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Hey guys,I'm

Been really busy lately. Havn't really been on the computer that much. Been lacking on all my forum postings.. lol

As you all know (thanks to amny of your valid and interesting advice)

I have opted for a Glock G22 for my first gun.
I've been to the range a few times, I'm a pretty decent shot.
I plan to keep going but as you all know ($$$$ is tight). I might go for my Metro Police test in January here as well.
I wanna get my CCW before that time, December 16th the gun rage I use here is having the class. In the state of Nevada you qualify with the gun you want to carry, that goes on your card. If you qualify with 1 revolver you cna carry them all (including the judge), how? I don't know.. lol

Anywhoo... Its a standard B27 target
36 Rounds, 70% hit rate within the INNER 7 ring only.

Two handed shooting style,

At 3 yards / 9FT:
12 rounds, no time limit.

At 5 yards / 15FT:
12 rounds, no time limit.

At 7 yards / 21FT:
12 rounds, no time limit.

Breathing is always key of course, the no time limit is great. My eyes aren't so great, they cross every once in a while.. Does any one have any suggestions? My friend who carries a wide selection of guns just got a new revolver, qualified with it and used the laser assisted aim during his course and they let him with no issues. Anyone know where I can get a good cheap laser for my G22? And how to properly calibrate it?

Any help would be greatly assisted..
I'm confident in myself, but I am a novice, and the class is $100 + $25 for ammo... so I don't wanna fail, thats a lot of dough. After you pass the test, to register and get your CCW with Metro, the fee is $100.25 on top of that.

Thanks again guys,
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You're thinking too hard on this my friend! At a max of 7yds you should no problem hitting 99.9% in the 7 circle. I bet you could literally aim once, close your eyes, and complete the "test".

You don't need a laser. Besides, no time limit so just relax and take all day if you need to. If you just WANT a laser because they're kinda cool... (and I think they are) the Crimson Trace or Lasermax internal lasers would be on the top of my list.

Since this will be your primary CCW, any rail mounted laser would be a bit more of a hassle. Unfortunately, "good" and "cheap" are not good combos when it comes to quality laser devices.

My advice... skip the laser for now and spend the money on ammo and range time. Practice makes perfect! You'll do fine
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our ccw instructor in AZ made folks with lasers turn them off !

It's true, you can throw the gun and qualify at the distances they test you at.

You'll be just fine
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Old December 10, 2009, 09:38 AM   #4
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Sounds to me that you need to practice sight and target acquisition. Assuming you have the proper stance, with your hands straight out in front of you and stand either straight or have a slight forward tilt, you should be focusing on your sights. These are your focal points and the target should be something in the background. Look thru the rear sight to bring the front site into alignment and the entire picture, in focus, should be placed at where you want the shot to hit.

Keep in mind that some, like the early 1911's are designed so that the sight target is at the six o'clock position to the intended strike zone. Others require that the strike zone be covered with the front's a matter of knowing your gun.

Follow thru is an often overlooked art. When learning trigger management and dry-firing your gun, keep you eye on the proper sight alignment and practice trigger management, along with your breathing. The actual trigger break should be a "surprise" and the sight should remain on the target zone. When the sight is exactly in the same place as it was before you pulled the trigger as after you pulled the trigger, you are mastering the gun.
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Relax, don't make it so hard - think about it. 7 yards is 21'. A standard mini-van is 15'-16'. The "7" ring is basically COM. Side of the torso to other side and neck down to groin. That's a BIG area. If you can't hit that from the back of a mini-van, you don't need a gun! Especially with no time limit. LOL!

Relax, take a breath and practice some point shooting. Forget the laser or other target/sight enhancers. Since the "ring by ring" score isn't used, all you need is to put them somewhere COM.

In SC, you can qualify with anything and carry anything. Check the gun laws in Nevada.
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