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Old April 26, 2010, 12:14 AM   #1
lone star hydro
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Help on cowboy pistols

My son and I shot USPSA / IDPA and we use PT 1911 in 38 super limited, and
S&W 646 and 624 in IDPA.
We would like to get started in cowboy action , what kind of guns would
you think we should get......

RIFLE......... Thanks..... GUYS let me know
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I got interested in Cowboy Action Shooting because I first got interested in cap and ball pistols. Right now you could buy a pair of 1851 clones brand new for as little as $130 each.

You can start with a pair of cap and ball pistols but, if the club I have been attending is any indication, you will be lonely. I have a pair of 1858 clones, and out of 60 shooters, I was the only one shooting cap and ball. Which means while everybody else was socializing, I was loading. You could invest in a bunch of spare cylinders, but for the money you invest in those, you could buy a pair of Uberti Cattlemen or Ruger Vaqueros.

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On the shot gun, all the "fast guys" use an 1897 pump. You also see a lot of SxSs. Stoeger Coach Gun is pretty popular. I picked up an old used Stevens 5100 12 ga. SxS for $150. It fires every time I pull the trigger and it hits what I aim at.
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Old April 26, 2010, 02:48 AM   #4
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Once again the "fast guys" are all shooting some variation of the 1873 but I can't lay out $1000 or more for a rifle. It just ain't ever going to happen.

If a do get some money ahead and decide to get a CAS rifle, I will either go with a Rossi/Puma 1892, and buy the Steve Young DVD slick it up myself, or find a good deal on a Marlin 1894. What ever you decide to go with, they say you should match the caliber of your rifles to the caliber of your pistols. 45 LC are very popular, but a lot of people are using .38 special and loading them a bit long so that they feed nicely through a .357 lever action.

The truth is the jury is still out whether I am going to stick with CAS long enough to make it worth my while. The conservation club I belong to has pistol shoots .22 rifle shoots and trap shoots that I can compete in for $5/ event. CAS is great but since I don't have the money to "hang with the fast guys" I'm thinking I might be better off taking part in the shooting sports my local club offers.

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I'd stay away from the cap and balls unless you're already experienced with them. The Uberti clones are a good choice as are Rugers. The 92 Winchester clones are good but the older Rossi's do have stiff actions out of the box. Any SXS shotgun will do either with hammers or without as long as it doesn't have ejectors. The 97 pump takes a lil mastering to be proficient with loading over the top like the fast boys do. The 87 lever action is cool but isn't fast.
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Old April 26, 2010, 07:17 AM   #6
Steeltown Joe
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I would start out with this website.

This was put together by a long time shooter and helped me very much when I started. My picks for a first time shooter would be Ruger Blackhawks or Vaqueros (adj. sights or no adj.sights) in 357/38 for pistols. a 1892 clone or Marlin 1894 also in 357/38. And a Stoeger coach gun or IAC 1897 clone pump gun for your shotgun. Check out the website their are plenty of choices.
Have fun and welcome to CAS !

Steeltown Joe # 74630
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Fingers McGee
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First thing you should do is attend a couple matches at a couple different clubs to see what everyone is using. Try out whatever is offered to you (and most will offer to let you try their guns) before you decide on anything.

Failing that, a good start would be:

A pair of Ruger Vaqueros or Great Wetern II revolvers in 38/357
A Winchester 92 clone that has been worked over by Nate Kiowa Jones
A Winchester 1987 that has been worked over - or a clone that has been worked over.

EMF has starter sets for a reasonable price.

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Here's a ton of information about CAS, including a good primer on cowboy guns.

If you've been shooting USPSA / IDPA I suspect you might be interested in the competition. That means 'race' guns - the short-stroked 1873, slicked up revolvers, 97 shotgun. That can add up to a healthy amount of money

I started with the Ruger New Vacqueros, 1894 Marlin Cowboy, both in 357/38. Also a Stoeger double. I just shoot for fun, and these guns have been fine.
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Nite Ryder
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Help on Cowboy pistols

I started shooting Cowboy Action Shooting in 2006 and I've seen a few new shooters buy guns and then after they got into the game more, switched guns and calibers. Most people end up using 38 special revolvers because the recoil is lighter and therefor can shoot faster than 45's and 44's, 32's are also faster..For rifles, the best for the money is the Marlin 1894 in 357mag caliber (shooting 38 special catridges). However 1866's and 1873's (both of which are toggle action guns) are the best, but most expensive. In my opinion Winchester 94's and 92's (or clones) are the poorest choice. Their actions can not be smoothed to the same point as the Marlins and toogle action guns. The toogle action guns can also be fitted with a short stroke kit that makes them a bit faster.. Marlins don't work the same and even though you will hear a short stroke kit can be put in them. The only thing that can make their lever throw shorter is a shorter cartridge. Either SXS shotguns or Winchester 1897 (or their clones) and the 1887 Winchester (and clones) may be used. I suspect it is easier to be faster with a 97 pump gun, but I've seen many SXS (double barrel coach guns) shooters that were also fast. An 1887 lever shotgun can be used, but they are 'practice intensive'. Pump rifles like the Colt lightning can also be used, but few people stick with them because most of them don't work as well as some of the other rifles. Hope these thoughts help.
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