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Suppersors and chemical enviorments

Not sure if this is the right forum area to launch into this question, but here goes. I'm a bail bondsman and thus responsable to pick up those whom I bond and skip. The meth industry has slowed down quite a bit around here but I stil have occasional dealings with tweekers. So heres my question; I carry a 9mm as a normal pistol when picking folks up but also take either a carbine or shotgun incase I feel that the possability of a weapon is higher for some reason. I always take one and have yet to get the thing out thankfully. I have had a couple of times I had to pick people up that were either in (I sat and waited till they came out of course) ar had recently been in a meth lab. Apperntly they are pretty easy to set up and run cause some of these nit wits can't hardly tie their shoes right but can set these things up? I know they have a tendancey to be highly volitale as a result of the various chemiclas used in the process. If I picked up a carbine of some sort in 9mm and mounted a suppresor would it

1; minimize the amount of burning gasses released to a level safer in that enviorment? and

2; Would it function the same way shifting it from a pistol to a carbine or the same caliber?

My local sheriff is a good guy who is very behind our gun rights and is easy to deal with on class 3 issues and I know about the legal work involved with the ATF.
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Capt. Charlie
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I've been on more than my share of drug raids, and meth labs are super bad news. LE today receives specialized training on meth labs because of the hazards involved.

If we know ahead of time that a meth lab is involved, we won't even attempt it without the FD, and preferably a HAZMAT team being present.

The chemicals involved are so volatile that almost ANYTHING, the tiniest spark, can set off a massive explosion.

I assume you're talking about a flash suppressor. If so, it won't make much, if any, difference. Same with the difference between a pistol and a carbine. Gunfire in an active meth lab is to be avoided at all but the most dire costs.

In your situation, I feel for you. You have the duty to apprehend a bail jumper, but you lack the resources of a regular LE agency. My advice would be to back off and catch 'em outside later. Let HAZMAT deal with the lab.

(Incidentally, I note that you posted a very similar thread in the NFA forum. It's different enough to let this one stand, but please be advised that we don't allow duplicate threads in multiple forums.)
TFL Members are ambassadors to the world for firearm owners. What kind of ambassador does your post make you?

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--Capt. Charlie
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Thanks Capt. I wasn't aware of the dual posting issue. I was refering to sound suppresors though. The way they work is to trap hot burning gasses until the cool to a level that reduces the cuncosion of hot gas hitting cool or room temprature air. Like I said, I don't see this as being a major concern, ut failing to plan for something is the best way to ensure it happens. So far I have had to run down 8 guys, 6 of them went along with no problem and all said they forgot, and I actually believe them. Still took them to jail but, I believed them. The other two litteraly couldn't afford the fines or court costs so they ducked the court date and warrent till they got caught, pled guilty and did their days, lol. 5 out of the 8 have been tweekers though so it is something I have thought about. Honestly the smartest thing I have heard from anyone yet involving bounty hunting or picking up absconders is get a name and address for who they sleep with, find the nearest 7 11 or quick trip, and wait a day or two and they will show up. One of the two that said that said wait till they come out, they wont want to drop the slurrpy or what ever at first and be easier to snach.
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The way they work is to trap hot burning gasses until the cool to a level that reduces the cuncosion of hot gas hitting cool or room temprature air.
Suppressors have nothing to do with temperature.

They reduce the amplitude of the pressure that comes from the barrel by stretching the pulse out.

Firing any gun in an environment with flammable vapors (acetone, ether, gasoline, etc.) can set of an explosion you may not survive.
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