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Old July 25, 2009, 04:19 AM   #26
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the only thing i would change is to Velcro the light to either the inside wall of the safe or to the outside of the safe much like everyone else has stated
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checking for dial tone

isn't a bad idea;

better yet, though, keep the cell phone by the bed - if an intruder actually thinks to cut the phone line, it won't impact your cell phone.
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Old July 25, 2009, 11:45 PM   #28
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The cell phone is a good idea, but only as back-up in case your landline is dead.

I listen to our local PD on a scanner while at the keyboard. Every day there is at least one call from a cell phone where officers are sent to the subscriber's listed address. The downside of a cell-phone:
  • About 1 in 3 calls actually originate from the address.
  • If you don't give your location, police will be sent to your "subscriber address".
  • It takes longer to obtain the subscriber's address for a cell phone.
  • If that address is your office or a PO Box, well, good luck.
  • If service is spotty at your home, the 911 folks may not be able to call you back.
- Many people only have cellphones, saving the cost of a landline. This can seriously delay obtaining help.
- If you have cordless or VoIP phones, most don't work without electricity.
- If you have a UPS for your computer, plug one cordless phone base into a protected socket to continue phone service.
- Keep one analog hard-wired phone in the bedroom. If it's out, the lines are down and the cordless won't work either.
BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
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Old July 26, 2009, 03:17 AM   #29
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As I read your post, I assumed that you are located in the city... However, for the folks that live "way out in the sticks", a vehicle-type Single Side-Band radio with an antenna on your roof might be a viable investment if cell service is spotty... Most modern SSB radios from Motorola or ICOM are programmable using your existing laptop/desktop computer, all you'd need are the working frequencies for your county...
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Old July 26, 2009, 02:51 PM   #30
Lost Sheep
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Small bits of improvement

Originally Posted by ZeSpectre
Because although I have a bazillion lights (I'm addicted to flashlights) my wife has a habit of "borrowing" them and not putting them back (Kinda like that notepad I mentioned). So to be sure I have at least one good light on hand it's in the vault along with the gun.
My house handgun lays flat on its left side ready to be picked up by my right hand. I have my brightest flashlight immediately to the left, parallel to the barrel. Spare ammunition to the left of the flashlight. The drill is to pick up the gun and spare ammunition first. Pocket the ammo, than take the flashlight. They are always in the same locations and relative locations. Steviewonder1's idea about mounting everything on a belt (or vest) seems like a bood idea if your gun safe was large enough. That way, you could be completely naked one minute and (at least tactically) fully equipped with gun, holster, light(s), taser, cell phone, remote light controller, pepper spray and doggie treats immediately thereafter. Everything you need but pants and shoes could be on a single belt/vest No fumbling, instant on.

Just because a flashlight is mounted on a rail does not mean you have to use it for illumination. But it does guarantee the availability of a supplement to your primary light. I agree with the caution you all feel about "sweeping" your house with the muzzle of your gun, but sometimes having a light and gun pointed to the same spot is appropriate, as Yankee Traveler said.

I do have several flashlights scattered around the house. One is magnetically attached to my front door (steel door) and it never gets lost or mislaid. It is the only one other than the one with the gun that is that reliably located, but it is not very bright, just regular 2 AA batteries.

To expand on BillCA's comment, to reduce the frequency of diversion of your (backup) tactical light to household purposes, it might be helpful to tie it to its duty location with a "peace string". (I learned this trick from "Prince Valiant" of the Sunday comics; his "Singing Sword" was secured in its scabbard with peace strings, which, if broken, the sword had to taste blood before it could be re-sheathed.) I would hope the threshold act of breaking the string would prompt your wife to search harder for another flashlight before crossing that Rubicon.

ZeSpectre, what you said about your micro tape recorder suggested this to me: In addition to being able to dictate notes (faster than writing, and requiring less attention with your eyes than writing) it can serve as a witness ff you start the recorder from the moment you are equipped and record continuously throughout the event. Useful for legal defense, eh? I recall that for $400 or so you can get a hat-mounted video recorder that records whatever your hat is pointed at. Marketed for Soccer Dads, so one could always be recording in anticipation of that heroic score or block. I heard about it a couple years ago, so have to apologize for not having a web link. I am not sure about recording time capacity, though, or low-light capability.

A really good set of electronically amplified hearing protectors (and shooting glasses while you are at it) would be useful. My hearing is better with the muffs than without and after a shot is fired, you might be the only one in the house who can hear subsequent movements or be able to converse on the phone. Eye protection isn't a bad idea, either, especially if a home invader is equipped with any kind of debilitating sprayer.

You did very well and followed your plan. Congratulations. You are well equipped, with your lights, dog, safe and gear and both well-trained and in possession of the right mind-set (as far as your narrative of this event went). So, I assume you are equally prepared for the after-incident progression of events, as well. So, all my suggestions are just small incremental improvements or afterthoughts.

Bless you and yours, all your house and last, but not least, your dog.

Lost Sheep.
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Old July 26, 2009, 09:54 PM   #31
Spade Cooley
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I prefer to keep my gun, a revolver, in the night stand loaded and ready for use. To each his own.

