of us shot it.

I should have done it your way.
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The cool thing about this drill/ game is that you don't have to use the whole deck. I kinda applied this from UFC training drills that I learned from some fighter buddies of mine. Luckily, I don't have us doing pushups and all that jazz as well. But honestly you can pick a few cards so you know how much ammo you need, and then from there, just shuffle them up so you don't know the order. It's a drill that keeps you on your toes.
Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.

Si vis pacem, para bellum
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