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You know.... After re-reading the original question, we all became Suckers and need to have ourselves beaten half to silliness for even thinking that the possibility of being Caught in absolute darkness could actually happen.

I feel it's true that even the biggest dumb-trout on this site would NEVER be in a situation where he could be attacked in Pitch Blackness... It's ridiculous as is the original question...

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crack a joke and shoot for the smile.
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Originally Posted by koolminx
You know.... After re-reading the original question, we all became Suckers and need to have ourselves beaten half to silliness for even thinking that the possibility of being Caught in absolute darkness could actually happen.
Obviously said by someone who's never spent a night under a moonless, cloudy sky in Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam or even in the wilderness. Mind you, I don't think that's what the OP had in mind, but I can guarantee you that it can, indeed, get darker than the inside of a mine shaft at midnight in those places.

Try going into a large office building at night when there is no power to rescue people in an elevator. That's fun. Center of the building, black as tar without a flashlight and a drop of several hundred feet.

This winter, when storms put out the power to your town or neighborhood, try to navigate indoors or out using only the ambient light. Chances are it'll be too dark for most folks to do so.
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First of all, if you know you're being stalked, why go into a building in the first place--unless it's your home, and you should not go straight back there anyway?

Here are some tidbits...

1. Do NOT go anywhere during darkness that you would not go in full daylight.
2. Do NOT frequent places that have a high probablity of hostilities or fighting.
3. Do NOT flash your wallet, or your cash.
4. Stay alert. Check your six often. If you are in a business district, a glance in a big window can disclose a tail. If you think you're being followed, cross the street and go back in the other direction. Watch the actions of the people behind you.

If you're the only person on the street and someone is coming toward you, cross the street. If you can't, for whatever reason, walk to the OUTSIDE of the sidewalk. This gives you room to maneuver.

If you are standing outside (waiting for a bus, ride, or whatever, ALWAYS stand away from corners, and put your back against a building.

Do NOT let ANYONE break your minimum safe distance--which should be at least 10 yards. Watch their hands and body language. Don't assume--EVER--that a drunk stumbling toward you is actually drunk. And never think that adolescents or teenagers are NOT dangerous.

5. If you happen to be walking through a parking lot, toward your car, be extra alert. If someone appears in your line of travel, MOVE. Go in another direction. When you reach your car, have your keys in hand and check all around you before you put the keys in. And, before you get in, check ALL the interior, and make double sure that no one is hiding inside.

As for the original question--if you find yourself entering a building for whatever reason, and all the lights go out, then GET OUT. RIGHT NOW. There is NOTHING that you can do to prepare for an attack in the dark.

I second the need for a good strong flashlight. I use and recommend the Fenix brand; I carry the TK-11. Click it on, and you have 240 lumens of blinding white light from a Cree LED. But, be aware that you will destroy your night vision, too.

If the worst happens, and you ARE grabbed in darkness, your only hope is ACTION. The BG is counting on your being paralyzed by fright for a split second--and that's all that's needed to get their hold in and put you under their control.

So, FIGHT--hard, and immediately! Lash out with your fists, feet, elbows! Swing wide, and swing HARD. Your aim is to get them to break their hold so that you can GET AWAY. Do NOT waste time trying to get to your weapon--get OUT of there, to somewhere where it is light.

Be alert, be watchful, be careful, and be prepared! Semper Vigilo et Paratus!

Of course, the question must be answered. Yes, I have been in this exact situation. Yes, I was seized from an unexpected direction. Yes, it was the most frightening thing that happened to me--ever!

...and yes--I got out of it in one piece.
Hiding in plain sight...
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