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lessons learned!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to send out some advice to anyone interested in reading about my dumbassness( is that a word? it is now!) I have spent the last 2 years lusting over owning a pair of SS ruger old army pistols in 7 1/2, the price kept me at bay this whole time, id save a bit then then find somthing stupid to spend the money on and start my qwest for a pair of the beauties all over agin, well I finaly decided to make the plunge, incometax time has rewarded me with a rather fat return this year and I decided this was it I was ready and willing so I fired up the search engins and got to looking.......and looking..........and looking... but to my surprise and horror, I found nothng! a few blued models and some short versions without the adj sites, but not the pair of shinny beasties i have been lusting over sense i discovered C&B shooting a few years ago! more research lead me to find my prized pistols were not only out of production but what few were out there are 50% more expensive and used! so now as I vent my frustraion with my own dumbassness... I wanted to remind all the shooters new and old to learn from my mistake, If you want it!.... make it happen! you never know when you last chance has passed you by, be it guns, women, cars what ever! I hope my story will help you decide to make your move on what ever it is you are after.... I am now thinking a pair of SS 58 remies will be my fate, they are fine pistols but not the masterpieces of bill ruger! on the up side ill be able to buy all the goodies at the same time with the money ill save! goin to cabellas next week , Ill post some pics when I get back! so everyone be safe and have fun, and for gods sake dont do what I did! GO FOR IT!
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Ditto on that. I had been thinking about playing with some BP for awhile. I started drooling over the SS ROA about a decade ago. Money wasn't really an issue but I just never got around to commiting myself to BP shooting. So I'd press my nose up against the glass at Bass Pro Shop and comment how purty those SS ROA's are and then walk out the door thinking I'd act on it sometime when I found someone else wanting to play cowboy. Well, ten years buddy says "hey, now that you have some acreage what do you think about taking my BP stuff out there and we'll terminate some tin cans?". I said "sounds good, but I think I need to get that ROA I'd been thinking about for some time". So like you, I got on the internet and took another look at the latest greatest SS ROA available and where to get it. To my horror I learned that Ruger had discontinued production of the ROA two years ago. I immediately went to in panic to see what I could find. Well, as you know, prices had gone up substantially on what little stock was available. There is old stock NIB (new in box) available but be prepared to pay for it. Generally, the NIB's (stainless steel) are going from around $500. Shoot, I've seen them go up in the $800's. :barf: I bit the bullet and paid out the nose and bought two old stock NIB's. I paid $495 and $505. I got both an adjustable site one and a fixed site one. I consider myself lucky because in the last three months you'd be hard pressed to find a SS ROA NIB for less than $500. I think if you are patient you'll find what you are looking for on My guess is that for the SS ROA NIB you will at best find one at $450 these days. You never know...Ruger might decide to do another production run. I wouldn't doubt it. Here a pic of mine.

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I've never been fond of SA revos but those are mighty good looking. Congrats.
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The ROA was Bill Rugers baby. With him gone there will be no more bp products from Ruger.
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Doc Hoy
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I know where there is a blue version


I was in a local gun shop here in Sootheastern VA the other day and saw a brand-new-in-the-box,-with-papers-and-all,-never-been-touched-by-nuthin-but-dust ROA in blue finish for 398.00. I already have a stainless so I wasn't interested, but I almost bought the dang thing because the price was right, , especially since it was Pick-it-up-Take-it-home-no-shipping.

Gimme a PM if your interested in more info.

You can also check gunbroker. There are normally a couple up for grabs on there. They generally go for 450.00 to 500.00. (Stainless)

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I got my first cap and ball, a Remington from Cabelas back about 6-7 years ago and played with it, had fun but never really considered any more until last summer when I went to take part in my first CAS meet. I took one look at the Rugers that a guy was using and told the wife on the phone I would be buying 2 new guns.

Got home and found them to be discontinued. Started looking and was utterly disapointed by the prices I was finding online. Started calling around to shops, going to gunshows, and since December have picked up 4 stainless ROAs all NIB, 1 adjustable, 2 fixed sights (just got, pics coming forthwith), and 1 short barrel with a "u" serial number. Wife is going nuts, but I tell her our kids are going to hand them down their kids someday, still nuts. Then I tell her we can go buy that new sofa she has been wanting, that calms her down, at least a little.

Damnedest thing, the new sofa and loveseat cost more than the 4 Rugers, somehow I got screwed in this deal. Maybe I need another adjustable
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You can see this one at is already up to $411 with still 32 hours to go before bidding ends. It has a ding in the front sight, black powder residue present and some hints of spec rust that is easily removed with a Scotch Brite pad. Of course it comes with a holster if that's your flavor.
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For Sale: NIB never fired, Ruger Old Armys (pair). Blued guns. Consecutive serial numbers (don't get this too often). 5.5" barrels. Fixed sights. Complete with boxes, all manuals, etc... No FFL transfer required. If you're looking to shoot C&B, these are the guns you want. $850, no shipping cost, no tax, no FFl cost.
Contact Blue Mesa <[email protected]>

This is from our local Cowboy Classifieds. He may want shipping for a non face to face. Try him and see. Heck of a good price.
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