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No. 11 caps vs. Musket Caps

I saw a guy on youtube claim that converting your #11 nipple and caps on a BP rifle or shotgun to musket nipple and caps improves the ignition of the powder.

it sounds resonable to me but what do you guys think?

here is just one of his clips, there are several others where he mentions this.

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I think it's unnecessary expense and trouble, unless you have dexterity issues and find the larger caps easier to handle.

There is much to be learned from this video. Unfortunately much of it is what not to do. That's apparent from the simply awful patterns he got at 20 yards.

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AdmiralB Claim...what?
I too am trying to figure out the question but will give it a try. Yes, there is a definitely advantage to converting to a Musket primer. IF and that is a big if, the application is suitable. For instance, on Hawken styles, I would not convert. However, there are some traditionals that would take this conversion quite well. My "Hunter" has the option of being converted to Musket or 209, I chose to stay with the Musket. Besides making it easier to load in the field, they give you increased ignition for the more modern propellants and still reduces the problems inherent with the 209's. There are always trade-offs and it's called "Progress" and if it aint broke, don't fix it. Might add that the Musket primer is a valid evolutionary step in traditional M/L's

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The video was very informative on what not to do. However, musket caps are easier to handle than #11s and do provide a bigger ignition charge if that is needed. Especially if your hands tend to shake. Like some of us" more experienced" types.
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It's a nice option to be able to switch back and forth between caps, but I think that they're more expensive and may not fit quite as tight on the nipple. At least they don't on the one musket nipple that I have.
But overall it could be an improvement for some ignition problems which would be a plus.
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Old June 3, 2009, 12:34 PM   #7
Andy Griffith
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It's especially handy to have both, as it seems that musket caps may be cheaper and more available currently than #11's.

If you happen to run across some guy selling old tins of Navy Arms musket caps for $3.00 each- that's a darn good reason to buy a musket nipple if the hammer on your gun will accommodate it.
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For anyone who needs more clarity, I fixed my sentence problem. You can re-read it above.
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Check out that tiger stripe tattoo on that guy's right arm!

I have never needed musket caps on my TC Hawken, or my homemade Tennessee Mountain Rifle, using black powder.
I have hunted with them a lot and never had a misfire, so, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Also the musket cap puts more fire in your face, it is manageable of course, but takes a little getting used to.
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I use Pyrodex with standard #11 caps. Never had a misfire that wasn't my fault.
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