I might have called the police and laid low inside. It was obvious there was no one in the house or the dog would have let you know. I would want the police to interview both of them and find out what they had been up to. They could have been burglarizing a nearby home or car. If they were seated in the front yard and you were in a locked house with a gun, you were safe and didn't need to do anything but wait on the cops.
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Old July 29, 2009, 05:44 AM   #32
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Light is no problem for me I have a Streamlight SL-20, SL-20X, an UltraStinger and a Stinger LED DS. If I have to I'll pull out an old Parachote Flare. I personally do not like Rail Lights I prefer to control them separate from my muzzle.
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Old July 29, 2009, 06:24 AM   #33
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As people bring up the point I do think that in the future I'd call the police and have them come and "interview" the people on my lawn. Good point.
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Did the wife check for dial tone as one of her tasks? Should do. Only if no dial tone does she need to say anything - like "phone's dead". That would change my tactical mindset fast.
I always keep an old cellular phone in the bedside table...fully charged but "off". Even unused ... and "unserviced" cell-phones are still able to access the 911 Emergency system. That way I know there is a phone within easy reach at all times while in bed.
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Old July 29, 2009, 07:30 AM   #35
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Oh, forgot to reply to that one.
We keep our cell phones on our nightstand and we have one of those multiple handset landline phones so we have a couple of communication options.
"The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on"
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Old July 29, 2009, 07:56 AM   #36
Spade Cooley
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Do you think we should re-think using a light. Living in the city there is usually enough light out to both see inside the home as well as outside. The home is your domain and you know every inch of it even in the dark. You can move in darkness. Why light up the world and let them know where you are? I don't see the need to use a light and would rather keep my position a secret.

Let me tell you about something dumb I did a couple of years ago. I live in the country where we have a small neighborhood with homes along the river. I believe we had a dope dealer working down the road about a quarter mile. He had purchased a small cabin. One night about 2Am a car parked in my driveway and turned out the lights. I got up to investigate and saw some young males seated inside the vehicle. At that time I should have called 911 in order to let the police investigate. I didn't. I picked up my gun and hit the button to open the garage door and the light came on. They immediately started the car and drove away. The police never got to question them and find out what they were up to. I could have easily slipped out my back door and watched them from cover and found out what they were going to do if in fact they were targeting my house. Thinking about it, they were most likely making a drug buy and the business was to be conducted away from the dope dealer's property.

Over the next few months when vehicles came into our area after midnight, I would get in my truck, armed, and follow them. Our local cops do not take care of this type of problem. They all got tired of me and the dope dealer lost business and moved on. End of problem.
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Excellent, just excellent

Excellent Plan, Action and Report

No gripe and I am adding to my plan as we read and write here.

I am buying an UPS today, fantastic idea. My comp has one, but one near the bed with gadgets attached is a 110% idea.

Back when my daughter and son were at home (both now in the military and stationed in Afgahnistan) We kept a set of Family band FRS Cobra walkie talkies with ear buds and made sure the kids knew how to use them. Each room had one. Worked out fantastic the night the power went out on the east coast to make sure everyone was ok w/o anyone moving around.

Now that the kids are gone, the neighbores keep a set of FRS and we keep a set in case of a hood issue, we live in a city that has a Nuke plant close by, so as neighbores, we have gotten together on various family and hood plans in case of those types of issues. We have for our neighbores a small suitcase of theirs with their clothes, meds, copies of ID's and things like that, they have ours as well.

I use a Para-Ord Nite-Hog (warthog) as my HD night time pistol. I keep a NAA Mini-Rev with a fns front blade on a neck chain with a sure fire on the chain that goes on first then I grab the wart hog. Wife always had a NAA Mini-rev with fns dot on the front blade velcro'd to the backside of the headboard on her side. The one thing I did learn from the Power Out was just how black the dark was. Nite sights truly were the ticket from then on.

Excellent thread and excellent posts.

If you don't stand behind our troops, then how about you standing in front of them. Next time you see a vet or active duty USA Military person, just say thank you, they will know what it is for.
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Old July 29, 2009, 11:59 AM   #38
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sounds like you did everything right ... no kids in my house, so my SD gun simply resides in my nightstand, not in a locked box; the night sights make it easy to index in an instant ... I keep my Surefire 9p right next to the gun and it is there and only there all the time ... if I need a light to go check the thermostat or get a drink, I keep a little Proton nearby; I use a 6P for dog walking, etc., so I don't have to disturb my SD equipment ... my extra mag is behind the light, always in the same place, and I practice locating it from time to time ... cell phone is also in the nightstand, again the same place every night ... my wife knows not to touch any of those items; I got her a nice Maglight for her nightstand and I can't remember the last time she used it ...
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Old July 29, 2009, 12:14 PM   #39
Brian Pfleuger
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I always keep an old cellular phone in the bedside table...fully charged but "off". Even unused ... and "unserviced" cell-phones are still able to access the 911 Emergency system. That way I know there is a phone within easy reach at all times while in bed.
Two things about that:

1)Make sure you check and recharge very regularly as it will lose it's charge, even when powered off, after a few weeks or a few of months, depending in the battery.

2)You might consider having it on and plugged in 24/7. The time it takes for a cell phone to power up and be usable will seem like a small eternity in an emergency, and may end up being too long....
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Plus with a home phone they can trace the call just in case you cant stay on the phone the whole time or dnt have time to talk to dispatch.
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1. Pat/hug your dogf for me. 2. Give him an extra treat

Our Yorkie is kinda of a watch dog. We love him just as well anyway.
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Sounds like ya done good to me. I like the idea of recording audio better than video--no worries about field of vision, lighting, etc. However, I would definitely want some kind of hands-free setup, even just a lanyard around my neck (with a breakaway link in case of snag or grab) or have it mounted to a velcro-type wristband, so I'm not juggling a gun, light, phone and recorder.

Although I am a good juggler.

Velcro was invented by a Scot after picking cockleburrs from his dog. Or maybe his kilt.
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