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XD-45 light strikes?

Hey Guys,
I'm getting a recurring problem with my xd-45. I'm loading 5.0 gns of Bullseye with a 230 grain home-cast round nose bullet. It's been a good load for target, but I'm starting to develop an issue.
I was using CCI primers, and had a once in 2-300 light strike (no primer ignition), I'm now using Winchester primers (maybe a coincidence...) and am having about one out of ten.
I clean the gun thoroughly after each session of 1-300+ rounds, I spray the slide assembly down with carb cleaner (non-chlorinated) and work the firing pin in and out to get things clean there, blow-out with compressed air, scrub the barrell, hand clean the dirty parts of the lower, etc.
The light strikes show on the primers as a weak hit, but always fire if I reload them.
Could the firing pin spring be worn-out after many thousands of rounds? Because the problem seems to be progressive.
If so, does the firing pin come out like a 1911? I don't see how to insert the pin and remove the retaining plate.
Thanks! Steve W.
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Don P
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The striker comes out similar. You will have to press the load indicator on the back of the slide in and remove it (be careful of the striker spring and plunger). Next restrain the striker block and pull out the small retaining pin toward the rear. Next remove the striker block and its spring. there is a roll pin the has to be removed in order to get the striker and rebound spring out. You will find the access hole in the underside of the slide and drift the pin upward. This will allow the striker and its rebound spring to be taken out rearward. Once you have completed the steps above the only parts that are left in the slide assembly are the load indicator and the extractor

I found the book Gun Digest book of Automatic Pistols Assemble/Disassembly to be extemely useful and that is where the above directions came from. Money well spent with regards to the pistols that it covers.
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Maybe you need a stronger spring for those primers.
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Old March 28, 2010, 06:52 AM   #4
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Maybe you need a stronger spring for those primers.
Wow, Thanks for the link. I ordered a repacement spring this morning, about $10 USPS First class mail included.
Also removed and re-installed the existing spring to verify ease. Nothin' to it.
Thanks again, Steve W.
Circa 1964: Rocky to Bullwinkle:
"But that trick never works!"
But Bullwinkle tries it anyway...again and again
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If they fire on the second strike I would tend to think the primers were not fully seated on the first go round. And are being fully seated by the firing pin.

Check your rounds for high primers first.

You recently changed primers and you may need a little more pressure on the downstroke to fully seat them. This is something you can check easily, if none of your rounds exibit high primers maybe it is time for a new spring or you have a dirty firing pin channel.
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Old March 28, 2010, 08:32 AM   #6
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I agree w/ Myke Hart; I think it more likely you have primers that aren't fully seated, but it also could be that you're crimping a bit too much and the round isn't headspacing properly (i.e., it's too deep in the chamber).

I'm upwards of 13,000 rounds in my XD-9; I doubt that the firing pin is worn.

It's also possible (again, I think this unlikely given how rare this event is) that there's enough gunk inside the striker channel that it's slowing down the striker just enough to produce a light strike.

To remove the striker and check out that channel:

1. Depress the striker spring guide (the black plastic piece through which the striker status indicator extends) with a small punch, enough that you can slide the striker locking plate off the end of the slide.

CAUTION: the striker spring, the striker status indicator, and the striker spring guide will come shooting out of the end of the slide if you don't hold it down w/ your thumb as you do this, so unless you want to chase parts all over your area, carefully release the spring pressure.

2. Tap out the striker retaining pin; it's seen in the small (maybe 3/16" or a little less) hole in the top of the slide; tap it out from the bottom using a punch.

3. The striker should now slide out; there is also a striker dampening spring inside the striker channel, so tap that out by knocking the slide against the heel of your hand, or gently on a cushioned workbench surface. Or a pick can be used to pull it out if it's gunked up.

4. I use q-tips to clean mine, but anything you can get in there (and get back out!) can be used.

It's not recommended that you lubricate this area heavily with oil or whatever. I use a little Breakfree CLP w/ mine, but I leave little residue for dirt to collect in. I also completely strip the slide from time to time to give it a good deep cleaning, though being an XD it really doesn't require that. I just like to be...thorough.

You don't need to remove either the striker safety retaining pin nor the striker safety itself.

Here's a pretty good pictorial showing how this is done:
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