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I can't get the range to shoot my rifles nearly enough but I do practice at least twice a week with my scoped Gamo pellet rifle. I practice free hand and from a bench at 20 yards.
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I know a former IPSC world champion, and a shooter who used to be ranked #3 in the world for revolver championships, and here is what both tell me about practice. Shooting at the range is important, but not nearly as important as dry fire practice. Especially from the holster and onto your first shot. This dry fire practice helps develop that solid muscle memory needed to help teach the body and the brain that instinctive place that tells us when we are on target.

I head to the range twice a month, and drop about 100 rounds each time. Usually what I practice is draw from the holster, first shot out.

As far as dry fire, I've never had a problem, and I work dry fire an hour each night, as I know Ross and Jeff do as well. None of us have ever had an issue with a broken firing pin. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, just that in thousands of repetive firings I have not seen it...

A word on Sigs, I have a p226, and again thousands of dry fires and no problems. My current rig is a Kimber, and a Walter, the Walther needs to have the slide worked after every fire, and because I'm lazy I dont dry fire it often. The Kimber, I do dry fire, but because its an expensive rig with extra work on the trigger I try not to do anything strenuous that does not need to be done, but I would not hesitate to dry fire the crap out of my Sig.

If you're worried about the dry fire, practice this: TOTALLY EMPTY THE PISTOL!!!! An empty mag can be in place, but for the love of god insure that there are no live rounds in the pistol. Pick a target on the wall. Close your eyes. Draw from concealment as you would in a match and put your finger on the trigger. Open your eyes and see where you land. Adjust that so your truly on target, and then close your eyes and try to picture how that feels. Do this over and over again. I worked this exercise for an hour each night and managed to push myself up 3 placings in the next match, and needless to say, I work against some tough competition...

Just a few tips, thanks zac.
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Old April 8, 2009, 07:24 AM   #28
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Practice time?

Well, now that I am retired I do a lot more shooting than before for obvious reasons. I almost never miss shooting at least one time at either one of my two ranges I have near my home.
One week I shoot at my indoor range (also if its bad weather) and shoot just for accuracy only. The following week I go to my outdoor range and shoot for speed/accuracy or "life like situations". I lay my pistols down on the ledge in front of me, reach down quickly and pick it up and shoot by point of aim method at center of mass (not taking precise sight alingment aiming as this might take to much time in a crisis situation). You would be surprised how accurate you will become by practicing this method. I could not hit the broadside of a barn at first but later on, got really good at hitting my intended targets.
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Old May 18, 2009, 07:12 AM   #29
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Same as Wagonman

Unfortunately, at the moment, my SWAMBO has had a small stroke, so I am stuck at home caring for her, but she is on the mend so I will be able to get back into it soon

I usually get to the range 2-4 times a week (including comps) I usually would shoot around 250-300 rounds a week practicing... 2 x Vaquaros, 2 x ROA's, 2 x Pietta 1858's, Glock 34 & P22.

I am sure when I get back there, I will go ballistic (& probably OD) for the first couple of weeks.... to make up for a few quiet weeks
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have a private range of our own... usually go bout twice a week.
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