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A big plus for MSAR Rifles--and a big SLAM for BullsEye Indoor Range, Tacoma, WA

A little bit of a story. This is the letter that I sent to the owner of MSAR--they make the AUG look-alikes, along with TPD. The letter says it all.


Good evening from Washington State. I had an incident today that you might be interested in hearing about. I walked into a gun shop today and saw two of your rifles in the racks for sale. I asked to see one; the salesman brought one over and handed it to me. I handled it for a minute, and asked for a price on it.

The person behind the counter said $3,325.00.

Please bear in mind that this was one of your basic versions; set up for right handed operation, OD green furniture, one, ten round magazine and a picatinny-type rail mount on top for optics. I asked him why it was that much.

Here is what he told me:

Well, MSAR told us that we had to sell at suggested retail price, in order to keep selling their rifles”.

I asked him if that were indeed true, and he responded that it was. I found that very hard to believe.

First of all, at one time I was a dealer (Class 01 FFL). I know that as a dealer, you get your firearms from a wholesaler or distributor, 99.9% of the time.

Second, I have never heard of any manufacturer or company doing such a thing. Colt sure doesn’t; neither does Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, Les Baer, Rock River Arms, etc. No one I know does this.

I really found the price outrageous—because, you see, I had ordered the SAME MSAR STG-556 (except that mine has black furniture) yesterday, and the price is $1750, before tax.

I’m forwarding this to you for your information, because this guy is projecting entirely the wrong attitude, and is succeeding in steering the average Joe away from your rifles. By the way, if you choose to yank his chain, it’s OK to mention who blew the whistle—just mention that the cop in uniform sent the company a line.



I sent that letter out last night.

This morning--SUNDAY--I received a response from MSAR. This was not from a spambot, or a canned reply. Read on:


I'm disappointed to here that you have been mistreated by your local gun store,that type of action and attitude is NOT the shade,color,or representation of our company MSAR.

We do encourage our dealer base as well as distribution to maintain a negligible pricing discipline, I will give you a typical example: most legitimate gun stores do have to maintain some type of over head,i.e.,rent or mortgage on there space,employees,insurance,promotions,as well as keep a moderated inventory for you the ( customer )to chose from,and as for most of the good stores they do not engage in business for a hobby,so there only source of income for even them self's, is indeed the residual proceeds they make on there sales,which there margins are quite meager.

We as a company cannot enforce dictatorship pricing polices,yet we do enforce MAP(Minimum Advertised Pricing).So with that being said you should be able to to find what you are looking for for a reasonable price.

Also take note our company has always accommodated LE,we offer special programs to dealers to just for LE personal,while keeping the dealers margin in mind,the dealer you mention could have used our LE program,brought you the STG -558 for less than you paid for it($1750)and still made his margin on the sale.

Instead lost the sale,and possibly a return customer,and used MSAR as an excuse for a highly INFLATED (OVER A $1000 MORE)retail price. The only thing I can recommend for any firearm purchases or any purchases that you may have in mind, is do a little home work; knowledge is power when it comes to a purchase.

Thank you for your comments and candor
Tony Marfione C.E.O. MSAR INC.

I sent him a letter of thanks, and the name of the shop--Bullseye Indoor Range--after I received his reply.

Now, on to Bullseye...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............:fire::cuss:

I have been going to Bullseye for YEARS. This is when they were on the second floor, Brian was still the owner, and the indoor range was good to go. I purchased a few guns there--my Garand, my Bisley Vaquero, my Mk II Competition Model, a Browning Buckmark, and the top end for my very first AR15. The people there were friendly and knowledgeable--all former military, mostly Rangers. They could sell you what you wanted without a bunch of BS.

Fast forward to today--after the Beltway Sniper debacle. (Yes, this is the store that had the gun stolen from it.)

A friend of mine was trying to purchase a Garand rifle. He was quoted a price of $600.00. He put folding money on the counter, and waited.

After almost 6 months (!) the rifle came in. The guy behind the counter told him this when he came to pick it up: "That's going to be $900.00."

My friend said, "No, the price I paid, the price we agreed on, the price on the receipt that YOU gave me says $600.00. That's what I've paid." To which the salesman replied, "You want the gun? It's gonna cost you $300.00 more. The rifle, or a refund. Your choice." My friend took his money back and left.

The salesman I talked to yesterday is a big guy--red face, big guy, blond hair close cut. He oozed gunstore commando all over.

(OTOH, I handled a Kimber rifle yesterday--built with M70 lockwork, in a McMillan stock, handled like a dream and balanced like a ballerina--sweet!!!)

Bottom line--I recommend MSAR, highly--their attitude says boatloads about the product.

And watch your wallet in Bullseye Indoor Range.
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I decided to do a price check. I called Bullseye today--guess what?

MSAR rifles are available now at the low, low price of $2100.00.

Perhaps they check the gun boards?
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